Can You Use A Sand Filter With An Intex Pool? (Quick Answer)

Swimming pools ranges from size to size, big to small, in-ground to above-ground. The point is, that swimming pools differ. There is pool with built-in skimmers while there are pools without skimmers. There are pools that you need to build from the scratch while there is pool that you need to simply install like the Intex pool.

Over the years, the intex pool brand has been known for manufacturing durable pools and it has stuck to that. But then how do you clean your Intex pool with a sand filter? All these will be unveiled in this article.

Can You Use A Sand Filter With An Intex Pool

To completely clean up your pool, you can use a sand filter with your Intex pool. So, you don’t need to be afraid about this because it would work well. And since you add chlorine to sanitize your pool, then you can use the sand filter with your Intex pool.


The point is, that Intex pools are made in such a way that they are tough on the inside and outside thus making them inflatable. However, the bottom of the Intex pool is lighter than the sides. So, you can use a size 20 pool sand for your sand filter since it would be connected to your Intex pool.


How Does Sand Filter Work With Intex Pool?

When it comes to sand filters and the way it works, we are made to believe that sand filters work well with Intex pool, the same way they work with the other traditional pools. Your Intex pool needs to be properly cleaned to emphasize some of the fine details of the clean pool water.

But there is a certain way to get the pool water clean! A sand filter whether used with Intex pool or not has been designed to trap particles and other contaminants like debris, hair, etc., from the water.

So the water goes into the sand filter system, and passes through the sand while the sand, in turn, filters the water by trapping the debris and dirt. The filtered water now goes back into the Intex pool.


Where can you buy sand filters?

You can get them from any pool store or online store. The most amazing thing about this is the fact that you can also buy an Intex sand filter. That means the Intex brand has a sand filter that has been manufactured by them.

And it will only make more sense to purchase it since you own an Intex pool. However, you need to understand that, when using another sand filter from another brand, there are some additional components that you may need to get to use it with your Intex pool.


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What Do You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Intex Pool with a sand filter?

There are many reasons why you need to purchase a high-quality sand filter. It is so that you can have an outstanding system that has the ability to eliminate debris and dirt from the pool water as soon as it can. Therefore, it would be an excellent choice to get to know all these.

If you are lucky to own an Intex sand filter, then it means you don’t need so many rigorous processes to get the pool cleaned out. You can use the backwash option. You can totally backwash your Intex pool using your sand filter. So don’t think that this option is only for pool owners who own inground pools.

This backwash option is also very suitable for the aboveground pool as well. So, you should consider using this option for cleaning your Intex pool. So, even though the water level of the pool reduces after backwash, this option is still reliable for your Intex pool.


What Are The Best Sand Filter For Intex Pool?

INTEX 26647EG SX2800 Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

This sand filter pump is about 14-inch sized with a Hydro Aeration Technology that improves thorough circulation and proper filtration which further leads to an improved water clarity. The sand filter pump weighs about 45.87 pounds and runs at a power of 110-120V.

So, it is quite easy to use due to its 6 powerful controls. The 6 function control that makes it easy to operate and perform certain operations within the pool. These 6-functions are simply; backwash, rinse, filter, drain, recirculate, and close system.

It also has standard built-in features which houses a timer that allows you to set an automatic filtration time within 24 hours to maintain your pool. It is easy to carry about due to its ergonomic handle, and it got pretty awesome pressure gauge and a strainer basket that automatically prolongs the life of the sand making it easy to clean.

The Intex Krystal clear sand filter pump is an ideal sand filter for your Intex pool no matter the size due to its flow rate. For instance, it has the capacity to pump a flow rate of about 2,800 gallons per hour.



Is this a system or just a  pump? 

It is a full system that has been designed to filter your Intex pool. However, depending on the brand of your pool, you may need some additional fittings. 

Can you use this pump for a Coleman pool? 

You can totally use this Sand filter for your Coleman pool. As long as the fittings that came with the sand filter fits rightly into the pool, then you have no problem. But if it doesn’t then you may have to get some of these fittings from the pool store.

Does the sand filter come with sand? 

No, sand doesn’t come with the sand filter. You will have to purchase the sand for the filter by yourself. 

What are the hose connections like?

The hose connection of this sand filter is around; 1 1/2 


Final Thoughts

You can totally use your sand filter no mater the brand of the filter, for your Intex pool. If you can’t attach it to the pool then you will need to get the attention of a pool expert to ensure that everything is done nicely and appears good. 

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