Can You Wear Fake Tan in a Swimming Pool?

Do you wonder if it is okay to wear your fake tans into a swimming pool without looming adverse effects? Are you afraid your fake tan might wear off in a swimming pool? I will answer your questions with all details attached to them. Let us get into the details needed.

Can You Wear Fake Tan in a Swimming Pool

Of course, you are free to wear your fake tan even into the swimming pool. This comes with the side effect of losing a bit of your tan, causing your skin to lighten up a little.

The only solution is that you stop swimming while having your fake tans on, or you don’t make pool dives. You can also work around swimming with your fake tan without fading off.


Are There Waterproof Tanners?

There aren’t exactly waterproof tanner. The DHA compound in the tanner founds a dark pigment on the skin and can stay on for three to eight days. You can say it is waterproof because it won’t wear off because water splashes on it. 

Nevertheless, hitting the swimming pool and swimming for an extended period will cause the tan to wear off.


Can Fake Tans Wear Off in the Swimming Pool?

Yes, it can wear off. Note that it does not always wear off badly. If you know how to handle it, you can minimize the wearing off. 

Most swimming pools have chlorine as one of their constituents, and chlorine is known to dry up the skin and tans. There are also other chemicals in the swimming pool that can react with the fake tan and cause it to wear off. Once again, for emphasis’ sake, I will state these:

  • Avoid swimming pool when you just applied fake tan
  • Don’t go into the swimming pool so frequently
  • Try to find ways not to make the fake tans wear off.

You have to choose one of these options. The more you dive into the swimming pool, the more your fake tan wears off.


How To Stop Fake Tans From Coming Off In Swimming Pool

Now that we have established that your fake tan will wear off in the swimming pool, here are actionable things you can do to keep or maintain your fake tan from coming off while in the swimming pool:

  • Be careful of the dives you take

Research proved that the longer you swim in a pool without stopping, the more your tan wears off. If you try to see how far this is true, you can. It is practicable.

There was a study done among a number of people who volunteered themselves. One of the people was instructed to stay in the pool with tan for an hour. Another tanned person stayed for ten minutes, then left the pool to stay for ten minutes before swimming for another ten minutes. This was done six times, in 10 minutes intervals.

This was what was discovered. The person who stayed in the swimming pool for an hour lost more tan than the person who went into the swimming pool in intervals. These two people spent the same time in the pool, but one lost more tan than the other, even with the same tanner applied. This is self-explanatory. Swim in intervals; don’t go swimming at a stretch.

  • Make use of moisturizers.

You must know that swimming pools constitute chlorine in different quantities or concentrations. As I earlier stated, chlorine dries up the skin. The solution is to get your skin moisturized each time you are done with each swimming session.

Immediately you get out of the swimming pool, dry off your body, and apply your moisturizer on your body. So, you can be comfortable bringing your moisturizer to the swimming pool, making it easy for you to use it after getting dried. 

  • Use a gradual tanner.

It is advisable that you go for a gradual tanning process rather than apply the tanner all at once. This makes it possible for you to use the tanner every day. If you lose a bit of tan, it is okay to use the tan again.

Some tanners are an advantage because some tanners contain moisturizers. All you need to use after swimming is the mixture. So, it does two jobs, moisturizing your skin and tanning your skin.

  • Don’t swim too often.

You might have decided to stop swimming over all; I’d have that you can reduce the frequency at which you swim. This will ease things off. The more you swim, the more the tan will fade or wear off.

  • A less reactive tanner will work.

Some tanners are quick to wear off than some tanners when you swim. This means that this less reactive tanner does not react that much with chlorine and other chemicals found in a swimming pool. 

The only downside to this is that you have to try multiple tanners before knowing the one that works exactly as expected.


Are There Fake Tan That Won’t Wear Off in Chlorinated Swimming Pools?

Simply put, all fake tan reacts with chlorine. Every tanner contains DHA. This compound can react with chemicals used to cleanse the swimming pools, including chlorine. 


Will Sunscreen Affect Fake Tan?

What sunscreen does to your skin is that it protects you from UV rays from the sun, while we use tanners to tan? Sunscreen can not affect your tanning. It is even advisable to protect the skin even when you are using the tanner. If the sun is scorching you, you need to use sunscreen.


Final Thoughts

I am sure that you have gotten answers to your questions and how you can go about everything. You can still wear your fake tan and hit the swimming pool for a lovely time

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