Do I Need A Building Permit For a Swimming Pool

Like any other civil work, the construction of a swimming pool requires a license that must be requested at the nearest City Hall where you intend to make your installation.

Before getting down to work, you need to know about permits and taxes to build a swimming pool.

Do I Need A Building Permit For a Swimming Pool

When it comes to property work on owner-occupied homes and garages, a building permit is a term that often falls. But even for swimming pools, you might come into contact with it.

We will tell you at what point you can no longer avoid the consent of the same and why a permit is required for a swimming pool. Read on!


Do I Need A Building Permit For a Swimming Pool?

A building permit gives the owner the right to build on, alter, or demolish their property.

Once the building department processes the request, it notifies the owner of the approval. The requirement for this would be that the request requires approval and is eligible for approval.

Legally, the construction of a new facility has thus been approved and can be started without further problems.

However, if you start building without a permit for a swimming pool size that requires a permit, this can cost you dearly in the event of an inspection.

This is because without a permit, the work can be stopped and the installation can even be demolished.


Building Permit For Pool

Regulations For The Installation of An Outdoor Pool

In most American states, a building permit for a pool is only required for a water volume of 100 cubic meters or more. Common pools hold a much smaller amount of water.

The specifications for the maximum volume vary depending on the state. Usually, they are between 50 and 100 cubic meters.

Accordingly, a garden pool measuring 4.00 x 8.00 x 1.50 m (48 m³) would be possible without any problems.

In Lower America, however, this is a bit stricter, as you need the approval of the building authority in any case from a 50 m3 pool.

Swimming pools in Miami must meet even more criteria to be built without approval.

Firstly, a minimum distance of three meters from the neighboring boundary must be maintained.

Secondly, the swimming pool may only have a maximum volume of 60 m³.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to inform yourself about the public-law regulations before building a swimming pool.


Regulations For Indoor Pools

Indoor pools also need to follow some rules. Here you will definitely need a building permit from the local authority. In addition, you should discuss your building project with an architect first of all.

Because if the house substance is not suitable for your pool, this can ruin your project. Read more


Obtaining A Building Permit And Required Documents

Getting a permit to install a swimming pool can be a very lengthy process for the builder. Many different guidelines need to be checked for safety.

For example, whether the boundary construction and distance areas are adhered to.

For this, the property must be checked and approved by a pool builder, so that the building supervisory authority can check the other documents.


Required documents for the responsible authority:

  • Site plan
  • Construction drawings
  • Building description and information about property drainage, water supply, and road access.


As soon as you have the permit in your hands, you must not waste any time. Because if you have not started the construction of your swimming pool within the validity period of 3 years, you will have to apply for an extension.


Steps Needed To Obtain License For Construction Of A Swimming Pool

According to specialists in swimming pools, the first thing to do is to make a technical project of an architect and then with this project, plus the data of the company, to send it to the town hall to request permission.

That yes, before, it is necessary to request in the city council the specification of conditions, in which all the requirements that the swimming pool will have to fulfill will be detailed.

One of the most important aspects to determine is whether the pool is a major or minor work.

Each municipality has stipulated it according to the dimensions and volume of the pool.

For this reason, it is important that you request the information in the town hall closest to the place where you will build the pool.


Swimming pool of minor work: if your swimming pool is considered of minor work, you will have to present;

  • A drawing of the land where the swimming pool will be located without bounding and to indicate the exact place where the swimming pool will be located.
  • The estimated budget of the work. Once this documentation has been submitted,
  • The city council will indicate the cost of the license, which generally amounts to 4% of the final budget.


Major construction swimming pool: in case the swimming pool to be built is considered a major construction, it will be necessary to present the

  • Project of the work elaborated by a technical architect.
  • Two copies and a pre-completed form must be submitted to the town hall.


Generally, the amount to be paid is 6% of the final budget.


Final Thoughts

Other formalities to be carried out are the license of occupation of the public road and the waste management. On the one hand, you must request a permit to occupy the public road where you will place all the material and waste from the work.

On the other hand, you must pay a deposit of between 600 $ and 800 $ as a guarantee that the waste and debris will be deposited in a landfill approved by the CAM.

Once you finish the work and present the document certifying that the debris has been deposited in the correct place, the deposit will be returned.

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