10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Vinyl Pools 2022

Keeping the swimming pools clean can be a hassle and time-consuming. The pool cleaning services come at a cost and cannot be employed daily.

That is why using the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools can solve the problem of maintaining clean pools within budget. There are robot pool cleaners that can do all the cleaning work for you.

The robot vacuum pool cleaners come with the latest tech and features. Thus, you can relax and spend more time doing other vital daily responsibilities. Some have WIFI and Bluetooth built-in. Others have scheduling settings and rechargeable batteries.


Best Robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools

The robotic vacuum cleaners for the swimming pool can perform underwater and climb walls. Cleaning the inside walls is vital to keep away algae deposits.

Therefore, the robot pool cleaners come with scrubs that tidy the walls and the floor. They have filters that collect debris, sand, dust, and leaves.

Thus, using the best robot for cleaning swimming pools can help you manage clean water inside the vinyl pools. The robotic pool cleaners come at different price ranges because of their features. Most are affordable, but some can be expensive. However, these can help you save on hiring expenses.


Best Robotic Pool Cleaners For Vinyl Pools

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner (Amazons Choice)

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This robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin is popular and comes with Amazon suggestions. The reason is its high price and features. The many expensive models have the same features. However, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic pool cleaner is less pricey than those.

It uses easy-to-change cartridges and works automatically. The robot can clean dust, debris, and other unwanted particles from the swimming pools. You can use it to clean the floor that is 50 feet under the vinyl pool. It can climb walls for scrubbing and cleaning.


Features and Capability

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool vacuum cleaner can work for up to two hours. It allows it to take time to clean the swimming pool. You can use it for any in-ground swimming pool. Two scrubbing tools sweep the floor and the walls of the vinyl pool.

Also, it has the best quality filters that can collect fine dust and debris. There is no need to connect any garden hose or other equipment. It has a cleaning machine that uses high suction power. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner is programmable for daily cleaning.

This robot cleaner only weighs 19lbs and uses 4500 GPH suction power for cleaning the vinyl pools. You can use it for 2 hours and without any inconvenience. There is no need to assemble or connect any parts. Read more on dolphin nautilus cc plus robotic pool cleaner.

  • The price is less compared to other models.
  • It has dual scrubs.
  • There is a scheduling feature.
  • It is not cordless.


2. PAXCESS Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner  (Best Budget)

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You can buy the PAXCESS Cordless pool cleaner for a budget-friendly price. It can work using a rechargeable battery of 5000mAh for 60 to 90 minutes. You can be sure that the battery is safe underwater because of the IPX8 waterproof rating. Thus, you can use it without any power cord or external power source. The PAXCESS Cordless pool cleaner can clean hard-to-reach areas of the pool because of its flexibility. It comes with a deflector and motor that provide high suction power. Therefore, it can clean the swimming pool from all dust and debris.


Features and Capability

It can clean all surface types and works without any power cord. You can recharge it whenever you want and let it work for up to 90 minutes. The battery capacity is 5000mAh. The PAXCESS Cordless robotic pool cleaner weighs less and works automatically. The two nozzles let you customize its route for cleaning the vinyl pool. It has an intelligent navigation system for accessing the vinyl pools. The design of this robotic pool cleaner is rated IPX8 waterproof. Also, the charging port has a protective cover that keeps it safe underwater. You can clean its water filter with comfort.

  • It has a 5000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • The robot navigates accurately.
  • The charging port has a protective cover.
  • It can perform for up to 90 minutes.
  • There is a single motor.

3. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best Value For The Money)

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When you want a completely hassle-free solution for cleaning vinyl pools, the Sigma Robotic cleaner exceeds. It has Bluetooth built-in to connect with smartphone apps. You can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The smartphone app allows you to control its various features.

However, the triple motor setup and built-in Bluetooth make it expensive. It is quite expensive due to its many handsome features. It has a gyroscope and waterline cleaning functions. Also, it has everything double such as dual brushes, dual filters, and triple motors.


Features and Capability

The DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic vinyl pool cleaner comes with all the cleaning features you will ever need. It has triple motors that are power efficient and use dual cleaning brushes. Thus, it ensures that it scrubs and cleans the surface profoundly.

The robotic vacuum pool cleaner can work inside 50 feet deep swimming pools. You can rely on its strong scrubbing brushes to keep algae away. There will remain no water contaminants when it works to clean the water. It can work for up to 2.5 hours to clean bacteria, algae, and debris from the vinyl pools.

The waterline scrubbing lets it clean tiles, walls, floors, and other surface types. There are dual high-capacity filters to clean fine dust and bacteria from the swimming pools. It can navigate on its own because of the 3-axis gyroscope feature. You can set daily or weekly cleaning schedules using smartphone apps.

  • It has built-in Bluetooth.
  • Can go as deep as 50ft.
  • There are high-capacity tripe motors.
  • It uses dual scrubbing brushes.
  • The robot can navigate with ease because of a gyroscope.
  • You can connect it with a smartphone app.
  • It is expensive.


4. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior

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If you are looking for an affordable above-ground pool cleaner, this robot can be your solution. It is inexpensive and performs well for cleaning swimming pools. The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic pool cleaner has the ability to clean all surface types. There is a tangle-free cable with 40 feet power cord cable. Thus, it can clean the swimming pool for up to two hours with ease. Also, it can work in square, oval, or rectangular shapes for the swimming pools.


Features and Capability

You can use the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior to sanitize above-ground pools. The APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic pool cleaner can filter fine dust and contaminants. There is a filter bag that collects debris and leaves from the swimming pools. It can clean the water from particles up to 2 microns in size. Thus, it is capable of sweeping the vinyl pool surfaces with ease. It comes with 40 feet long power cable that allows it to clean with flexibility. Plus, it can perform for more than two hours. The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior uses high suction power.

Therefore, it can clean over 70 gallons of water within a minute. The above-ground vinyl pool cleaning machine is plug-and-play operational. Thus, you only need to hit the power button, and it takes care of the rest. Drop it inside the swimming pool and let it complete the work. There is no need to assemble or connect using hoses. It is safe for performing on all surface types. These include liner vinyl pool surfaces.

  • It can clean all surface types.
  • You can use it for more than 2 hours.
  • The robot has a 40 feet long power cord.
  • It can clean up to 2 microns of particles.
  • It is not cordless.

5. Dolphin Escape Robotic (Best For Above Ground Vinyl Pools)

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Looking for the best above-ground robotic pool cleaner can be confusing. However, we have one of the best above-ground pool cleaners for you. The Dolphin Escape Robotic vinyl pool cleaner comes at a decent price. It has a big debris-holding bag that can fit up to 60% more unwanted stuff. The wheels of this robotic pool cleaner also scrub the floor. Thus, you get better cleaning results.

Features and Capability

There are hyper dual brushes that scrub the walls and the floor of the swimming pool better. Plus, it is light in weight and cleans water from contaminants and dust. It has SmartNav 2.0 system that lets it navigate. The DC Volt motor allows it to work while saving energy.

  • It has a navigation system.
  • There is a large-capacity debris collecting bag.
  • It comes with a power cord.


6. DOLPHIN E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner (Easiest To Clean)

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The DOLPHIN E10 automatic robotic pool cleaner is available at a good price. It can perform within 30 feet depth. Other robots with higher prices can work up to 50 feet. However, the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner can clean 30 feet deep swimming pools. Most of the vinyl pools are less than thirty feet deep. Amazon approves it because of its traits and low price. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Features and Capability

The Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaning machine is best for above-ground swimming pools. It has the capability of performing up to 30 feet deep vinyl pools. It scrubs the floor for better sanitizing.  Also, it can complete all the cleaning work within one and a half hours.

The length of the power cable that comes with this robot is 40 feet. It can clean all types of surfaces. There is no demand for any garden hose or other connections. You can power it on and leave it inside the above-ground pool. This robotic vacuum pool cleaner works with 4000 GPH suction power.

There is no need to assemble or connect external parts. The E10 robotic pool cleaning machine completes the work on its own. However, it cannot clean the walls of the above-ground pools. The quick water release function allows it to release clean water back into the swimming pool.

  • It can work in all above-ground swimming pools.
  • The robotic pool cleaner performs for 1.5 hours.
  • It can only clean the floor.


7. DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 (Suitable For Deeper Pools)

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This robot pool cleaner uses high suction power. Thus, it can clean the floor and the walls of a swimming pool. It can perform for 2 hours and without any assembly. If you are looking for an easy solution to clean the vinyl pools, Proteus DX4 is the one. The DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 automatic pool cleaner climbs walls and works effortlessly. Also, it is energy efficient. Amazon suggests you buy it because of its technology and features.


Features and Capability

Cleaning the vinyl pool deep can be problematic. To solve this problem DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 robot manages. It has capable tools and scrubs heads that clean any swimming pool to 50 feet in depth. There is a tangle-free cord that lets it perform effortlessly. When you scrub the walls intensely, the walls get free of all debris. That is why the DX4 robot pool cleaner works on vertical surfaces with intense scrubbing. It makes sure no algae developments or dirt are remaining on the walls. There is no need to assemble or attach any parts.

It can keep on working for up to 2 hours inside the swimming pool. You need to attach its 60 feet cord with a power source. There is support for setting daily schedule cleaning times. It has three settings for working inside the vinyl pool for cleaning. Plus, it consumes less energy when cleaning the swimming pools.

  • It has automatic schedule cleaning settings.
  • There is a tangle-free power cord.
  • You can use it for up to 2 hours.
  • It scrubs better.
  • It is not cordless.
  • It is a bit expensive.

8. [New]PAXCESS Wall-Climbing Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner with 8600mAh Battery

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The PAXCESS wall-climbing cordless robotic pool cleaner has a bigger 8600mAh battery to work for more minutes. It has features such as a gyroscope navigation system and an accelerometer. There is a three-axis motor that lets it clean with ease. It has the best scrubbing brushes that can clean any swimming pool. You can buy it for budget friendly price. There is no need for a power cord to let the PAXCESS robotic pool cleaner work.


Features and Capability

It can work for up to 90 minutes without any disruptions because of the large capacity 8600mAh battery. There are better scrubbing brushes that can clean the waterline and tiles of the swimming pools. The PAXCESS robotic pool cleaner has intelligent detection technology. It has notification lights to tell when the battery is low. So, you can charge it and use it later. There is a navigation system with a gyroscope. Thus, it can use the best route. Also, it has large baskets that can collect debris and leaves.

  • It has an 8600mAh battery.
  • The robot performs for up to 90 minutes.
  • There are better scrubbing brushes.
  • It can climb and navigate itself.
  • It is a bit pricey.

9. DOLPHIN Proteus DX3 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

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One of the best in-ground swimming pool cleaner robots is the DOLPHIN Proteus DX3 pool cleaner. It performs automatically but needs a power source. The length of the power cable it comes with is up to 40 feet. It can work inside the vinyl pool with a depth of 33 feet. You can use it for up to 2 hours. The price of this robotic pool cleaner is worth it.


Features and Capability

Cleaning any surface types of the swimming pools is no issue for this robotic pool cleaner. It performs for up to two hours and cleans all the debris and water contaminants. The Proteus DX3 scrubs the walls and the floor to wipe dust and debris. Also, there are time and schedule settings that you can use. You can set daily or weekly cleaning plans. It can work on gunite, tiles, plaster, and other surfaces. There is no need to use any extra stuff, such as a booster pump.

  • The robotic pool cleaners clean within 2 hours.
  • It scrubs the walls and the floor effortlessly.
  • You can use it for up to 33 feet deep swimming pools.
  • It is not cordless.

10. Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner (Longest Power Cable)

Best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools reviews

The Aquabot Junior robot pool cleaner works its magic for the in-ground vinyl pools. It comes with a long 50 feet power cable and is available on amazon.

Features and Capability

The long 50 feet power cable makes sure the Aquabot robotic pool cleaner performs with ease. It has filters that can remove up to 2 microns of dust and water contaminants. Plus, it can keep on cleaning for up to 4 hours. That is the maximum time compared to others on the list. It can climb walls and navigate on its own.

  • It can navigate.
  • The robot can climb walls.
  • It can remove dirt, debris, sand, leaves, and other substances.
  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • It needs a power source.


What is The Best automatic pool cleaner for a vinyl pool?

Most of the robot pool cleaners use scrubs to clean the floor and walls of the vinyl pools. That is why these can remove all dust, and particles and keep the algae away.

The leaves and other unwanted substances can be an annoyance for the swimmers. Thus, the robotic pool cleaner filters these without any issue. It can climb the walls and work deep underneath the swimming pools.

Some of these come with no cords. Therefore, there are no tangles or cord issues to deal with for you. Also, they have rechargeable batteries that allow them to perform without any power source.


When you buy the best robotic pool cleaner, you need to know about its features and functions. There are many choices at different price offers.

The expensive ones come with built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, or high suction power. If you can buy these, you can have a clean swimming pool with better convenience.

Other affordable models clean the swimming pools with scrubs and vacuum features. It is why we will showcase the top ten robotic cleaners for a vinyl pool.

You can know about the features and advantages of buying any one of these. These robots are available online from the Amazon store.


Why use a robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools?

It can be a bother to manage the cleansing of a vinyl pool on your own. It takes a lot of time and requires some work. There are automatic pressure and suction vacuum pool cleaners.

However, you need to assemble them and guide them using your hands. The robotic pool cleaners work on their own. These do not require any assembly or connection with a garden hose. You might see the budget-friendly prices for other pool cleaners, but in the long run, these help you save more. You can buy these online with comfort from many stores.


The advantages of using a robotic cleaner for the swimming pools are many. These work automatically and clean the water free from all types of debris. The robotic cleaners come with many features and functions.

One of these is the scheduling function. It allows you to set the timing for the robot to clean the vinyl pool. So, it can perform the cleansing when you want it. Some connect using a WIFI. The app from your smartphone allows you to control it. Most of the robotic vinyl pool cleaners that do not have a WIFI also perform automatically.


Final Thoughts

You can benefit from using a robotic pool cleaner for cleaning vinyl pools. Most robots like the Proteus DX4, DOLPHIN Sigma, and PAXCESS Wall-Climbing robots can navigate on their own.

These have the best routing systems. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly one, you can buy the DOLPHIN E10 robotic pool cleaner. So, you can relax while the robot cleans your swimming pool.

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