Does Planet Fitness Have A Swimming Pool?

Planet Fitness is one of American biggest fitness centers with operations extending to 2039 locations or clubs.

Despite the achievements and memberships, they have registered since 1992, it is rare to hear someone mention both online and offline whether they offer swimming pool facilities or not.

In this article, we are going to examine the possibilities of a swimming pool in Planet Fitness, the problems faced, other facilities available, and recommendations. Let’s get going.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Swimming Pool

Does planet fitness have a swimming pool?

No, it doesn’t. Even though a lot of fitness experts recommend swimming as a full-body exercise, it didn’t make its way into the franchise Planet fitness. This hub of physical fitness doesn’t incorporate swimming into its facilities.

To many people, it is circulated that Planet Fitness has a maximum amount of membership fees they intend to charge. This will get distorted with the introduction of swimming pools and for adequate sanitation to take place, the membership dues will rise.

However, the following section contains reasons planet fitness doesn’t have a swimming pool.


Why doesn’t Planet fitness have a swimming pool?

  • Core aims: The core aim of Planet fitness is to provide accessible fitness centers to all races and financial security levels. Having fewer membership dues is one of the reasons this can be actualized. With the inclusion of a swimming pool, it will be forced to raise the fee due to the pool’s maintenance.


  • Market target: Targeting a specific market is one of the sole values which a company or organization should have, and this is what Planet Fitness does. It is only into gyms, hydromassage, tanning, and sauna provision. This is because the center believes it will carry out maintenance duties with more efficiency. It doesn’t have to be a diversified commercial service center. Imagine Planet Fitness has every one of your wants but doesn’t give you quality service, will it be heard? No! So, it focuses on services it will carry out satisfactorily.


  • Cost of maintenance: The cost of operation and maintenance of a public swimming pool is expensive, not to talk of if the swimming pool isn’t one. With Planet Fitness’s integrity, if it were to install a swimming pool in each club, the pools have to be above standard level. And this will cost more. It also wouldn’t be able to use the low-cost DIYs many pool owners use but to use robots and technology because of the sizes of the pools will be.


  • More staffing: More facilities require more employment of staff. From employing a lifesaver, to pool maintenance professionals, it will have to extend its staff’s coordinates and provide offices for them.


  • Insurances and Liability: Every Planet fitness facility has to be insured for financial security reasons. The addition of a swimming pool will increase the liability coverage and new insurance policies will have to be signed. This will also affect the rate of expenditure incurred.


Facilities Available In Planet Fitness

Even without a swimming pool, Planet Fitness has other existing facilities aside from its known gyms. It has lockers and showers for its member, but those just side attractions to it. Below are the facilities you can enjoy at Planet Fitness:

  • Hydromassage: Hydromassage replaces the swimming pool by making use of pressurized water to provide intense massages. This is targeted at having the body muscles relaxed and relieved of any soft tissue or muscle pain. It also reduces anxiety, stress, and body tension, and loosens tight muscles.


  • Saunas: Saunas are also known as steam rooms. They are rooms where steam and heat are circulated to give anyone in it a cardiovascular relaxation feeling. It gets the mind free of stress and relaxes the brain. There are temperature regulations but if you feel dehydrated or have perspiration, then you are done. Planet Fitness has professionals in place to supervise users, so be rest assured, that there will be no problem trying the sauna out.


  • Tanning beds: Tanning is advised for people with arthritis, muscular pain, eczema, or rheumatism. It is a good supplier of vitamin d which will be gotten from exposure to the sun. Tanning beds are relaxing and they help relieve anxiety but they are limitations to how often you should make use of the tanning bed.


Do gyms have a swimming pool?

Yes, some gyms have a swimming pool. In a center with diversified commercial services aims, a swimming pool will also be installed at the gym. People can come to the public swimming pool without making use of the gym but they have to be registered as a member. Some gyms also have swimming training sessions for both kids and adults. Adults who have been advised to take on some pool exercises and don’t have any pool at home can also make use of the swimming pools.

Gyms with swimming pools are also useful for students training for special swimming events. They train in the pool and if they need any workout or fitness procedure, they make use of the gym. But this is usually monitored by a coach.


Swimming pool exercises

Yes, working out and swimming can be combined in a swimming pool. These are called pool exercises. They are like normal exercises but done in the pool. Pool exercises include:

  • Backstroke
  • Water walking
  • Jumping (Squat jumping, jumping jack, and tuck jumping)
  • Flutter kicks
  • Water aerobics


Advantages of pool exercises

  • Personal fitness: You can control your weight and keep fit with the use of pool exercises but you cannot increase your bicep or chest level to be high. The exercises are effective if you are targeting a fit body rather than a muscular body.


  • Relaxing and de-stressor: Strolling your body against the water at a moderate atmospheric temperature is mindblowing. People free their minds and their anxiety flows away at this moment. Pool exercises create this feeling effortlessly while still giving other advantages.


  • Medical advantages: Aside from general fitness and mind relaxation, pool exercises are recommended for people with certain health issues like rheumatism, spinal stenosis, arthritis, and others. The pool exercises in this form are usually guided to get enhanced results.


Can I use my home pool for exercising?

Yes, you can. Having a home pool is a great advantage to personal fitness. But you should only exercise in the pool only when someone is around to monitor you. If you make an error and you need help, the person will be able to rescue you from the pool.

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