Can You Go In A Swimming Pool On Your Period

Swimming is actually the best part of summer. Where you get to chill with friends and family, dressed in nice bikinis and swimsuits. But then, it becomes a horror when you suddenly get hindered by some things that nature designed. Such as being on your period.

Can You Go In A Swimming Pool On Your Period

Swimming pools generally are treated with chlorine. Now this chlorine helps prevent any form of bacteria or infection while swimming.

This is because the pool water contains some light doses of sweat and even urine. These are body moisture that cannot be controlled.

Many times, people have raised an alarm and put it up in the girls’ changing room wall, that it is unsafe for ladies who are on their period to go for a swim.

Truth is, ladies can always go for a swim whether they are in their period or not. It all depends on what the lady decides to wear to enable her to get comfortable about diving into the water.

Another truth is, ladies may not be able to go for a swim when they are on their period because of what they wear. What they wear in terms of tampons, menstrual cups, or pads.

This article intends to explain if you can go to a swimming pool on your period or not. It will also expound on what you can wear should in case you want to swim while you are on your period and a couple of other things you need to know while you are on your period and trying to swim.


Can You Go For a Swim While On Your Period?

Most certainly yes. A long time ago, before tampons and menstrual cups came into existence, women are usually left to stay off swimming for those 3-7 days until the menstrual flow is over.

But now, you can practically take a swim and even more if you are on your period. As long as you are wearing a tampon or a menstrual cup then you are safe.


Can You Swim While Wearing a Tampon?

Tampons are another kind of pad only that they are way better because they are not limited in use. You can always dive into the pool as long as you are wearing a tampon and never worry about leaving a blood trail behind you.

Tampons generally last for at most eight hours. So if you are going to be spending more than eight hours by the poolside, then you must change your tampon.

Tampons don’t get absorbent the way the pad is designed. And don’t worry, if you don’t know how to wear a tampon. You can always check for the instructions behind the tampon pack.


Can You Swim While You Are Wearing a Pad?

If you aren’t using a tampon or sponge, or menstrual cup, then that means you may be using a pad. And this also means that you cannot take a dive into the cold blue waters.

Pads are usually made from absorbent materials. That means they easily get soaked with water. So if you decide to wear a pad and go for a swim, you may not have an exciting moment. This is because, the pad will get soaked, and get you uncomfortable.

The way a pad works is that, when it gets soaked in water, it gets inactive and your vaginal may get itchy if you do not get yourself dry as soon as you can.


What About Menstrual Cups? Can you trust a menstrual cup while swimming?

You can totally swim if you are wearing a menstrual cup. A menstrual cup can last up to twelve hours. And this means that you can dive into the water freely without worries.

A menstrual cup is a small plastic cup inserted in the vaginal to collect blood. It is retrieved after 12 hours, emptied into the toilet, and washed to be reused again.

As long as you are using a menstrual cup, then you can trust yourself to swim.


Is it unhealthy to swim while on your period?

It is not unhealthy. Even if you started your period unconsciously while still in the water and a little drop gets into the pool, you can rest assured that the chemicals used in treating the pool water will get it diluted. With this, the health safety of others is sure.


What Can You Wear if you want to Swim on Your Period?

Since you are comfortable about taking a swim while still on your period, then you can always opt for some grey-colored swimsuit or preferably, get a darker shade of swimsuit.

Dark, a darker shade of brown, purple, will do well to cover you well. And for extra comfort, you should get swimming shorts.

Since swimming shorts are tight on both ends, then you can always worry less about getting all soaked in the pool. Meanwhile, if you are wearing a pad, and your swimming trunk is made from nylon or silk then you can get into the pool and take a swim.

As long as there is no entryway for water to pass through your trunk and get into your pad, then you may go ahead!


Does your period stop while you’re in the water?

Several research by gynecologists has proven that water pressure can have a direct impact on the blood. Such that the pressure from the water has a way of withholding back the blood from flowing down the vaginal until you are out of the water.

However, when there is a reflex action such as coughing or sneezing done by you who is on period, then a small pint of blood can be forced out, into the water.

This blood that was forced out, will not leave a trail behind you to tell others that something just got out of you. Rather, it would get diluted immediately.

But there is every tendency that it may stain your swimsuit.



Finally, do not take chances when you are on your period. To swim comfortably, wear dark colors of swimsuits and preferably wear swim shorts, then you should settle to wear a tampon or menstrual cup.

If you wear a menstrual pad, then you will certainly not enjoy your swimming moment. You can always swim on your period if you are kitted to comfort.

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