Can You Patch A Pool With Water In It?

Some worries come with having swimming pools. Even though it is not a frequently occurring problem to leak into a swimming pool, it happens. It might be confusing, especially if you have not faced such issues before.

Do you have a swimming pool with a leak and water in it? And you are wondering if it is possible to patch the swimming that way? Could you stick with me?

Can You Patch A Pool With Water In It

Can You Patch a Pool with Water in it?

Yes, you can. I know it sounds almost impossible, but yes. It is even not advisable to drain the water in a swimming pool with a leak.


How to Find a Leak in Your Swimming Pool?

The first step that should be geared towards a leak in your swimming pool is detecting the exact place where the leak occurred.

You must ensure that the water in your swimming pool is clean to make it easy to spot a leak.

Also, it is easy to spot a leak when the swimming pool is calm, without any random movement in the water.

The next thing you have to do is to use your snorkeling gears with goggles to inspect the pool. This means you have to be inside the pool.

What if you don’t find a leak in the swimming pool? It is safe to pour a poo dye around your pool’s liner.


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How to Repair the Pool Leak with Water in the Swimming Pool?

Now that you are ready to repair the leak in your swimming pool, let us get straight to work without delay.

The first step is to ensure the leak’s environment is very well cleaned. Go to your leak repair kit to get a patch to cover the leak. Now you have to ensure the patch is bigger than the leak itself. You don’t want to repeat this process of a job not well done.

Place the patch on the smooth surface, after which you must apply waterproof epoxy. This epoxy will make the patch stick even in the water.

Fold the patch, and then put it on the surface of the leak in the pool. Apply a little pressure on the patch to stick it to the leak. Then smoothen it out.


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How to Know When You Pool Leaks

Some pointers might reveal that your swimming pool might be leaking. Be aware of these signs.

  1. There will be crack

Pool liners won’t last forever. They are affected by harmful UV rays and other chemicals that can be found in a swimming pool. You might get a leak soon when you notice a little crack. This won’t allow it to catch you unawares.

It is important to hammer this that a very tiny leak is hard to notice. The only way to detect is to keep an eye on the swimming pool’s water level for one or two weeks. Is it reducing or just the same? This will point to whether there is a leak or not.

Make sure to swing into action when you notice reduction, as there might be a little crack causing that leaks.

In this case, you may be unable to handle things independently. It will be advisable to hire the service of a professional that can handle these things. These professionals will have modern technology to facilitate the discovery of any crack or leak, no matter how tiny it is.

  1. You will notice fades.

One issue with pool liner is that it fades over the time it is being used because of the chemical it is exposed to and due to sunlight. A level of fading can connote deterioration. There are pool liners that can withstand deterioration greatly, but not totally.

The liners are built with a plasticizer that makes them more flexible and also tones down brittleness in the vinyl material constituent.

The effectiveness is more dependent on that of vinyl material. If the vinyl deteriorates, the plasticizer has more probability of fading.

  1. You will notice the loss of water.

Your swimming pool losing water might be a signal that your swimming pool leaks. All the new swimming pools recently are built to resist leaks, but pool liners can stay strong forever.

Yes, the water in a swimming pool might reduce due to evaporation. The loss is not significant and not something to bother about in this case.

If you notice a significant reduction in your swimming pool after a few days, you should get the service of a professional if it goes beyond what you can handle.

  1. There might be standing water around your swimming pool

When your pool leaks, there might be some standing water or puddle around your swimming pool. You can judge with this sign, especially if it didn’t rain days, or no one went swimming in the pool. Check the grass or the weed to be sure that there is no lodged water.

  1. The level of the chemical won’t be stable.

Suppose you discover that the chemical level in your swimming pool can be a pointer that your swimming pool is leaking. When water leaks, the chemical also leaks with it together. It will be necessary for you to add more chemicals to douse the effect of the drop in the chemical level.

Ensuring the chemical level in the swimming pool is stable is hard work. You might need the assistance of a professional.

  1. Algae may start growing.

If the chemicals reduce, there is a high tendency that algae will start growing in the water. This can make the swimming pool color turn green.

When algae come into the swimming pool, it can be harmful. This can cause skin infections in people that use the swimming pool.


Final Thoughts

You can patch your swimming pool with water in it. I hope this guide helps.

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