Do Swimming Pools Have Overflow Drains?

Swimming pool builders put a lot of work into building a perfect pool with overflow drainage. You may not know the essence of an overflow drain until you begin to see the need for one.

The rainy season can be relaxing and also tempestuous especially when your pool has the tendency to overflow.

Do Swimming Pools Have Overflow Drains

And once your pool gets overflowed with excess rainwater, everything gets affected and that includes, your yard, deck, and the pool chemistry. And sometimes when you can’t do the whole cleanup by yourself, hiring a pool cleaner can be quite expensive. So why not consider an overflow drain instead?

In this article, we are going to explore fully what pools overflow drain is all about, its importance, and why pool drains are pretty necessary.

But first off, before delving into the next question, you need to know that it is highly important for pools to have an overflow drain.


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What are overflow drains and why is it important?

Overflow drains are emergency features or they are also called the lifesavers of the pool. They are inserted at the side of the pool to prevent the pool from being flooded with water.

It is highly important to the pool or wherever you decide to keep it because they prevent flooding or overflow damage in the pool by getting the excess water out.


Where are overflow drains located?

Swimming pool overflow drains are usually situated near the rim of the pool. This will serve as a perfect escape for excess water to rush out when there is an overflow of pool water.


How do you know if your pool has an overflow drain?

Your pool doesn’t have an overflow drain if there is an overflow in your pool. Although your overflow drain can be clogged if there is dirt stuck in it.

Another way you can know if your pool has no overflow drain is when you check around the rim of the pool and you cannot find the overflow drain or an outlet that looks like it.

Then it means that you may need to call a pool expert to install this overflow drain.


Do Inground and Indoor Pools Have Overflow Drains?

All inground pools have overflow drains. As long as you are a pool owner, your swimming pool has an overflow drain. An overflow drain is like salt in food. A swimming pool can’t do without having an overflow drain installed in it.

Just in case you think your swimming pool has no overflow drain, you’d better check well to be certain that you have one because it might just be hidden somewhere around the rim of your pool!

Also, an indoor pool is not different. Both an indoor & outdoor pool has overflow drains so you need not bother about not having an overflow drain.


What are the common features of a Pool Overflow Drain?

A pool overflow drain is by far, the most suitable drainage system used in most pools. It can also be used in massage pools, and spa pools as well. An overflow drain is also quite easy to install and quite convenient to use.

You will observe that the overflow drain comes with an external plug that supports the installation of PVC pipe into the interface.

It also comes with a complete docking feature, plus a sealable surface that holds glue, which makes it quite durable.

Another amazing feature of an overflow drain is the fact that the outlet is designed to trap and prevent debris, hair, and other forms of unwanted solids from entering the pool.

The overflow drain is generally made from highly durable ABS material, which adds to its lifespan.


What Are The Best Pool Overflow Drains To Use?

1. LQ Industrial Floor Drain 2Inch White Swimming Pool Water Overflow Outlet Main Drain Cover Replacement Fittings:

This overflow drain outlet is made from ABS plastic. It is sturdy and comes in one piece. It is highly durable and has the ability to resist both high and low temperatures in addition to a longevity lifespan.

The LQ industrial floor drain is a perfect overflow drain for any pool type. It can also be used as a kind of replacement.


2. Mumusuki Pool Main Drain Floor Drain, Swimming Pool in-Ground Main Drain Floor Drain 2in Water Inlet Draining Accessory:

This overflow drain is a high-quality one that has been designed to have a tremendous impact on the pool. This overflow drain has been intricately designed to allow for the passage of more water to flow through with ease.

Also, this allows for free passage into the drain whilst creating a smooth pool surface for every pool cleaner to access. This particular overflow drains is perfect for most inground pools.

So if you have a standard inground swimming pool, then you should get one for your pool or the inground pool you are planning to build.


3. Dia 8.14 Inch ABS White Round Pool Main Drain Cover Replacement with Two Screws:

Although this pool overflow drain is the most affordable and is not compatible with all pool styles. It has a size of 183mm/7.20in, it is also one that is flat in design, and installed inside the bottom base of the pool and sometimes on the frame. It is manufactured from ABS material.

One of the impacts of this is that, due to the material, it produces a resistance to corrosion which makes it durable. It is also specially designed to be used with ease by any pool expert.

Since it comes with its own screws, it directly makes for easy installation and can also be used as a kind of replacement only if your old overflow drain is broken.

Final Thoughts

Swimming pools do have an overflow drain outlet. Any swimming pool without an overflow drain might mess up your yard and deck when there is excess rainfall. Overflow drains come in types and categories.

However, before installing any, check to see the overflow drain with high quality. So that you don’t pick an overflow drain that breaks at the end of a few months.

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