Can You Get Pregnant In A Swimming Pool?

Are you wondering if getting pregnant while in a swimming pool is possible? This probably came to your mind because you had several men in the swimming pool with you while you were also in the swimming pool.

As much as this is a myth, some might think this question can seem funny. Either way, let us get into answering the question.


Can You Get Pregnant In A Swimming Pool

Can You Get Pregnant Swimming In A Pool?

Some people wonder if it is even possible that sperm in a swimming pool resulting from ejaculation can make a lady swimming in the swimming pool pregnant. This is probably because of some myth.

So as you know, sperm cannot survive for long outside the human body. It can only probably stay for about a few minutes.

So, if it happens that we have a guy ejaculate in a swimming pool while you were in it, the sperm cannot swim its way into your vagina with chlorine and other chemicals being in the swimming pool water. So, debunk any myth that says that you can get pregnant in a swimming pool.

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What If I Had Sex in a Swimming Pool?

The only way pregnancy is possible in a swimming pool is only when there is penetration. That you are in the swimming pool does not change anything at all. As long there is penetration, sperm can find its way through the vagina.   You can get pregnant that way.

But a sperm in the swimming pool? Without penetration? It is not possible. Water cannot definitely enter your vagina. The muscles of the pelvic floor and the walls of the vagina won’t allow this. 

Also, when you are having sex in the swimming pool, the swimming pool water cannot enter through into the vagina in the process. At the point where the penis enters the vagina, it can enter with some swimming pool water that may contain chlorine. This does not mean that the chlorine is enough to kill sperm and disturb pregnancy from happening; it is not.

When the person you are having sex with ejaculates, most of the semen ends up in the vagina. Of course, some will get out into the swimming pool since the vagina is not airtight.

The pelvic floor closes up to an extent when the penis is out of the vagina. This restricts the swimming pool water from entering the vagina.

As long as the sperm is inside the vagina, it can be alive for several days. From there, it goes into the ovulating egg through the fallopian tubes. So, if you have sex in a swimming pool, you can get pregnant as long as sperms get through a vagina into an ovulating egg.


Final Thoughts

I hope I have settled your long-age myth locking in your mind. You cannot get pregnant just with a sperm in the swimming pool that you are. To get pregnant in a swimming pool, there has to be penetration. I hope this helped.

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