Does Buckingham Palace Have a Swimming Pool?

Buckingham palace is one of the most reserved places in the world and home to the greater part of the Royal families in the Monarchy of the United Kingdom.

Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Edward VII, George VI, and King George V are among those who reside in the palace asides from the staff and maintenance officials in place—wondering if the Buckingham palace has a swimming pool? Find out in the article.


Does Buckingham Palace Have a Swimming Pool

Does Buckingham Palace Have a Swimming Pool?

With a room quantity of 775 and the fact that Royal Families reside in it, it will be totally weird for Buckingham Palace not to have a swimming pool functioning. Buckingham Palace swimming pool is one of the best in use at present.

It was commissioned in 1938 by King George VI after he was crowned. It was built in secrecy and was made a surprise for the Queen.

The swimming pool is said to have survived the bombing of world war II and is designed with materials presently rare to be used for a swimming pool. Rather than the expected luxury, it is said to be of simple structure and design.


Who Is Allowed To Swim Inside Buckingham Pool

Buckingham Palace swimming pool is only open to the Royal family and Staff. Since its year of installation, almost all Royal family members have trained on how to swim in it.

A recent broadcast mentions the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne as part of those who used the swimming pool well. Still, the Duke of Edinburgh is the only known regular user now. It was also known that part of the aforementioned took their first swimming strokes in the swimming pool.

The Staff is allowed to use the swimming but only under some rules.


Rules Governing The Usage Of Buckingham Palace Swimming Pool

In some cases, there are rules to uphold the honor the Royal Palace swimming pool should have. Below are parts of the known ones:

  1. The Staff cannot swim in the water when the Royals are there.
  2. The minimum number of Staff allowed is three. This is a safety measure if one of the Staff develops a health problem or issue, one will be able to call for help, and the third will be with the person involved.
  3. There is total secrecy of the pool to the public, and no picture of it should be revealed or captured by the Staff.
  4. Revealing swimming outfits are not proper to be worn.
  5. If there are Staff in the swimming pool and a royal member wishes to use it, they all have to get out of it.


Is Buckingham Palace Swimming Pool Maintained Like Regular Pools?

The Royal family members are one of the most protected families globally. Any harmful poses are usually prevented from the start. The swimming pool is maintained with caution and professionalism.

There are usages of chemicals, equipment, and substances tested to be effective and of good quality in the swimming pool. In opposition to the DIYs solution usage many swimming pool users use, the Buckingham Palace swimming pool is monitored strictly and carefully with only accredited materials.

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