How Big Is An Olympic Sized Swimming Pool in Metres

Swimming started in the Olympic games in 1896, starting with the men’s swimming games. I am sure you have watched the Olympic games, one time or the other.

If you love the swimming aspects of the games, you must have seen the swimming pool then and have ever wondered how large or wide the swimming pool is in meters? We are going to be looking into that in this article.

How Big Is An Olympic Sized Swimming Pool in Metres

How Big Is An Olympic Sized Swimming Pool in Metres

The size of an Olympic type of swimming pool is 50 meters or 164 feet long, 25 meters or 82 feet wide, and 2 meters or 6 feet deep.

These parameters bring about a surface area and volume of 13, 454.72 square feet and 88, 263 cubic feet, respectively. The pool can contain 660,430 gallons of water, the same as 5,511,550 lbs.


What is an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool?

An Olympic-sized swimming pool is referred to as a long course pool. They are the ones commonly used for swimming games in the Olympics. The swimming pools can hold hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, and they can conveniently take in touch panels.


FINA Swimming Pool Regulations Concerning Swimming Pools

FINA is an internationally recognized body as a body in charge of aquatic sports. The boy regulates the facilities used in aquatic sports.

An example is a regulation that states that all Olympic aquatic games should be done in a swimming pool that complies with regulations FR 11, FR8, FR 6, and FR 3.


Dimensions of the Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

One of the reasons this type of swimming pool is referred to as a long course pool is its length. This pool should be 50 meters long, 25 meters wide, and at least 2 meters deep. If this swimming pool is used for multidiscipline, it should be 3 meters deep.

The volume of the Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

With the parameters that I have listed, the surface area of an Olympic-sized swimming pool should be 13,454 square feet. If the swimming pool is 2 meters deep, the pool will be able to contain 2.5M liters of water.

Number of Lanes on an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

The usual number of lanes traditionally is always eight. In 2009, FINA made the number of lanes 10, making each lane 2.5 meters wide. During the competitions, only eight out of the lanes are actively used. The other two lanes, both on the two extreme ends, are used as a buffer to eliminate the waves made by the swimmers and possible resistance that might come up.

Water Features of an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

There are specifications from FINA concerning the light intensity and temperature of the swimming pools. The temperature should be between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. For the light intensity, the least should be 1500 lux.

Other Features of an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

Other things that should be on the swimming pool are lines, rope, and indicators. This is instrumental in guiding the swimmers during competitions. The backstroke indicator always shows the end of the lane, and it is about 5 meters to the end of the pool. The swimming pool walls must be flush walls on the two ends.


Locations Where We Can Find Olympic Sized Swimming Pools and Olympic Swimming Pools

If for some reason you need an Olympic-sized swimming pool, probably for your training in preparation for a swimming competition. There are swimming pools worldwide that are made at the Olympic standard. Here they are

  • Kosciuszko Pool, New York, New York, US

This pool can be found along 670 Marcy Ave in Brooklyn. The complex possesses two swimming pools of this quality.

  • London 2012, London Aquatics Center

This pool was specifically built for the London 2012 Olympics. Nathan Adrian broke the 100 meters freestyle record here.

  • Wilson Aquatic Center, Washington DC

The pool can be found at Tenleytown in Washington DC. The pool is an Olympic size pool, 50 meters by 25 meters. There are diving boards, a whirlpool, a leisure pool, a multipurpose room, and a viewing gallery available there

  • Sydney 2000, Sidney Olympic Park Aquatic Center

This pool can be found on Olympic Boulevard in Sydney Olympic Park.

  • Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center

This pool can be found along 1900 Red River Street in Austin, Texas. The pool is a property of the University of Texas. The university makes use of the swimming pool for scuba diving lessons.

  • 972 Munich, Olympia-Schwimmhalle

The pool is known or remembered for the Olympics’ greatest performance. The complex where the pool has a collection of outdoor and indoor diving boards, saunas, etc.

  • Uytengsu Aquatic Center at the University of Southern California (USC)

You can find this pool along 1026 W 34th street in Los Angeles. The pool is a property of the University of Texas.

  • 1976 Montreal, Parc Olympique

This pool was specifically made for the 1976 Olympic game. The pool is open to swimmers that want to learn swimming and train for swimming competitions

  • San Ramon Aquatic Center, San Ramon, California

You can find the pool along 900 Broadmoor Drive in San Ramon California. Swimmers make use of this Olympic standard swimming pool to train or compete.

  • McAuley Aquatic Centre, Georgia Tech

You can find the pool on 750 Ferst Drive in Atlanta, Georgia. The pool is a property of the Georgia Tech Campus.

  • Phoenix Swim Club, Paradise Valley, Arizona

You can find the pool at 3901 E Standard Drive in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Training for swimmers is available in this center.

  • Ritchie Centre, University of Denver, Colorado

You can find the pool at 2240 Buchtel Boulevard S in Denver. This is the only available Olympic-sized swimming pool you can find in Denver. It is a property of the University of Denver.

  • Colman Pool, Seattle, Washington

You can find the pool at 8603 Fauntleroy Way SW in Seattle. The center offers different services related to swimming.


Final Thoughts

Your question has been answered. If you need a swimming pool just the size of an Olympic swimming pool, just note that an Olympic-sized swimming pool is 50 meters long.

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