Do Swimming Pools Need To Be Drained?

Most pool owners hate the sight of an empty swimming pool. They want to keep seeing the bluish crystal clear water staring right back at them each time they dive into the pool.

But there are some pool owners, who cannot do without draining their pool because they believe it is healthy and most assuredly, the proper thing to do.

Do Swimming Pools need to be Drained

But it might not be the proper thing to do. Sometimes you may not need to drain your pool at all because in the process of draining your pool, you might destroy some parts of the pool the process and that means you would have to spend much when it comes to pool repair.

This article will explain why you need to drain your pool, and when you need to drain your pool. This article will also teach you how you can drain your pool without stress.


Why Do Swimming Pools Need To Be Drained?

  • Nobody likes to swim in dirty murky water. one of the reasons why your pool needs to be drained maybe because the pool water is dirty and it needs to be cleaned.
  • It may also be because there is finishing work or repainting work that needs to be done. Maybe you decided to install a porcelain tile at the bottom of your plastered pool then draining the pool will be required.
  • It may also be because there is a kind of repair that needs to be done to your pool. So you may need to drain your pool to carry out this process of repair effectively.
  • Another clear reason why your pool needs to be drained is that the pool water needs a break! Despite having a filtration system, the swimming pool needs to be drained to remove unseen germs and particles caused by sunscreen, hair, dead skin, debris, and other things that make the pool water untreated.
  • And finally, another reason why pools get drained is because of total dissolved solids levels. These total dissolved solids are build-ups or substances that accumulate in the pool water. sometimes they cause the water to be unstable. And due to this situation, more chemicals will have to be required to maintain your pool water and correct it. Although this last reason may not be totally necessary to drain the pool.

What Happens When Pools Aren’t Drained?

Absolutely nothing! Nothing really happens because pools are not meant to drain regularly. So you should leave your pools full to the brim.

The only thing that occurs when pools aren’t drained is debris on the surface of the pool which you can always get out with the use of a skimmer.


What Happens When Pools are Drained?

When pools are drained, it can create quite a number of financial and structural problems such as; cracking. The pool shell might be cracked as a result.

The interior surface of the pool might get damaged in the process. The pool lights, expensive in-floor, might get damaged in the process.


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How Long Can You Leave Your Pool Without Water?

Is your pool currently empty? First off don’t be scared the pool is going to crack. As long as you are not expecting rainfall at the moment or anything that can raise the groundwater level in your pool, then it means that you’re safe! A pool can be left empty for weeks.

It can even stay empty for months as long as the hydrostatic relief valve at the bottom of the pool is open and functioning then you can rest assured that your empty pool will be fine!

A hydrostatic relief valve is usually installed into the floor of the pool right in the main drain so as to allow the groundwater surrounding the pool to be equal to the pool water. However, do not leave your pool to stay empty for long it can be hazardous.


How Often Should Swimming Pools Be Drained?

Swimming pools are not to be toyed with in such a way that the pool owner gets to drain the pool almost every week or month. any pool owner who does this is putting their pool at risk! Pool proprietors and experts recommend that a pool should be drained every 5 to 7 years.

However, if you notice that your pool has stopped responding to maintenance and other forms of pool treatments, then it means that your pool needs to be drained and refilled with fresh water. Read more


Should You Drain Your Pool Every Winter?

Should your pool be drained every winter? This is one of the commonest questions from most new pool owners who tend to be clueless about the whole pool draining thing.

Truth is, do not drain your pool because of the winter season! However, there are some things that you should do, to ensure that your pool doesn’t get frozen.

Now if you are using an outdoor pool simply remove excess water from the heat pump by draining the water from the heat pump, or you can decide to reduce the water above the base level. That is reduce the water level of your pool just a bit then get a pool cover to keep it closed all season long.

It is not something you should fret about once it’s winter. But having frozen water is not a bad idea!

If you have an indoor pool, you might not need to get all worried once it is winter season because you won’t have to worry if your pool is frozen or not. Your pool might only get cold and this is where the heat pump comes in!


Final Thoughts

Pools should not be drained without any genuine reason. It should be drained because you want to get it repaired, or because it’s been ten or more years ever since you got the last water changed!

And maybe because the pool water is no longer responding to treatment.

You may not be able to drain your pool all by yourself. It is better you get a pool expert to get the work done!

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