How Long Do Robotic Cleaners Last?

Making sure that your swimming pool is always neat is very important. This is not just so because of maintenance purposes but also for aesthetic reasons. No one would love to swim in a swimming pool that looks dirty already.

I know you are very busy and may not have enough time to dedicate to cleaning your swimming frequently. This is the major reason why automatic pool cleaner, of which robotic pool cleaner is part, are built.

How Long Do Robotic Cleaners Last

Instead of cleaning your swimming pool, I am guessing you want to employ the use of an automatic pool cleaner.

To buy this pool cleaner, one of the most popular questions people ask is how long the robotic pool cleaner can last before it cannot be used again. This is a valid question.


Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth the Money?

I must state that robotic pool cleaners are way expensive, but the cost varies from brand to brand.

You can still work with your budget to an extent. Is it worth the money?

It does the job of cleaning effectively, with fewer chemicals. It does not consume so much energy, and it does not affect its efficiency.

It is easy to install for use, and it filters water effectively. You will agree that this is just what is needed.


How Long Does Robotic Cleaner Last?

Many people tend to lean to pressure side pump or suction side pump because of how it lasts longer and how easier it is to replace the parts. This does not reduce the ridicule of the fact that robotic pool cleaners are great, too.

Pressure side cleaner, which is a type of automatic pool cleaner, can last more than 8 years, and you will have to replace its parts as and when due. This means there is a maintenance cost for pressure-side cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaners can last for about 3-5 years and can last up to 8 years. But there is one advantage to it; you won’t have to worry about replacing its part. That means next to zero or little maintenance cost.

The only form of maintenance you will need for a robotic pool cleaner is just to clean off the debris. There is no frequent or yearly maintenance that you have to worry about.

There is some low-quality robotic pool cleaner that will only bear to last for about 3 years. These low-quality robotic pool cleaners are always cheaper. The expensive ones tend to last more, they can last up to 8 years.

I am sure you are not expecting 500$ worth of products to be of equal durability with the same product of about 1000$ from another brand. The expensive one most likely will be of more quality than the cheaper ones.

This might not always be the case, especially in cases where the prices are just a little different. You should take note of that also.


What Decides How Long Robotic Pool Cleaners Last?

Several things factor into how long a robotic pool cleaner can last. The major fact for a robotic pool cleaner is the brand, warranty, etc

When buying your robotic pool cleaners, make sure you are buying from a reputable brand. You can be sure of their quality if they have a track record already.


How To Help Your Robotic Pool Cleaners Last Long?

You can also help your pool cleaner live long as expected. There are things you can do as regards this.

  1. Cleaning it is very important.

You must clean the robotic pool cleaner always and also make sure that the filter bag is empty from time to time. Ensure you do not leave out the brushes and the underneath of the robot cleaner. This will stop debris from gathering up.

  1. Check for wear and tear from time to time

A robot cleaner is a machine, it can get worn out. Check it out once in a while, so it won’t degrade without you being aware.

  1. Get an extended warranty

This advice is simple and clear. Just safeguard your pool cleaner, by getting an extended warranty. Robotic pool cleaners are not cheap.

  1. Keep it away from the pool after each use and avoid exposure to the sun.

Ensure that once you are done with using the pool cleaner; take it away from the swimming pool. This will reduce the time it spends being exposed to the sun.


Other Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners and How Long They Last?

I said earlier that a robotic pool cleaner is a kind of automatic pool cleaner. There are other kinds of pool cleaners like suction side pool cleaners and pressure side pool cleaners.

  1. Suction side pool cleaner

This automatic pool cleaner is connected to the suction area of the plumbing of the pool. How does it work? It works by moving through the water as a result of the motion it produces when it stops or starts the swimming pool water.

The suction pool cleaner, if well maintained can last for about 3-5 years.

  1. Pressure side cleaner.

I am sure you are already guessing this automatic pool cleaner is connected to the pressure side of the swimming pool circulatory system. Yeah, you are right.

This automatic pool cleaner can last longer between 5- years, and can even last longer than that with good maintenance.


Final Thoughts

The importance of lifespan of a cleaner is as important as its efficiency. The robotic pool cleaner is an all-around great automatic pool cleaner you can get.

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