Are Swimming Pools Environmentally Friendly?

Have you been thinking of having a private swimming pool? But you are second-guessing your decision because you don’t know if having swimming pools around is environmentally friendly?

Probably this is not the case for you. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that the answer and necessary details you need are just right here. Let us get right into it. 

Are Swimming Pools Environmentally Friendly

Are Swimming Pools Environmentally Friendly?

Swimming pools are not environmentally friendly, but this is not the end. There are ways that the effects swimming pools have on the environment can be minimized. 

But are all kinds of swimming pools not environmentally friendly? A natural pool can be environmentally friendly. A natural swimming pool is free of minerals and chemicals. The fact that it is free of chemicals and uses nature to filter bacteria is a significant reason it is environmentally friendly.

One of the things that make swimming pools not environmentally friendly is the possibility of water wastage and the presence of chlorine.

Are you puzzled about how chlorine affects the environment? The concentration of chlorine matter and how long and often it is exposed to the environment. Chlorine is capable of causing harm to organisms that dwell in water and soil. There are ways to go about this without it affecting the environment.

Talking saltwater swimming pools, it is in the same league as chlorinated swimming pools. It is not environmentally friendly. Saltwater swimming pool is dangerous to vegetation. If you also have pets, saltwater may cause health problems if they happen to drink from the swimming pool. Saltwater is also capable of eroding metal fixings.


How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pool

Now that we know how unfriendly swimming pools are to the environment, we need to understand how to change that and make our swimming pools more environmentally friendly. Here are actionable steps you can follow to achieve that.

  • Get a solar pool heater.

This is getting more predominant in Australia. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to keep your swimming pools at a suitable temperature is solar pool heating. 

The solar pool heater works by using a solar collector to get energy from the sun, which is used to heat the swimming pool. The swimming pool water goes over the solar collector; the water gets heated up and then back into the pool.

This will continue to happen as a cycle. It gets to a point where the swimming pool gets heated up so that there are no cold areas in the swimming pool.

Knowing how a solar pool heater works, you can see that the energy is natural; it is derived from the sun. The pump that brings water over the collector is the only thing that uses electricity. The electricity it uses is very minute; it is less than 1Kilowatts per hour. These days, solar pool heaters are now built with temperature controls and timers. This makes energy conserved when the pool is not being used.

Getting a solar pool heater can save you money compared to using electricity or gas to heat your swimming pool. That will cost you recurring fees. You won’t worry about the high regular electricity bill.

You can get your solar pool heater installed for a price between 3000$ to 6000$. This might seem huge for a start but think long term. It is a good one. It will save money in the long run.

  • Led pool lighting works.

The kind of lighting you have for your swimming pool is essential when creating a swimming pool that is friendly to the environment. LED lighting is a great one because it saves when it comes to energy – it uses six watts. Yet, you will get a fantastic result: light up bulbs are almost the same as 100-watt halogen bulbs due to the effectiveness of this LED lighting.

It makes use of all the energy to get light. For halogen, it does not work like that. It does not utilize all the power for light production. Also, you won’t have to change LED lights like halogen bulbs constantly. This makes LED lighting to be cheaper to run.

One big plus to LED lighting is controlling it from your smartphone. Automation is a big plus. Even if you are not around the LED lighting, you can take total control over it. Most swimming pools in Australia now make use of LED lighting.

  • Get yourself a self-cleaning system.

How you clean your swimming pool can affect the environment. The fact you need to use chemicals to clean your swimming pool can cause damage to the nature and wildlife around.

So, to make things environmentally friendly, the use of chemicals has to be read it. A self-cleaning pool system is the best means to do that. 

Nozzles are embedded within the pool floor. When you switch on the self-cleaning system, the nozzles push water upward, cleansing the swimming pool from underneath to the surface. This is unusual, like the usual and ordinary side-to-side cleansing. This system is better for cleaning the swimming pool. This reduces or eradicates the possibility of the growth of algae and bacteria in the swimming pool.

You can control the system to only work when you are not using the swimming pool. The system automatically turns off after the cleaning process. So, you don’t have to worry about energy waste. This system is effective in making your swimming pool more environmentally friendly.

  • Have a smart pool technology

We are in a technologically advanced world; many things are being automated. Smart pool technology automates a lot of processes in your swimming pool. This can put you to rest concerning wasting energy used by pool pumps, chlorinator, self-cleaning system, pool lighting, etc.

This smart pool technology will allow you to control a lot about your swimming pools from your smartphone. This comes with comfort and convenience that makes the management of everything easily. 

This smart pool technology helps the swimming pool stay updated, helping your swimming pool be environmentally friendly. 

Wondering about how much smart pool technology will cost you. The prices are becoming more affordable as time goes on. This is a worthwhile investment for your swimming pool. Also, you will end up saving money when it comes to energy.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know that swimming pools are mostly not environmentally significant, it is essential that you also take steps to make them more environmentally friendly. 

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