Can A Swimming Pool Be Built Over A Septic Field

Septic fields in homes are essential, for treating domestic wastewater. This is great until there is consideration to having a pool in your compound.

Many downs come with building your swimming pool over a septic field, which we will look into. Is it advisable to build a swimming pool over a septic field or place an above ground over a septic system? In this article, I will give a detailed answer to this.

It is not impossible to build a swimming pool over a septic field, but it is not recommended or advisable at all. There are a lot of effects that come with that action.


Can a Swimming Pool Be Built Over a Septic Field

Can You Place A Swimming Pool Near A Septic System?

We all know how big a job is to install a swimming pool. So, it is essential to follow laid down principles and guides guiding the installation of swimming pools.

The kind of swimming pool you are to install will determine the guidelines applied. We have the above-the-ground swimming pool and the in-ground swimming pool.

Just like it sounds, the above-the-ground swimming pool is placed above the ground. This kind of swimming pool needs climbing to get into it, as it is above the ground.

Assembling and installing an above-the-ground swimming pool seems easier because of the nature of its simple design.

The in-ground level swimming pool, also like it sounds, is installed sunk into the ground. It is so easy to get in and out of swimming pools like this, as there is no need to climb. It is hard to install and maintain, unlike the above-the-ground kind of swimming pool when it comes to installing and maintaining.

These kinds of swimming pool, as I stated earlier, has different principles guiding them when it comes to installation.

Septic tank well

Can One Place An Above The Ground Swimming Pool With A Septic Tank?

This above the ground comes with a lot of cost advantages. It is easier to set up and not as expensive as the in-ground kind of pool. Even at that, you are worried if it is okay to have it set up with a septic tank?

You can have them set up with each other, considering if you can follow the detailed guide regarding it. A significant guide is that you ascertain that these two entities will not interfere with each other.

There should be a distance between the two, at least fifteen feet or 4.57 meters gap between them.

You must know that the septic system might have a leach field – a drain field. This might be some problem with your swimming pool. I am sure that you don’t want wastewater coming into your pool.

Sometimes If you need to replace the leach field pipes, you might need to disassemble the above-the-ground swimming pool.

It will be harder to have an inground swimming pool with a septic system, as there is a risk of breaking one of the leach lines while installing the pool. This will affect the septic system.

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How Placing An Above The Ground Swimming Pool on Top of a Septic System Can Be A Problem?

I am sure you know the essence of a septic system – helping you process your excess water and waste to dispose of properly. Before you risk placing that pool over the septic system, I think you should check the problem you are bound to face.

1. The weight of the pool will affect the septic system

It is not allowed for vehicles to be parked on septic systems. It is not allowed that you drive over them. This is sole because of the weight that comes on the septic system during all these. The vehicle’s weight can affect the system and cause the pipe to break.

Now imagine having a whole pool over a septic system. An average pool will contain thousands of gallons of water. This is even heavier than the regular truck you see around.

With this kind of weight on your septic system, place it under the risk of the pipe of the system breaking, or even the concrete holding up the tank might be crushed.


2. It will affect the waste drainage.

The weight of the swimming pool can push the soil under it, affecting the proper drainage of the waste and water from the septic system. It might hold up the waste in the tank, which will cause a lot of hiccups when it gets full.


3. Chlorine and flooding affect the system.

It is pretty usual to have splashes from the pool from time to time, and these splashes affect the septic system close.

Also, the chlorine used in killing off bacteria and making sure algae does not grow in swimming pools affects the septic tank by killing off bacteria that are beneficial for the septic system.


4. Lesser oxygen reach

Let us imagine the swimming pool is even lightweight, the rate at which oxygen reaches soil will reduce. Oxygenation is essential for the soil to process the waste.

The bacteria in the soil that work on wastes are aerobic, and they need oxygen. Having the swimming pool on the septic ground will affect that.


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How Can An Above The Ground Swimming Pool Affect Drain Field?

Earlier, I talked about the drain field and the possibility of being affected if an above-the-ground is placed on a septic field.

The drain field is more like a functioning part of a septic system. There are a lot of effects the swimming pool could have on it.

The weight also affects the pipes, building up pressure that disallows the dirt to flow through the pipes. Also, the swimming pool affects the access to the drain system.


Final Thoughts

Building your swimming pool over a septic field with this detailed guide and explanations is not advisable.

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