Can Swimming Pool Cause UTI?

Is it summer already? And you have been hearing around that swimming pools can cause urinary tract infections? You probably are wondering about the validity of the claim.

This article will fully discuss the details of UTIs and swimming pools. Let us get right into the details.


Can Swimming Pool Cause UTI

What is UTI?

Before we answer the main question, let us have a view into what UTI is, what causes it, and the symptoms. What really is UTI? It is also known as a urinary tract infection. They are infections that happen in the urinary system. The urinary systems include the bladder, kidney, urethra, and ureter.

This infection can be either bacterial or viral. This is really dependent on the part of the urinary system that is infected or affected. The common ones are the bacterial ones. They are infections that occur in the bladder, just when the bacteria reach through to the bladder.

The infection can be referred to as cystitis medically. Older people suffer from urinary tract infections that affect the kidney. These are more serious than cystitis. They can lead to sepsis or even cause death in a serious case where no attention is paid.


What Causes Urinary Tract Infections?

UTIs are majorly caused by bacteria that gain entrance into the urinary tract through the bladder. Also, bacteria (like E.coli) can travel from the anus into the urethra and then straight into the bladder. Sometimes, it travels to the kidney from there.

Men’s urethra is longer than women’s urethra, which puts men on the better side when talking about urinary tract infections. It will take longer to get into a man’s bladder and make it harder for them to get urinary tract infections. 

This is not so for women, and they are more prone to urinary tract infections. This does not mean that UTIs cannot infect men. 

Here are things that can cause urinary tract infections

  • Swimming in public pools that has unclean water might cause UTIs
  • Having sexual intercourse with multiple partners or strangers.
  • Not having good personal hygiene can cause urinary tract infections.
  • One might be having issues with one’s bladder
  • Pregnancy or menopause
  • Using antibiotics too frequently
  • Some types of contraception can also cause this. 

Other situations can heighten the effects of urinary tract infections.


Can Swimming In A Pool Cause UTI?

Yes, swimming pools can cause urinary tract infections.

Even though it seems swimming is one of the best ways to have fun with a low risk of getting or sustaining any form of injury, there have been reports of people getting infected with urinary tract infections after swimming for some time.

Swimming might heighten your chances of getting infected with a urinary tract infection, but this does not mean you will surely get infected. If a swimming pool is well kept with good practice, the probability of getting infected via the swimming pool is heavily reduced.

Don’t let this stop you from enjoying your hobby, which is swimming. I will explain how possible it is that a swimming pool can cause urinary tract infections.


How Does Swimming Pool Cause Urinary Tract Infection?

As I said earlier, swimming in a pool can cause or heighten the probability of you getting infected with urinary tract infections. The bone of contention now is, how does this happen? How can a swimming pool cause urinary tract infections?

I made mentioned the fact that urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria gaining entrance to the urinary tract, causing infection. Relating this to swimming pools, the bacteria will have to be in the swimming pool for this to happen.

There are signs that you will see if indeed you are infected with a urinary tract infection. You might discover that you have painful urination and that the urine has blood or that it is cloudy.

Please don’t joke with these signs when you notice them, ensure that you get to a medical doctor. This will stop whatever the potential or possible effect might be.

It is important that you know that the infection is not caused by the swimming pool but by bacteria that might be found in a swimming pool.

Also, it is necessary that I state that swimming pools are not all the same. So, the probability also depends on the type of swimming pool. We will dig into every kind of pool and see how much it is possible for it to cause UTI.


Can Saltwater Swimming Pool Cause UTI?

A Saltwater swimming pool is a common type of swimming pool. It is commonly used privately. Is there a possibility of getting a UTI in this swimming pool? 

The bacteria that cause UTIs cannot survive in saltwater swimming pools, making it almost impossible for you to contract UTI via salt swimming pool water.

Saltwater swimming pool water seems to be safe when it comes to the chance of it causing urinary tract infections.


Can Chlorinated Swimming Pools Cause UTI?

A chlorinated swimming pool is another common swimming pool. What is the possibility that chlorinated swimming pools cause urinary tract infections?

Chlorine is always added to the swimming pools with the motive of it killing off bacteria, and chlorine is really great at killing bacteria up to 99%. 

Swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool is safe to a great extent regarding the chances of being infected with a UTI.


Can Public Swimming Pools Cause UTI?

This is what most people frequent when they don’t have a private or personal swimming pool. 

Using a public swimming pool means that you are using the swimming pool with many other people that you don’t know them and their history. Hence, the probability of getting a UTI is increased in public swimming pools.

However, the chances can alleviate by taking care of the swimming pool frequently as and when due.


Final Thoughts

Are you wondering about the possibility of getting infected with a urinary tract infection in a swimming pool? I hope this article gives you the detailed answers that you need. 

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