Can You Use Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets in Septic System?

Chlorine tablets are known to be used for killing off viruses and bacteria. They are also used to treat drinking water. In one of the environments, chlorine tablets are used in the swimming pool. It is very effective in sanitizing your swimming pool.

Can you use swimming pool chlorine tablets in the septic system? Please stick with me, as I provide the answers you need.

To answer your question, you need to understand that swimming pool chlorine tablets were not designed for the use of septic systems at all. So, the answer is simply no! You cannot use swimming pool chlorine tablets for your septic system.

Logically speaking, the two environments are totally different, and besides that, there are tablets designed for septic tanks separately. The only tablets approved for use in aerobic systems by EPA are the calcium hypochlorite tablets.

Can You Use Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets in Septic System

What Chlorine Tablets Can Be Used For a Septic System?

As I earlier established, there are specific chlorine tablets specially designed for septic tanks system. They are only made to disinfect the wastewater from septic tanks.

First, these chlorine tablets are made from calcium hypochlorite. Second, they are approved by NSF/ANSI to standard 60. Third, it is also approved by EPA for disinfecting septic tanks.


Is There Any Difference Between Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets and Septic Tanks Chlorine Tablets?

Allow me to clear the confusion. I understand if you wonder why you cannot use one chlorine tablet for these two environments.

For swimming, pool chlorine tablets like trichloroisocyanuric are made to function when they are inside water. Simply put, swimming pool chlorine tablets only work when inside water.

For septic tanks’ chlorine water, the chlorine tablets are made so that they are only effective over the water. The chlorine tablet releases nitrogen chloride – a gas that is flammable and explosive.


Why You Can Not Use Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets in a Septic System

There are three reasons why you should not or cannot use swimming pool chlorine in a septic system. The reasons are legal requirements, environmental issues, and safety issues.

According to Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide, Act (FIFRA), it is illegal to use chlorine tablets in a way that is not prescribed for use.

The tablets that EPA has approved for an onsite aerobic septic system are only calcium hypochlorite tablets.

If you use swimming pool chlorine tablets for a septic system in places like Texas, you will get a fine of $500 if you are a first-time offender.

The fine will increase if you are found guilty subsequently.

Using swimming pool chlorine tablets is not proper and safe for your septic system. Besides the fact that it is illegal, you should consider the safety too.


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How Much Chlorine Should I Put in a Septic Tank?

The generally accepted volume when disinfecting your septic tank is to mix non-scented household bleach (5.25% chlorine) approved by NSF in the tank at the rate of 1 gallon of bleach to a thousand gallons of water.

Do you think that chlorine bleach might harm your septics? If you do not use the bleach abnormally, there is no reason for it to harm or affect your septic system.


Where Should I Put Chlorine Tablet In My Septic Tank?

The spots where the chlorine tablets are placed in a septic tank matter. There is a port on the top of the aerobic-type septic system tanks explicitly designed for chlorine tablets. The ports are two, but the two are not for chlorine tablets. One is for chlorine tablets, and the other is known for aeration chambers.

The way the spots are locked is dependent on the manufacturer’s discretion. It can either be the latched caps type or the screw-on caps.


How Frequent Should Chlorine Tablets Be Used in Septic Tanks

There might be a slight distortion on how many chlorine tablets to be used per septic tanks guide. You can use 1-2 chlorine tablets for one person a week. It is advisable not to input more than 5 chlorine tablets.

Ultimately, use the guide that comes with the septic tank and the use of chlorine tablets. The guide can come with slight differences, and it is better to follow the guidelines strictly.


How Long Do Septic Tanks Chlorine Tablets Last?

You are wondering how long your septic tank chlorine tablets last? Do you have a lot of chlorine tablets in-store, and you are worried if they will spoil if you don’t use them as soon as possible?

If you store your chlorine tablets well, they can go on for about three to five years. Just make sure that the store you are using is cool, well ventilated, and dry.


Effects On Chlorine Tablets on Septic Tank?

When you use the chlorine tablets as instructed, the tablets effectively kill the bacteria. It can kill 99% of the bacteria active in the septic tank within 10 minutes. After the chlorine tablets treatment has been done, the wastewater is safe.


How To Maintain and Care For Your Septic Tanks

Maintenance is necessary for your septic tanks to elongate their life of the septic tanks. Here are ways you can care for your septic tanks:

  1. Always make sure to check your septic tanks from time to time. You can set a time-frequency for checking and inspecting the tank.
  2. You should always pump out when you need to.
  3. Don’t use products from unapproved companies.
  4. Eliminate the solids in the tank using the drain.
  5. You can make use of the necessary additives to the tanks.


Final Thoughts

Don’t use swimming pool chlorine tablets for your septic system. The tablets were not designed for the septic system. There are tablets designed explicitly for septic systems that you can use.

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