How Long Does It Take To Circulate Pool Water?

Ensuring that your pool is well circulated with water is one of the most important steps that you can take to keep your pool crystal clear! This is because, during this pool water circulation process, the water moves even faster such that microbes and other water contaminants that are usually prevalent in stagnant waters become less susceptible.


Pool water circulation is one of the most important ways you can employ to prevent algae growth to keep your water swimmable. How this is done is that the pool pump is turned on and then the pool pump sucks in water and then the sucked-in water is pushed back into the pool but through the filter.

The filter traps debris and other microbes in the water before it is passed back to the pool.

How Long Does It Take To Circulate Pool Water

How Long Does It Take To Circulate Your Pool Water Effectively

So, the more your pool pump is turned on, the cleaner your water gets. If you want a cleaner pool, you can circulate your pool water at least once a day. Generally, circulating your pool water should take at least 6 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.


Although pools differ so you need to keep your pool pump working to fully know if your pool water circulation is going well. That is why it is important to consider the flow rate of a pool filtration pump when buying a pool filtration pump.

So you must consider the pool volume but if you don’t have this information, you will need to calculate the pool volume by the shape of your pool. To calculate the pool’s volume, here is the formula to use;

For Rectangular Pools, calculate; Length x width x the average depth = Total pool meter

For Circular Pools, circulate; π x radius squared x the average depth = Total pool meter

As long as you have the pool volume, then it means you can calculate the flow rate. The flow rate is understood as the amount of water that is being filtered at a specific time per meter cube hour.


How To Improve Pool Circulation In 7 Easy Steps

Improving your pool circulation is quite easy when you follow the right principles. There are different ways of improving pool circulation.

There are certain common problems that can affect pool circulation and fixing these problems will ensure proper circulation. The following are some effective tips to help you improve your pool circulation;

1. Turn on your pool pump for at least 8 hours per day if you want to ensure pool circulation. Also, make sure you get a perfect pool pump that equals your pool volume.

So if your pool capacity is about 5,000 gallons, then you divide 5,000 by 480.

The 480 is gotten when you multiply 8 hours by 60 minutes.

Therefore, 5,000 ÷ 480 gives you 10.42.

Therefore, it means that your pump needs to have an output of 10.4 gallons per minute.


2. For effective pool circulation, you need to clean the pool pump and filter system. When this is routinely done, then your pump and filter will be in perfect condition.

This will ensure perfect circulation. The filter should be cleaned once in two to three months. And when it is cleaned, make sure it is done thoroughly because a clogged filter will affect the circulation of the pool.

So when the filter is washed, it should be thoroughly done. In seasons where you’ve just had heavy pool use, you can get rid of the entire debris in your filter.


3. To improve the circulation of your pool, you should try backwashing. Backwashing the filter is an idea that will make the water go in the opposite direction.

This is different from your regular pumping of water. Now, this backwashing will help to remove every kind of debris clogging the filter. Kindly ensure that the backwashed water has been sent through the drainage system.


4. Sometimes, circulation might not do well in all areas of the pool. Usually, some areas may be dirty like the skimmer, behind the pool ladder, and steps.

You need to manually check this place yourself because sometimes circulation might not do well because of this. So that means those areas need to be cleaned to avoid any necessary algae and bacteria build-up.


5. To improve pool circulation, your pool water should be at least around the skimmer level about two-thirds level. However, if the water is below the skimmer level, then the pool pump will run dry.

This will cause excessive damage to the pump leading to expensive repairs. So keep checking your pool pump regularly and check the pool levels too especially during the summer session.


6. Tipping the return jets in a downward position at about 45° will ensure improved circulation. Some pool owners point the return jets in an upwards position. We hope that you aren’t part of them. Because pointing it upwards will ensure that the surface area of the pool is loaded with clean water.

However, if you need improved circulation in your pool, then you should point it down. Meanwhile, if you also have more than one return jet, kindly point them all in the same direction. This way, the water circulation will be consistent.


7. For improved circulation results, do not forget to take out any accessories in the pool. Accessories like a beach ball when it is not in use.

It should be taken out because, this will prevent debris from gathering in the pool, and the toys might even block the skimmer, affecting the circulation of water in the pool.

The accessories and toys can also be stuck somewhere beneath the pool steps or ladder. Just ensure that these accessories are removed to completely improve circulation.


Final Thoughts

Your pool water circulation can only take 6 hours minimum and 12 hours maximum. Also, certain measures need to be in place for the improvement of circulation in the pool.

These measures as listed above should be strictly taken. Meanwhile, when you have a pool cover, it would also assist in improving circulation through, the load on your filter system.

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