Dolphin Pool Cleaner Not Picking Up Dirt? (5 Quick Solutions)

Cleaning a pool, particularly the dirtiest kind, is undoubtedly not easy.

If this is not a reason enough to make you try out some home remedies for pool cleaning, then consider there’s no saying the kind of dirt and grime in your pool may have brought about a hazardous scrubber.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Not Picking Up Dirt

Scrubbing all these powerful cleansers to the ground is not just a waste of time and money but also leaves your pool vulnerable to other nasty parasites that may infect it.

It is essential to clean the pool periodically but leave it fully functional and safe.

The method of cleaning your swimming pool should be done with care. It’s necessary to understand how much pressure you will have to exert when using various pool cleaners; they are potent, and some may even be too much for you.

If a pool cleaner is misused, it can cause severe damage to the surroundings, such as your pool itself or any other type of decoration.


Why is Dolphin Pool Cleaner Not Picking Up Dirt?

There could be several reasons for this.

1. The pool is too dirty:

It can be because the pool has become so much dirt that this model cannot pick up while cleaning. If it should ever happen, the best way to avoid this problem will be by doing a thorough cleansing of your pool for Dolphin cleaner to work as well as it should.


2. The suction cup has come off:

If your pool cleaner’s suction has come off, then you will need to attach it back on immediately and once again for it to work correctly as well as usual.


3. The pump is not working correctly:

The pump could be faulty, and if this is the case, it will not be able to create enough suction to pick up all of the dirt in your pool. This can easily be fixed by replacing the pump.


4. The brush is not spinning properly:

If the cleaner’s brush does not spin correctly, then there will be no way for it to clean effectively, which may harm its overall performance. The best thing that you can do to fix this problem is to replace the brush.


5. The suction cup is not appropriately attached:

It might not be picking up the dirt due to the suction cup not being attached properly. A small hole in the suction cup connects to one of the holes on the cleaner; this way, it will fit over any surface without fail and hold itself firmly in place while also providing an excellent cleaning result.


What is a Dolphin pool cleaner?

Dolphin is a swimming pool cleaner that contains advanced technology and innovative features. It helps you to clean your pool efficiently without causing any damage.

It works is quite simple; the Dolphin cleans the dirt efficiently without leaving behind any residue or scrubbing marks by using water pressure.

The Dolphin pool cleaner is available in all sorts of colors and designs. The design that you choose should be according to your personal favorite or the style of your house; it will indeed look fantastic when installed anywhere. It can easily fit into any swimming pool without making much change in its decoration.

The Dolphin pool cleaner is made of plastic and rubber that resists external factors such as pollution, dirt, acidity, and many more. It has a high-quality pump with powerful suction to ensure optimum cleaning performance.


Types of Dolphin pool cleaner

The Dolphin is available in different types and sizes, depending on the type of pool you have. The models that are fitted for round pools should be chosen based on the size of your swimming pool to ensure maximum effectiveness.

There are two main kinds of Dolphin cleaners; one with a rubber suction cup and another with a motor.

The rubber suction cup cleaner is strong and should be used for installation in pool edges or along the walls to ensure optimum cleaning results.

The other type of Dolphin cleaner has a powerful pump that drives water through its brush, which cleans your swimming pool without leaving any trace behind.

However, the motor-powered ones are more efficient than others. The motor-powered cleaner is powerful enough to lift the dirt and debris from your pool effortlessly.

It has a rubber suction cup that attaches itself perfectly on any wall or edge of your swimming pool, thus removing all dirt with minimum effort.


Features of Dolphin pool cleaner

The Dolphin cleaner has been designed with great features such as the suction cup. The rubber suction cups attached to the bottom of the cleaner help it glide on any surface, assuring excellent cleaning results.

It also comes in different sizes and colors to choose what suits you the best.

Another feature that makes it popular is its powerful pump. It lifts your swimming pool’s dirt and debris with great speed to ensure maximum cleaning results.

The unique suction cup and the intense water pressure make this model one of the most efficient ones in existence today.

The Dolphin model is also straightforward to clean and maintain. All you need to do is remove the suction cup, rinse it off with water.

Allow it dry for a few minutes before re-attaching it onto your pool’s walls or edges again.

The material used in its construction allows this model to withstand harsh conditions and resist wear and tear.

How Does Dolphin Pool Cleaner Work?

The Dolphin cleaner has a powerful motor that drives water to clean your swimming pool through its brush. The suction cup clings onto any surface, assuring an excellent cleaning result.

Another feature of the model is its pump which lifts the dirt and debris from your pool effortlessly with minimum effort while also ensuring that your floor and walls stay free of dirt.

These two small features make this model one of the most efficient in cleaning pool floors. This is why it has been trendy among customers.



Dolphin cleaners have been used for years and are still being sold, so there is no reason why they will not work as well as possible.

Dolphin cleaner can be purchased in most stores that sell pool supplies.

For Dolphin Cleaners to work as effectively as possible, make sure that all problems mentioned above are fixed first!

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