How Long Does It Take To Install Above Ground Pool?

Are you looking to have an above-ground swimming pool, and do you want to consider the time it will take to install it?

We will be looking at how long it takes to install an above-ground pool, and what it depends on. First, let’s gather some knowledge about the above-ground pool.

How Long Does it take to Install above Ground Pool

What You Need to Know About Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Do you want to get a swimming pool within a short period, without having to break a bank? An above-ground swimming pool should be one of your considerations. The installation is rather easier than a usual pool. It is installed more in form of a kit.

You can also add a heater to extend the swimming season. This kind of pool should be one of the least expensive pools to set up, if not the least expensive.

It might not entirely add so much value to your residence. You must know that you might have issues with evaporation and maintenance when it comes to above-ground swimming pools.

Most often they are either 48 inches or 52 inches deep, so it is not conducive for diving. That might be an issue if you love that.

One plus about above-ground pools is that it is easier to remove than in-ground swimming pools. When choosing a swimming pool shape, you can just choose between a circle or oval. You are not open to many choices. The size can vary, though. Depending on demands, you can enlarge the pool from time to time.


Types of Above Ground Swimming Pool

There are different kinds of above-ground swimming pools, which I am going to run through:

1. Inflatable above-ground pool

I am sure you must have seen this specific kind of above-ground swimming pool. They are pretty common. All you need to do to get it up is to inflate its top ring and fill it with water. As it is being filled with water, the ring will come up allowing the water to fill up the maximum capacity of the swimming pool.

You can already guess the advantage of this above-ground swimming pool. It is very cheap, or I’d rather say one of the least expensive swimming pools. As to setting up, it is very easy and simple to set up. You are ready to start swimming in a few hours.

It is perfect for smaller children because of its mostly shallow nature, and also a good fit for people who might need to get a pool for a picnic. It can be rented, because of its mobility. You can set it up, and dismantle it without any traces left behind.

A downside to this pool is that it’s prone to tearing easily. Also, it may not last so long.

2. Steel frame above-ground swimming pool

Here is another type of above-ground swimming pool. It is always with a steel rail that contains a top rail, pool post, or brace.

The installation is pretty easy and simple; it should only take you between 1-2 hours to set up. Just like the inflatable above-ground swimming pool, it is pretty mobile. You can choose from various options of sizes, that fit your choice.

Most times the owner of these swimming pools has to get pool pumps, and filters just to make sure the pool is always cleaned and maintained. This is actually because the equipment that comes with this pool most times is not enough for them, hence the need for an upgrade.

You must know that you cannot leave the swimming pool at a position around the year. You will need to get it stored especially during, when not in season.

3. Traditional above-ground swimming pool

This kind of above-ground pool is more permanent than the ones that have been discussed above. It is the pool you are most likely to find in backyards. They can either have a resin or metal frame and sometimes a mix of the two, more reason why it is called a hybrid pool.

It has a distinct pool wall and a liner, making it unique from the previously discussed type of above-ground pools.

The installation should not take more than a day, and it is something you can do by yourself. Also, if you need to move from where you are living right now, to another place, it can be moved.

They last longer, if you maintain them well, they can serve you for about fifteen to twenty years.

You don’t have to worry about disassembling it during the winter season. You can leave it all year round, saving you stress.

4. Semi inground pool

This pool is more like between inground swimming pool and above ground swimming pool. The installation process will take about three to five days before it is completed.

And yes, you don’t have to worry about the winter period; you can leave it all year round. This type of above-ground swimming pool is the most expensive of all types.



How Long Does it take To Install Above Ground Pool?

Now that you are informed of the various types of above-ground pools, we can proceed to know how long it will take to install each of them.

For an inflatable above-ground swimming pool, it will take only a few hours to set up and be ready for use.

A steel frame above-ground swimming pool will take about two hours to set it up.

For a traditional above-ground swimming pool, it will take about a day to set it up or install.

For a semi inground above ground swimming pool, it takes about three to five days to install.

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