Can You Wear Board Shorts In A Swimming Pool?

There are several limitations to the type of outfit you wear while having a time in the swimming pool. Aside from the fact that many of these don’t allow you to freely swim around as they often stick to your body unnecessarily, the fibers from most of the outfits can get loose and clog the pool’s filtration system.

This will lead to expenditures on the side of the swimming pool management. Some clothing is simply not allowed because they can transfer air and waterborne contaminations to the pool.

Can You Wear Board Shorts In A Swimming Pool

Yes, you can. Board shorts are made from nylon or smooth polyester, which doesn’t break down in the water. A drawstring waist eliminates the limitations of clothing with a zips face. Board shorts quickly dry off and doesn’t weigh swimmers down in the pool.

Nonetheless, it isn’t allowed to be worn for an official swimming competition, and if it doesn’t have a mesh liner, you will have to wear something beneath it.


Reasons board shorts are allowed for swimming.

  1. They are mainly made from strong polyester or Lycra. These two materials don’t break down in water or weaken at any instant while swimming.
  2. It is quick to dry. You can come out of the pool and get your shorts halfway dried in minutes.
  3. No difficulty in swimming is noticed. Swimmers can easily navigate through the water with no limitations from the wear.


What Is Allowed To Be Worn In A Swimming Pool?

Many wears are allowed to be worn, but each was accepted because it wouldn’t limit the swimming processes or pose a risk to the swimmers.

  • Bikinis: This is mainly for females.
  • Trunks: Different from a board short because of their length. While aboard, short is slightly longer towards the knee, swim trunks are shorter.
  • Swim shorts: People mistake these for board shorts. They look alike, and the only difference is that swim shorts can be worn as a one-piece swimsuit, bikini bottom, or an overshot. It can be worn alone.
  • Tankinis: Long tops made with nylon or polyester will make swimming easy and would dry off fast.
  • Swim briefs: You can pair this with board shorts or other swimwear with no swim bottoms.
  • One-piece swimsuit: A complete swimsuit is allowed everywhere.
  • Burkina swimming costume: For some pool parties or festivals, you can be allowed to have some specific swimming costume on. This depends on the pool’s management policy.
  • Fitted t-shirt: The t-shirt is advised to be free and not just fitted. It shouldn’t restrict your movement at all.
  • Leggings under swimwear or without shorts.
  • Skirted swimsuits

Not all the aforementioned are allowed in every swimming pool, but many public pools accept them. Check your local pool policy to see if you are allowed. You can wear them to your private home swimming pool without any problem.

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What You Shouldn’t Wear To A Swimming Pool

Without checking the pool’s policy where you visit, you should never wear some outfit or pair of clothing inside the pool. Aside from limiting seamless swimming activities, they might be contributing to dangers to the swimming pool’s water condition. Below are commonly restricted wears for swimming pool:

  • Jeans: It is totally disallowed everywhere. Even for your private home swimming pool, restrict it. Unless in cases of accidental falling into the pool where you have no choice.
  • Oversized trousers: It’s obviously uncomfortable to swim in a big pair of trousers. You should avoid outdoor shorts too. You can wear 3/4 length swim shorts but not that of regular shorts.
  • Baggy t-shirt: Anything baggy or large enough is out of the race. Swimming wears should be anything that will be slightly fitted to you and allow you to maneuver easily.
  • Leggings over swimwear: You might be allowed to wear leggings into a pool, but it’s advised to be one made out of Lycra. When you wear leggings over swimwear, you don’t only portray that you’re ignorant of basic swimming rules, you wouldn’t also feel comfortable.

Other wears are not allowed, but these are the common ones restricted. Another rule of thumb is that the wear must not be made of cotton or heavy material.


The Best Alternative For Board Shorts

There are multiple options available to replace board shorts, but no one can replace the multipurpose role of being used for surfing, swimming, and just walking around a beach.

It looks much more elegant and fashionable. Swim shorts are mainly used for the same purpose, but they are rather used more by professional swimmers who take swimming as a career. It supports the free flow of their activities than board shorts.



Difference Between Swim Shorts and Board Shorts

The design and styles seen might be the same, but the difference is easy to identify.

There is a built-in brief, and there’s no need to have a swimsuit bottom worn for a swim short.

The inseam is designed to take up the role of swimsuit bottom, but for a board short, you might need to consider that.

Do I need to wear anything under a board shorts?

Yes, you do. Especially if you are a lady, you need to have something beneath it. It has no inbuilt brief.

Apart from swimming, can board shorts be worn elsewhere?

You have the right to your dressing styles, and in most cases, board shorts are worn during picnics, stargazing, or indoors. It’s both worn as casual wear or swimwear. It is designed as simple wear for fun.

The commonest use of board shorts is for surfing. Almost everyone into surfing will come with a board short with a good design. Board shorts can withstand wave wipeout and will not constitute any friction during surfing.


Final Thoughts

Whatever the use of your board shorts, you are advised to purchase one of good quality. With that, you will be confident and be free to swim anyhow you want.

The chemical constituents of your swimming pool wouldn’t affect the quality of the board shorts. Still, over time, the color might fade if there are excessive swimming sessions in a pool with a considerate amount of chlorine.

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