Why Does My Above Ground Pool Keep Turning Green

An above-ground pool is a great place to relax. After a stressful day full of responsibilities you can enjoy a dip in it and relax.

Swimming is a great form of physical activity, which brings only benefits, so you should take advantage of the benefits that it brings.

Why Does My Above Ground Pool Keep Turning Green

However, the water in the pool should be crystal clear so that it is pleasant to swim. Unfortunately, the garden pool quickly changes color which effectively encourages the use of its values.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to ensure that the water remains perfectly clear and is always properly prepared for swimming.


Why Does My Above Ground Pool Keep Turning Green (Major Reason)

When the water in a garden pool changes color and becomes greener and more cloudy every day, it is usually blamed on the algae.

These microscopic creatures use the carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the water to build organic compounds that are excellent nutrients for bacteria and fungi.

What is more, algae can spread rapidly in the water, especially in warm and sunny weather. Initially, their presence is indicated by slippery deposits on the walls and bottom of the pool.

Over time, however, they become more evident, turning crystal clear water into green slush.

This process is very fast and even in one-day algae can take complete control over the pool water. You can’t allow them to dominate your pool and ruin your swimming activities.

It is necessary to get rid of them, and the best way to cope with this difficult task is to use appropriate products created for this purpose.


2 Stages Of Green Water in the Pool.

The first is a focal greening of the water, the beginning of which can be seen when the walls in the pool become slippery, and in the corners of the pool and on the bottom of the pool algae foci appear.

If the water in the pool is turning green it is a very easy situation to control, and below you will find a detailed solution to this problem.

The second stage is not as easy and requires more experience in fighting algae and a very thorough process to combat green pool water

There is no need to worry in advance, we also have a solution for this problem


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Other Causes Of Green Water

The problem of algae outbreak in the pool is caused by:

  • lack of systematic or complete use of products such as anti-algaecide in the pool
  • low chlorine levels in the pool
  • high water temperature
  • inadequate or too short filtration time
  • lack of proper cleanliness in the pool and failure to clean the pool
  • The way to green water step by step


Solve the problem of mildly green pool walls and bottom:

1. Check your pool’s water pH and chlorine levels. You will use a professional pH tester to do this.

2. Clusters of algae, with the filtration on, clean the pool with a vacuum cleaner, and if you do not have it, wipe by hand or brush.

3. Be sure to check that your filter is clean, if not you will need to rinse it out and restart filtration. You can also change the sand or use fibalon.

4. Use Aqua Chlorine Shock in granules or Aqua Chlorine Shock in 20g tablets in a shock dose. You can find out how to do this in our article “How to use chlorine shock for a swimming pool?”.

5. After a few hours pour into the pool a shock dose of Antiglone you have a choice of Aqua Antiglone 15 or Aqua Antiglone Spa.

6. Turn on the filtration in the pool and filter until the slight green tint of the water disappears.

7. You can also add flocks to the pool the next day to improve the effect and clarify the water!


The problem of completely green pool water is caused by the same factors as above. Plus the fact that you did not react to the algae outbreaks in your pool in time.


The solution to severely green pool water is virtually the same except that the process is much longer and requires patience.


You may find that it is too time-consuming and not cost-effective. We recommend first pouring 1/3 of the water out of the pool and pouring in freshwater before beginning the process of rescuing the heavily green pool water.


Then follow all the steps in the same manner as we described above. Try not to agitate the algae buildup that lies on the bottom. Try to very gently pick it up with a vacuum cleaner and remember that the filter will clog 2 times faster than normal so you need to rinse it regularly.


The entire process of recovering crystal clear pool water can take up to 7 days, so we recommend you be patient. If necessary, after a few days, repeat the shock therapy.


Alternative solutions

On the internet, you can find videos that show the purification of green water with vitamin C. However, this method does not work on algae at all. In the case of the greening of the tank due to high iron content, the effect will only be short-lived, and the unsightly color will quickly return.

Unfortunately, the causes of bathing pool discoloration will not be eliminated by any home methods.


Important notes before and after cleaning the water

Experts agree that green water in the pool indicates that you can not swim in it. Any other color than crystal blue is evidence that the tank is inadequately cleaned.

Algae usually appear along with dirt. This means that there is not enough chlorine to inactivate not only algae but especially microscopic bacteria, pathogens, and parasites.

It is also forbidden to swim after shock chlorination of the pool. You must wait at least 24 hours after disinfection.

It is standard practice to check the pH level of the water each time it is cleaned, and to use cleaning products. The green color usually returns if you forget to do so.

You also need to watch out for rain, so make sure the tank is covered with a tarp when it rains.

We hope you found this post helpful.

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