Can You Go In A Swimming Pool With Hair Extension?

For ladies that find swimming interesting, one of the things they worry about is swimming with their extensions. As you know, hair extension is fast becoming a thing among ladies.

Can one go to a swimming pool with a hair extension? Stay with me as we unravel the answer to the question.

Do you wonder if it is okay to swim with your hair extensions? Yes. Maybe. Or even no. Don’t be confused. The nature of the hair extension determines if it is advisable to go into the swimming pool with it.

The hair extensions can be treated like your normal hair, but it is more fragile, as it is synthetic. They have bonds you should look out for. Let us get into details of different hair extensions’ safety in chlorinated water – swimming pools.

Can You Go In A Swimming Pool With Hair Extension

Which Hair Extension Can You Go Swimming With?

Swimming With Bonded Hair Extensions

One of the enemies of these bonded hair extensions is water. Yes, very right. Water can make your bonded hair extensions go bad. When they come in contact with water, the keratin bond gets weaker and can easily break as it gets weaker.

This does not mean that the bonded hair extension cannot recover after getting into the water one or two times. Putting these extensions in humid places can affect the extensions.

To protect the bonded hair extension, one of the things you can do is to braid or pack your hair into a low bun before you go swimming.

Immediately after swimming, get a towel to get the bond areas dry. Just little pats will do. You must know that the more time the hair extensions spend in the water, the higher the risk of it turning out bad later.


Swimming With Tape-in Extensions

Now to the tape-in extension. Don’t worry. One of the things this kind of hair extension hates is skincare and hair care products. I’m sure you’d know that one of the things used during the summer is sunscreen, because of the weather.

If you must use these products, make sure you don’t use them in large quantities so they won’t get in contact with hair roots. This will weaken the tape and eventually cause the hairline to fall off.

Products like hair moisturizers, lotions, hair oils, etc. Try as much as possible not to get close to the tape or glue of the hair extension, so it does not affect its strength.


How Does Swimming Affect Hair Extension?

If you know about swimming pools, you’d know that they are always chlorinated for the health of the swimming pool. Water can wreak little havoc to your hair extensions, either chlorinated or not. Water can weaken any of them, whether it is a bond, micro ring, nano ring, glue, tape, or weft that binds the extension together.

This is the main reason why it is always advised to keep your hair extension from water, because of those materials. Chlorine can be hard on your extensive hair. It can dry up the materials more than usual.


How to Protect Your Hair Extension When Swimming?

Yes. I know you are bothered about the stress of getting your hair extensions off before you can ask. You are probably asking why I cannot just swim with it with care and all?

Even though it is advised against, you can still swim with your hair extensions, as long as you take necessary precautions.

1. Avoid contact between the water and your hair extension

You should make sure that your hair does not get into the water. You can either tie it or make use of a swimming cap. That sounds better.

Some hairstyles can look sleek while trying to swim you can choose from. You can braid your hair or curl them into a bun, as I said earlier.

Just make sure that the hair is kept away from water. You are fine as long as none of your hair is left out. If any hair is left out and is floating on the swimming pool water, your hair extensions can mat.


2. Dry the hair extensions

As soon as you get out of the swimming pool, check if your hair extension is wet. Then brush the extension gently, and dry the bonds immediately so it does not get spoilt. You should do this, especially if you are using bonded hair extension, as the water can weaken and loosen the bond.


What About Swimming Underwater?

Some people like swimming underwater, going under. If you are one of them, you are asking if there is a guide for you. Here you are, too.

You also can take some steps to protect your hair. First, you must not dive suddenly into the swimming pool with dry hair. You should know that the hair quickly absorbs chlorine.

You can damp your hair with water (unchlorinated – regular) before entering the swimming pool. This will help reduce the risk of damage to the hair because it won’t be taking in chlorine once it is a little wet already.

It only takes in chlorine quickly because it was initially dry. So, wetting reduces the rate of absorption.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, the nitty-gritty of swimming in a pool with your hair extension – the dangers and how you can navigate it. I hope you have an incredible swimming experience.

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