Dolphin Nautilus CC Review 2022 – Buying Guide

All of the robots from Maytronics perform better when it comes to cleaning the swimming pools. That is why the Dolphin Nautilus CC review will sway you to buy it.

The Nautilus CC uses a high-pressure brush roll to clean. Also, it scrubs the floor and the walls of the water pool.

There is a 24-months warranty for this pool cleaner. So, you can be confident that you are buying a reliable robotic cleanser. Plus, there are modes and setting for cleaning daily or weekly with custom schedules.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Review

Why Use A Robot For Cleaning Swimming Pools?

There are many advantages of a robotic pool cleaner. It performs all of the cleaning itself. Also, most of the robots require only a power supply and nothing else. That is why it is better than other pool cleaning equipment. There is no need to connect a water pump or use a water pressure hose.

The robot has controls and setting for setting up cleaning schedules. These robots have filters that collect dust, debris, leaves, waste, and dirt from the pool. Therefore, you have time to do other vital things when it cleans the swimming pool itself.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The budget-friendly Nautilus CC robot pool cleaner comes with all basic pool cleaning features. Its price is low, but the robot performs all tasks that any other robot cleaner will.

Also, the size of this robot is compact so that you can carry it in comfort. Thus, the robot has all of the convenient features for you to use with ease. Most of the people that use it have positive feedback about its performance.

You will find dirt, sand, pollen, hair, and other waste particles in the filter. It shows that it cleans with efficiency.



The design of this mini robot pool cleaner is practical and simplistic. All of the plastic body is waterproof and durable. There is easy access to the filters for quickly taking out and cleaning.

You only have to lift the top cover and take out the filter. Also, the blue and black color scheme makes it an attractive choice. This robotic cleaner is easy to handle because of its ergonomic design.

No design flaw interrupts the performance when cleaning the walls and the floor.  So, it keeps on working until the water pool is clean from waste.

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Top access filter basket

It lets you clean its filter basket quickly because of the easy access to the filter compartment. The size of the basket is large to collect as much waste as it can from the swimming pools.

The ergonomic design lets you open the top cover with comfort. Its filter basket has a carrying handle. So, you can wash and store it back inside the robot.

Plus, there are fine dust filters that collect tiny dust particles and sand. Removing algae and mold from the walls is also easy for this robot.



The performance of Nautilus CC is like other robots from the Maytronics brand. However, other robots have some additional features and filters. This robot can perform all of the primary pool cleaning functions.

It cleans the walls and the floor automatically. There is a large-size filter in a shape of a basket that collects all of the debris. When you drop the robot inside the pool, it navigates using CleverClean software.

The brush roll is large to clean and scrub the floor and the walls better. It cannot scale the walls for waterline scrubbing. So, you will have to do it manually.



When it comes to making routes for cleaning the pool, the Nautilus CC uses the CleverClean software. So, it scans and maps the pool area digitally like all other Dolphin Nautilus Models.

As soon as it plans the most efficient route, it starts the cleaning work. The robot will touch the pool lining many times because it uses it to map the area.

Thus, it will also clean the corners and cling on the walls to scrub and clean. Plus, the robot keeps on working until all of the pool is clean and tidy.

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Sometimes a robotic pool cleaner can get stuck because of its power cord. However, the Dolphin Nautilus CC uses an anti-tangle and 360° swivel power cord. The length of this blue color power cord is 50 feet.

That is why this robot pool cleaner can clean up to 33 feet long pools with comfort. Also, it can clean all swimming pool shapes without any concerns.

So, the robot can rotate, cling, and move in any direction without any delays. You can be confident that the power cord stays safe inside the pool.


Programmable Robot

The features of a robot pool cleaner focus on its convenient use. So, it comes with programmable schedule settings. You can set a daily, every two days, or weekly cleaning routine for the robot.

There are all the controls for setting a weekly schedule on the power supply. You cannot connect it with a smartphone because it has no WIFI.

Thus, you have to use the power supply that has all of the controls. There are three easy-to-use buttons to set a daily, every other day, or weekly cleaning plan.



The robot requires emptying its filter basket when it is full of pool waste. This robot comes with a 2-year warranty. If you use the weekly or daily cleaning schedules, the robot cleans the pool using cleaning cycles.

When the job is complete, it shut down automatically. Also, when you use its power cord to pull it out of the pool, use it gently. You do not want to damage it. The Dolphin Nautilus CC review shows that it will require no maintenance.

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How It Works

The Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner uses a power supply to operate. So, connect the power cord with the robot and the power supply.

Drop the robot inside the swimming pool and turn on its power supply unit. There are controls on this unit to start cleaning, pausing, setting schedules, cycles, and other functions.

The robot will clean and navigate itself inside the pool. It takes almost 2 hours to clean up to 33 feet long swimming pools. When it completes the cleaning, you can turn it off and take it out of the water pool.


How To Use

Using any robot pool cleaner is easy. You have to connect it using its power cable to the power supply unit. There are all of the controls on the power supply.

Whenever the robot completes cleaning the pool, its filter basket fills with pool waste. So, next time when you use it, empty and clean the filter. You can set a daily, every two days, or weekly cleaning schedule for the robot.

Before taking out the robot from the swimming pool, always turn off its power supply. It will keep you and the robot safe from any electric accidents.


Will Dolphin Nautilus CC work in rectangular or round shapes in-ground and above-ground pools?

The Dolphin Nautilus CC robot can perform in a 33 feet long in-ground pool. It is not to use for an above-ground pool. Also, it can perform in a swimming pool of any shape. There is a 50 feet long power cable with a 360° swivel function. So, it can move and rotate inside the water pools without any problems. It uses a CleverClean navigation system to scan the pool lining for mapping. Thus, it creates the best plan and route for cleaning the swimming pools.



  • It comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • The size is compact.
  • All of the plastic materials are durable and waterproof.
  • The design of this robot is ergonomic and simplistic.
  • You can easily take out the filter basket.
  • There is no need to control it because of the CleverClean navigation.
  • It scrubs the floor and the walls with a firmly pressing brush roll.



  • There are no premium features like WIFI.
  • You cannot connect it with a smartphone.
  • It has no remote control.
  • You have to empty the filter basket when it is full of pool waste.

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Why use a robot for cleaning pools?

You can save a lot of time and energy when a robot cleans the swimming pools. It will clean automatically and requires no water pump connection.

What type of robot pool cleaner is the best?

The robot pool cleaner that can scan and map the pool area is the best choice. Also, if the robot has programmable schedule cleaning settings, it’s a bonus.

Can you use a robot pool cleaner to clean above-ground pools?

Yes, some robots can clean an above-ground pool. These have up to 50 feet long power cables to clean up to 40 feet long pools.

Is there a warranty for the robot pool cleaners?

Most of the robots that clean the swimming pools come with up to 2 years of warranty.

How is the customer support for Maytronics robot pool cleaners?

Most of the customers are satisfied with Maytronics customer support. However, some have complained that it responds a little late.


Final Thoughts

The Dolphin Nautilus CC review offers you a complete picture when using this robot to clean a swimming pool. It comes at a budget-friendly price because it has no premium features.

The robot performs well when cleaning the floor and the walls of the swimming pool.

There is a large filter basket with a handle to empty with ease. Also, the robot has better scrubbing performance with programmable schedule settings.

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