Do Swimming Pools Attract Mosquitoes?

Probably you are being troubled by mosquitoes these days, and you are looking at the possibility of your swimming pool being the one attracting and breeding them? Can a swimming pool attract mosquitoes?

Do Swimming Pools Attract Mosquitoes

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Swimming Pools

During the times when we have an increase in temperature, you will agree with me that all of us enjoy having a good time at beaches, pools, etc. This helps our body to cool down.

Mosquitoes work almost the same way. You might wonder why mosquitoes are drawn toward water. During hot seasons, that is when female mosquitoes lay their eggs. For this, they always need a good habitat which is either still water or water moving pretty slowly, and an example is a lagoon or your swimming pool. They also need a host which they can get blood to feed.

Now that we have established that swimming pools attract mosquitoes, we must treat how we can prevent mosquitoes from being drawn to our swimming pools.


How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Swimming Pool

Probably you are in regions that tend to have more mosquitoes because of the climate there; you will need these tips a lot. These tips will help keep mosquitoes away from your swimming pools.

1. Make use of a mosquito trap.

These traps are built to help alleviate mosquitoes by entrapping them. The plus about these traps is that they need chemicals or pesticides to get this done.

This trap attracts mosquitoes by imitating what attracts them in humans. Sometimes they use propane which they turn into carbon IV oxide. The other element they use is ultraviolet lights. This helps in drawing the attention of mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes come close, a vacuum entraps them. You’d have to position this trap in a good place where people will not be.


2. Make use of a bug misting system.

This mist will help you build a wall of defense around your backyard, where your swimming pool is. It works with a number of insecticide sprayers specifically placed and spaced with a gap of 15 feet. You can place them on fences, etc.

To install, you don’t need to get the services of a professional. It is something you can get done on your own without help. The system comes with instructions that will help you get everything set up.

Even though this system is great for getting the job done, it has some downsides. The system uses a substance that is not safe for humans.

It is so important that you know that some areas do not allow this system. Make sure you confirm if you can use the system in your locality.


3. Landscape maintenance.

Some situations can foster the habitation of mosquitoes in a place. Grasses, especially tall and grown weeds, are good grounds for mosquitoes. They serve as a good spot, especially when the weather is hot.

Make sure you get rid of grasses around. Cut out all the weeds that can be a good spot for mosquitoes. When you do this, you are not giving the mosquitoes options around you.


4. Keep taking note of the pool cover.

Mosquitoes don’t need much to lay eggs. They need a little stagnant water, and they are good to go.

Probably your swimming pool is covered with a solid cover, and water may gather and become stagnant over it. Water can sometimes drip from the cover to the pool’s surface. The sun might not dry the water enough. If this water remains stagnant for a long while, it can be a good breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Get rid of this kind of water either by sweeping it off or drying it using a towel. If the water is much, you can utilize a shop vac.


5. Get Rid of Lagoon or any other water reservoir.

As stated earlier, stagnant water is a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. This includes lagoons, puddles, and stagnant/abandoned swimming pools.

Be sure to look outside the box of what I listed. You can check abandoned tires, etc. They can retain water inside them. Check through gutters and drainage around.

As you discover this stagnant water, make sure to swing action. You aim to ensure you don’t live spots for mosquitoes to breed.


6. Use a disinfectant that can kill larvae.

Getting rid of the stagnant water you discover might not be the total solution you need. You might still need to do more. There might be some cases where you can get rid of the stagnant water. Probably, a gutter that will always have water stagnant poses a danger by always being good grounds to breed mosquitoes. You will need to act to kill the larvae that may be already there.

You can make use of insect growth inhibitors; it is effective in stopping larvae from maturing. You can get it in different forms, including tablets, pellets, granular, etc.

All you need to do is to add them to the stagnant water. It will be effective for about a month, so you can make it a cycle of adding every month.


7. Get a professional if things persist

Sometimes the guide given might not work in some situations. Probably because of the environment, which has aided an already large population of mosquitoes.

Probably you live in an environment that is naturally just conducive to mosquitoes. This might pose a problem in getting rid of mosquitoes easily.

In this situation, you need a professional to help you out. Getting the services of a professional will cater to your specific needs. They will use specific method suited for your specific situation and environment


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much swimming pools can attract mosquitoes, take precautions to ensure your environment does not breed mosquitoes, keeping your swimming pool in a better position.

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