10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2022 (Reviews and Guide)

The swimming pool cleaning task can be a difficult and unpleasant one. Robotic pool cleaners were designed to make it easier and more pleasant. In most cases, all you have to do is simply drop the bot into the pool that requires cleaning. The bot is then able to map out the pool.

In the process, it figures out how to clean the pool efficiently. Then it proceeds to do the necessary cleaning, in a thorough manner.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

The robotic pool cleaner usually has wheels or tracks that enable it to move along the floor of the pool. It usually moves methodically, from one end of the pool floor to the other. In that process, it thoroughly picks up all debris that is in between the ends.

Using the same wheels or tracks, the bot is able to climb up and down the pool’s walls. It picks all the debris that is to be found in between: including on the tiles. It then sucks in all the dirt it finds, leaving the pool spotlessly clean.


Inside the robotic pool, cleaner is a motor and a filter. The motor serves a couple of purposes. The first purpose is that of propelling the bot. Thus it is the power coming from the motor which makes the robotic cleaner capable of going forward and backward.

The second purpose is that of creating the suction. In other words, it is the power coming from the motor which makes the bot capable of sucking in debris. The filter, on the other hand, is responsible for ensuring recirculation of the water back into the pool.


In most robotic pool cleaners, the power is drawn from a wall socket, through a cable. But there are others that have rechargeable batteries and are therefore cordless.

Some robotic pool cleaners come with remote control capability.

Are You In A Hurry? Here are Our All-Time Favorites

DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best For Inground Pools)
AIPER SMART Automatic Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best Budget)
Dolphin Escape Robotic (Best For Above Ground Pools)
AIPER SMART Cordless Rechargeable Automatic (Longest Running Time)
DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner (Most Efficient Multipurpose)
Polaris Sport In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best Wall Climber)

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews

1. DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best For Inground Pools)

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This particular bot works very well for in-ground pools. Its makers offer 3-year quality assurance. It has intelligent design. You therefore only need to drop it into the pool that requires cleaning, and leave! It does everything else for you. It is, in other words, a plug-and-play device.

Replacing this particular bot’s filters is quite easy. The fact that it is suitable for pools up to 50 feet makes it good enough for most people’s needs. It is capable of ridding the pool of even the finest debris. It is also capable of ridding the pool of even the most stubborn dirt. The latter is thanks to its dual scrubbing brushes, which are quite powerful.

Dolphin premier is one of the few robotic pool cleaners that offer multiple filter options. Suppose, for instance, you want to use it to get rid of very fine debris. In that case, you simply use the ultra-fine cartridge filters.  Or you use the oversized fine filter bag… This particular capability is important, because of one thing. Robotic pool cleaners users have often complained about the bots’ inability to handle fine debris. With this particular bot, all you need to do is use the right filter type. Then you get the fine debris cleaning results you need.

The cable with which the Dolphin Premier comes enables it to handle up to 50 feet pools.

This particular bot comes with a scheduler. So you can schedule automatic pool cleaning at specific times, specific days, and so on.

With some other robotic pool cleaners, you have to guess when the filter is full. Dolphin Premier is different: as it comes with a full filter indicator.

  • Capable of getting rid of even the finest debris.
  • Can work with several filter types.
  • Includes a pool cleaning scheduler.
  • This is a relatively expensive robotic pool cleaner.
  • It uses wheels, rather than tracks to move about.


2. AIPER SMART Automatic Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best Budget)

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Here is one of those cordless robotic pool cleaners (which don’t draw power directly from wall sockets). It is a lightweight yet ruthlessly efficient bot. The bot works for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. But it is most efficient for above-ground pools. It can cover up to 538 square feet. With this particular bot, you no longer have to worry about cord entanglement issues: as it is cordless.

This particular robotic pool cleaner works fast. For instance, it promises to clean a 538 square feet pool in less than an hour (more precisely, 50 minutes).

The battery inside this bot is of IPX8 lithium variety. Notably, it is waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning due to water exposure.

Still on the battery, it charges reasonably fast. 3 to 4 hours should be enough to give it a full charge for a pool cleaning session. This is remarkable, given the fact that most cordless robotic pool cleaner batteries take longer to charge fully. Some actually have to be charged for a whole day (8 hours). Only then do they get enough power for a single pool cleaning session!

Getting the bot into and out of the water should be fairly easy: this being a lightweight bot.

Inside this bot are a couple of motors (instead of just one). On the lower end of this bot, you will find a couple of bottom brushes. Powered by the two motors, they scrub even the toughest debris off the pool’s floors and walls.

  • The price is not very high. Most pool owners should be able to afford it with ease.
  • Easy to use, on account of its lightweight and compact design.
  • Doesn’t take too long to charge.
  • Battery may start to deteriorate as time goes by.
  • May not have perfect capability for remote control.


3. Polaris Sport In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The Polaris Sport robotic pool cleaner can serve long and deep pools: given its 70-meter cable length. It is ideal for use in in-ground swimming pools. And it is one of those pool cleaning bots that are programmable. Specifically, it has a timer that is programmable on a 7-day basis. That translates into a chance to schedule automatic cleaning. Unlike most other robotic pool cleaners, this one is able to pick both the finest and the bigger debris.

This robotic pool cleaner comes with both a remote and a candy. Using the remote, it is possible to make it clean specific areas more thoroughly.

The cable for this particular robotic pool cleaner is 70 meters long: a good length for most needs.

It operates using vortex vacuum technology. Accordingly, it can suck in even bigger dirt particles that most other bots would simply gloss over.

Notably, this bot uses 4-wheel drive technology to move around the pool. On this account, it is able to access even the rougher pool surfaces.

Navigation for this bot is through the ActivMotion sensor. This translates into good movement: whether it is moving on its own or through remote control commands.

Another notable feature in this bot is rear water propulsion. Thanks to this feature, the bot can access debris that has accumulated under pool stairs. It can also access and remove debris from sharper corner areas of the pool. These are aspects of pool cleaning that are virtually impossible with most other bots.

  • Being a corded robotic pool cleaner means that it doesn’t have to be charged before use. It draws power directly from the socket.
  • The bot comes with a good capacity for control through remote. It also comes with candy.
  • Four-wheel drive means that it can access all sorts of pool surfaces with ease.
  • It is a relatively costly robotic pool cleaner.
  • It is somewhat heavy.


4. Dolphin Escape Robotic (Best For Above Ground Pools)

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Here is one of the robotic cleaners that are specifically ideal for above-ground pools. It is also one of the rarer bots in which debris is not held in bags, but rather in cartridges. The cartridges in this case are quite large: meaning that you don’t have to keep on changing/cleaning them. On another note, it is one of the cheaper robotic pool cleaners, yet it has decent performance.

This particular bot moves from one point to another through tracks (rather than wheels). That translates into better performance in several ways. For one, it means that the bot can access difficult spots that would be out of reach for wheel-run bots. The tracks also tend to work for longer than wheels. And the tracks have better traction.

What really sets this bot apart from the rest is the cartridges within which it collects debris. Thanks to this feature, users don’t have to worry about the cumbersome business of emptying debris bags. The most difficult aspect of operating other robotic pool cleaners tends to be that of emptying the debris bags. In this bot, that doesn’t apply: all you have to do is clean the cartridges periodically.

The motors inside this bot run on 24 volt DC, which is quite efficient.

  • Comes with one full year warranty.
  • Price is on the lower side.
  • Motion is via tracks rather than wheels.
  • Only ideal for use in above-ground pools.
  • Cartridges eventually wear out and need replacement.


5. PAXCESS Wall-Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The cable length for this robotic pool cleaner is 50 feet. This makes it suitable for use in most standard-size pools. The cord with which this robotic pool cleaner comes is of tangle-free variety. Thus, users don’t have to worry about cable entanglement issues. And that is in spite of it being a bot that draws power directly from a wall socket. The bot works equally well for in-ground and above-ground pools.

Among the most noteworthy features of this robotic pool cleaner are the twin filter baskets it comes with. These are of 180 um capacity, which is quite remarkable.

The 50 feet cable with which this bot comes is adequate, without being superfluous.

Inside this robotic pool cleaner is 4 PVC roller brushes. It is through those that it nudges debris off the pool’s floor or walls, before sucking in the debris.

Further, inside this robotic pool cleaner is a unit that hosts an intelligent computer program that automates cleaning. The bot is able to ‘establish’ what the best way to go about cleaning the pool is. That it does on its own. It is able to detect areas that have more debris. Then, (working on its own) it is able to focus more ‘effort’ on those areas.

It is quite energy efficient. It uses very little power to clean the pool.

Unlike other robotic pool cleaners that ‘gloss over’ finer grime, this one attempts to scrub and suck in such grime.

  • It comes at a very reasonable price, given its features.
  • It cleans both ordinary and fine debris well.
  • Suitable for use on all types of swimming pools: in-ground and above-ground.
  • The cable is only 50 meters.
  • Doesn’t have many filter options.


6. AIPER SMART Cordless Rechargeable Automatic (Longest lasting minutes)

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The battery in this robotic pool cleaner has great capacity. After full charging, it can keep the bot running (non-stop) for between 60 and 90 minutes. The full charging in question here should take between 4 and 6 hours. The bot can thoroughly clean any pool: whether above ground or in-ground – with coverage of up to 861 square feet.

The bot is cordless and its motor draws power from a battery. The said battery has a 5000 mAH capacity and is of lithium variety. It takes 4-6 hours to charge fully. On that charge, you should be able to clean an average size pool fully. That you should do in one hour or one and a half hours (continuous cleaning).

Getting the bot into the pool doesn’t take too much energy, as it is not particularly heavy. To further make it more user-friendly, it has a floating handle. So once a cleaning session is complete, you just pull this handle (to bring the bot closer). Then you simply draw the bot out.

The maximum coverage of this bot, at 861 square feet, is quite remarkable.

While most other bots have limitations in terms of pool shapes they can work in, this one doesn’t.

  • The bot’s battery charges reasonably fast.
  • Bot maximum coverage is good, at 864 square feet.
  • It is light and therefore easy to move into and out of water.
  • Charger may eventually deteriorate, requiring replacement.
  • May not work well below 6.54 ft depth.


7. Aquabot ABREEZ4

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This robotic pool cleaner comes with scrubbers that are particularly thorough. Thus you can use it to remove stubborn debris that has proved impossible to eliminate in all other ways. There are really no limitations to the types of pools in which this bot can be used. It has decent performance both in above-ground and in-ground pools. The bot’s scrubbers work through an agitation mechanism, which is very effective at removing stubborn debris.

This bot is powered by mains electricity: drawn from a socket through a cable. The cable is of standard 50-foot size. It is an EZ-Swivel cable, whose design makes it almost impossible to tangle.

The debris baskets in this robotic pool cleaner are large. This translates into two benefits. Firstly, being large baskets means that they can take in a lot of debris before the need to empty them arises. And secondly, being large baskets means that emptying/cleaning them is quite easy.

The electricity requirement for this robotic pool cleaner is 120 VAC, supplied at 60 Hz. This is a standard requirement. Therefore this bot can connect to any socket without special adjustment.

The bot’s scrubbers have remarkable efficiency. They work via an agitation mechanism, thus detaching even the toughest debris.

This bot cleans both while on forwarding and backward motion. This yields better efficiency.

More notably, the bot has the capability to climb high-angle pool walls, while scrubbing and sucking in debris.

  • Debris baskets are large, easy to empty and easy to clean.
  • The bot doesn’t have a battery to be charged: as it draws its power directly from the wall socket.
  • Works well even on pools that have vinyl liners.
  • The wheels are not particularly impressive.
  • This is a relatively heavy bot.


8. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner (Most Efficient)

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The filter in this robotic pool cleaner is of top load variety. This means that it is easy to replace, and quite easy to clean. The bot works well for pools that are 33 feet and below. Whether the pools are of in-ground or above-ground variety, the bot works well. The motor in this robotic pool cleaner is remarkably powerful, which in turn translates into strong suction action.

This pool cleaning bot promises up to 8 times greater energy efficiency. The power bills you incur on account of using the bot are negligible. Yet it does a lot of work.

It is a reasonably fast-working bot: with the capability to clean a standard-size pool in a couple of hours. Once it starts moving, it is steady.

The bot is agile: meaning that it is able to access and remove debris even from otherwise hard-to-reach ‘hidden’ spots.

The bot’s construction looks sturdy: which should translate into durability.

It is not very heavy. Therefore immersing it in the pool is not likely to be hard. Neither is removing it from the pool at the end of the cleaning task.

Being a Dolphin bot means that getting parts for it is likely to be easy. That is because Dolphin bots are very common in this niche, and most vendors stock their parts. Moreover, many of the folks who repair these sorts of devices are conversant with Dolphin technology.

  • Comes with capability for automatic cleaning scheduling.
  • Body structure is of high quality.
  • Includes top loading filter.
  • Only suitable for use in smaller pools.
  • May have occasional slight challenges navigating around pool drains.


9. AIPER SMART Cordless Wall-Climbing Robot

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The most remarkable thing about this bot is that it comes with 3 motors. So it is a triple motor pool cleaning bot. The fact that it has 3 motors means that it is considerably powerful. The power manifests in the maximum pool surface it can clean (up to 1614 square feet). It also manifests in the bot’s suction action. The bot is remarkably thorough in its cleaning. That is mainly thanks to the powerful brushes with which it is equipped.

The most remarkable feature in this bot is its coverage capability. This bot can cover up to 1614 square feet: making it suitable for use even in bigger pools.

The bot works well in above-ground pools. It also works well in in-ground pools. So there is really no limitation on the pool you can use it in (especially also given its coverage).

Yet another remarkable feature in this bot is its ability to ‘plan’ its cleaning routes intelligently. Thanks to this feature, you really don’t have to ‘supervise’ the bot. It is able to work out a plan for cleaning the pool — and then act on that plan. Once you switch it on and get it into the pool, it handles the rest of the work automatically.

  • The bot has very sturdy wheels which can move well in all sorts of surfaces.
  • The price is reasonable given the bot’s capabilities.
  • It is a triple motor bot.
  • It requires several hours charging before use.
  • Wheels may eventually lose traction.


10. Aquabot Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Besides cleaning the pool’s floor, this bot also has a good capacity to clean pools’ walls. This is thanks mainly to its superb wall-climbing capability. It is most suitable for use on in-ground pools, rather than above-ground pools. The bot’s cable (at 60 feet) is longer than average. It means that the bot can clean further and longer. The bot’s brush is quite powerful and uses a vibrating mechanism to dislodge debris.

This bot has rapid cleaning capability. This comes about as a result of its powerful motor, which gives it great propulsion. The brushes are located at the bot’s bottom and are designed to mop up debris fast.

Another remarkable feature in this bot is its ability to clean water lines properly. This becomes possible thanks to its wall-climbing capabilities. Most bots lack this capacity.

While most other robotic pool cleaners come with 50 feet cables, this one has a 60 feet cable. And that is a high-quality cable that has a swivel to eliminate the possibility of tangling.

The filter baskets within which this bot collects debris are easily accessible from the top.

The bot’s filtration performance is good (up to 2 microns) meaning that it can remove even finer debris.

  • Filter baskets are very easy to access and clean.
  • Price is good given its sophistication.
  • Uses electricity efficiently.
  • Doesn’t have good capability to clean above-ground pools.
  • Replacing the cable (when the need arises) can be quite tricky.


Buying guide: What should I look for in a robotic pool cleaner?

Firstly, you need to establish whether the bot you wish to buy can adequately cover your pool size. Find out the maximum depth the bot can go. Ensure that it is capable of reaching the deepest end of your pool. Then check its maximum coverage area. In a bot that uses corded electricity, this will depend on the length of the provided cord.


Secondly, you will want to know whether the pool cleaning bot you are buying uses wheels or tracks to move around. The bots that use tracks to move about tend to have better performance. But there are also those that use four-wheel drive and they can post decent performance.


If you are buying a cordless robotic pool cleaner, you will want to know how long it takes to charge. You will also want to know how much it can work with a full charge. And you may also want to inquire about the battery type and durability. Waterproof lithium batteries tend to work better in these sorts of bots.


Further, you will need to know what type of filters the robotic pool cleaner comes with. Then find out what those filters are actually capable of handling. Specifically, inquire on whether the filters are capable of handling fine debris. You may also want to know the full range of filters the bot you wish to buy is compatible with.


Ideally, you should buy a robotic pool cleaner with a warranty. Make inquiries on what the warranty covers. And try to understand how long the warranty for that bot is.  Compare it critically with other similar products’ warranties.


Take a good look at the robotic pool cleaner prices. Compare various bots’ prices, and ultimately settle for the one that offers decent value for money.


Can you really clean a swimming pool using a robot?

Yes, it is possible to clean a swimming pool using a bot. There are five key reasons why it makes sense to clean a swimming pool using a bot.

First is the fact that the robotic pool cleaner is often able to clean the pool very thoroughly. It usually does a more thorough job than you could do manually. This is because the bot is able to trawl through the pool, covering each square foot. Furthermore, the bot is able to climb up and down the pool’s walls – cleaning even the waterlines in the process.

Second is the fact that the robotic pool cleaner can save you a lot of time. That is because it cleans faster. It may, for instance, fully clean a pool that would have taken six hours in two. It is a motorized device, and its capacity is much better than manual capacity.

The third is the fact that the robotic pool cleaner uses relatively little power. When you compare it with a normal pool vacuum cleaner, you see that the bot uses very little energy. It is not uncommon to find a robotic vacuum cleaner operating on 12 volts of direct current and low amperage. Yet it often does a better job than the traditional vacuum cleaner.

Fourth is the fact that the robotic pool cleaner can save you money. This is money that you’d have paid someone to clean the pool manually. It is also money that you’d have spent on higher electricity bills. Those are the bills that usually come with traditional pool vacuum cleaners use.

And fifth is the fact that the robotic pool cleaner is usually programmable. So you can program it to be cleaning the pool automatically at a given time every day. This way, you no longer have to worry about the possibility of forgetting to clean the pool.



Which is the best robotic pool cleaner?

The best robotic pool cleaner is one that has good debris scrubbing and suction capability. It should also be energy efficient and reasonably light in weight. In terms of specific brands, the best robotic pool cleaners include Dolphin, AIPER Smart, Aquabot, and Paxcess.

What is the robotic pool cleaner price?

Robotic pool cleaner prices range from $600 to $1,400 mostly depending on features.

How does a robotic pool cleaner work?

A robotic pool cleaner works by scrubbing and sucking in debris. The scrubbing is made possible by brushes in the robotic cleaner. The suction is via a vacuum-like mechanism, powered by the bot’s motor. After suction, the debris goes into a basket or cartridge. The basket or cartridge then has to be emptied after/before pool cleaning sessions.


Final Thoughts

Robotic cleaners reduce the amount of time and energy you have to spend cleaning your pool. If you want a powerful cable-based robotic pool cleaner, you can consider Polaris Sport In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Or you can go for DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner, PAXCESS Wall-Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner, or Aquabot ABREEZ4 Pool Cleaner.

If you prefer the cordless variety, you can consider AIPER SMART Cordless Rechargeable Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner. Another good choice there would be the AIPER SMART Automatic Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Each of these robotic pool cleaners is unique and ideal for different situations. You just need to understand your pool cleaning needs properly. Then check various bots’ features and capabilities, to select the most ideal one for those needs.

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