Can You Patch A Pool With Water In It?

Yes! you can patch a pool with water in it. This has been the question on every pool owner’s lips. No one can stand a leaking pool, not even you! Maybe due to the fact that your pool looks maintained, it may not need a patch.

However, when you see a tear in your pool, kindly get it patched because you may not like the resultant effect of it.

This article will not just mention if you can patch a pool with water in it, it will also let you know about the several tips that you need to know about leaking pools.

Can You Patch A Pool With Water In It

How Do I Know That My Pool Needs A Patch?

Your pool needs a patch because it is leaking. How do you know that your pool is leaking? When you notice the cracks on the tiles or pool liners and discoloration that cannot even be removed by washing, then your pool is leaking.

The pool liner is affected because the UV sunlight may have caused terrible damage to the pool liner. Full consistent exposure to sunlight will cause a tear to the pool liner. Another thing that can cause a tear is the presence of harsh chemicals.

Harsh chemicals will cause discoloration, pool tile cracking and falling, pool liners tearing, and so on.

Your pool needs a patch if the pool liner begins to show signs of fading. Check to see if there is a kind of fading of any kind. Check the pool liner and even the tiles because the color from the tiles might begin to fade just like the pool liner.

You will notice that your pool needs a patch when your pool water begins to reduce bit by bit. If you are observant, compare the previous water level with the present one. And if you notice that the water has reduced, that means, your pool is leaking.

If you also notice that there are stagnant spots by the pool area, then your pool is leaking. That is, if there are puddles of water beside the pool when it hasn’t rained then it means that your pool might need a patch.

If you have unstable chemical levels, then your pool needs a patch. Truth is, leaking pool water leaks away from the pool chemical. And when the chemical leaks, there would be an imbalance in the pool which would create a breeding ground for algae to thrive.


How Do You Patch A Pool With Water?

A leak in your pool can ruin your entire swimming experience. How then do you patch a leaking pool since you don’t need to drain the water so that the pool liner will not get destroyed?

Step 1: Confirm & locate the leak

You need to confirm if it’s really a leak or simply an evaporation. So check closely to be certain that your pool is leaking. You can also use the guides above to determine if your pool is leaking.

You can do this by turning off the pool pump, then putting on your snorkeling gear and googles then beginning to trace the leak location to confirm it. Then find the precise location of the leak. Don’t just assume where the leak is. Find it, and check if the leak area is big or small because this will determine the size of the patch.

Note: What if you can’t find any leak? If you can’t find the precise location of the leak, just squirt some pool dye on the pool liner. The pool dye will automatically move in the direction of the leak.


Step 2: Prepare your patching tools

Get your patching tools ready. For instance, you will need a patch repair kit. In other words, it is usually called a tear repair kit. This kit comprises all the patch elements that you will need.

A pool dye will also be needed. You don’t need an external dye aside from the pool dye so get some pool dye ready to do this fantastic patch for you! You will also need to get some googles and snorkeling gear!

Step 3: Patch the Tears!

Once you find the tear or the precise leak area, that means you’ve almost won the battle against leaks! Open your patch repair kit and begin to clean the tear areas then cut out a patch from your patch kit that is at least an inch bigger than the tear.

Next, place the patch on a smooth surface then spread some cement on the patch and fold it carefully by pressing it over the torn area. Now use your finger to smoothen out the patch area all the way out so that it will be patched nicely.

If you can access the outside of the pool, then it will be nicer to patch it the same way also. However, if you can’t then you can simply patch the inside of the pool only.

Please note that the pool liner will not last forever. So if you have just patched your pool liner, just be sure that continuous patching will wear out the pool liner in no time.


What Kind Of Patching Will Be Good For Vinyl Pools?

Vinyl pools are a special kind of pool because of the delicate materials made with vinyl. Hence they will need some special kind of patching. Such as the;

  • Waterproof Tape: waterproof tapes are super perfect for vinyl pool patching and this is because it is easy to use, and it is water-resistant. It is also UV resistant which means, it can withstand full exposure to the sun. it can also do the patching of a larger leak area. It is durable and completely affordable.
  • Peel-and-Stick kind of Patches: they are made from vinyl as well and are designed for pool use. They have been cut neatly in circles, to be used around the edges of the leak area. They are inexpensive and should be used in small leak areas.

Final Thoughts

You can comfortably patch your pool with water in it. Emptying your pool to get it patched can destroy the pool liners and crack some of the pool tiles. So follow the guides above carefully, and get to work!

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