How Long Does Pool Shock Take To Work?

One of the best ways to keep your pool clean and swimmable is by shocking your pool. and this can be done by pouring the pool shock into a bucket of water and then allowing it to mix and dissolve for a few minutes, and afterward, pour the mixture around the pool.

But then how long does it take the pool shock to work? In this article, we shall be dealing with this, and many more questions about pool shock.


How Long Does Pool Shock Take To Work

How Long Does Pool Shock Take To Work After Administration?

After pouring the whole mixture all around the pool, then wait for 24 hours maximum which is one whole day! And after one day, you will observe that the algae in your pool have disappeared, and your pool is now clear and perfect for swimming!

Please remember not to add pool shock directly to the pool, and remember not to add water to shock in the bucket. Instead, it should be the other way round. Add shock to the bucket of water instead.

For best results, keep your pool filter running. And if your pool remains cloudy still, and the algae in the pool hasn’t cleared off, then you must scrub the pool with some brush and soap, then add another quantity of pool shock.


Can You Over Shock Your Pool?

You can’t over shock your pool. when too much pool is added, it will kill the algae thereby, adding too much shock will rather destroy the chemical balance of the pool. Truth is, whether you add too much pool shock or not, after adding pool shock, the pool’s pH will always rise, or decrease.

Meanwhile, if you use vinyl liners for your pool then you should be careful about adding shock granules in your pool because it would destroy the bottom liner, and cause leakages in your pool.

So to avoid this, it is better to dissolve the shock of the pool first by dissolving properly before use in a bucket of water and dispersing it all around the pool instead of standing in one place to dispense the pool shock.


Is Too Much Shock Bad for Pool Equipment or Pool Plaster/Walls?

As we pointed out above too much shock is not the problem. Therefore, since it is not something that you add to your pool on a daily basis, if you add pool shock on a daily basis, then be assured that your pool plaster, walls, and other equipment like the pool ladder, might be damaged.

Also, when pool shock is added to the pool, it automatically raises the chlorine level of the pool, thereby increasing or decreasing the pH of the pool. and when the pool’s pH is tampered with, the chlorine may not be too effective because there will be algae problems in the pool.

A decline in the pool’s pH will turn the pool to be acidic which means, the pool equipment might begin to get corrosive. Also, when there is an increase in the pool’s pH, the pool will be alkaline in nature which also means that there will be a buildup of scale on the equipment as well as pool walls.


How Do You Shock Your Pool Without A Pool Expert?

Since you want to get this done without a pool expert, You should be assured that it is something that you can do. Just get a safety protective eyewear and some gloves as well.

The eyewear is affordable and lightweight. It is not more than $12 in some digital stores. And since pool shock has the tendency of harming your skin and clothing, then you should get gloves and protective eyewear.

Also, wear clothes that can be used for work like this. Make sure the cloth is not fancy enough to be ruined.

Now prepare your chemical by grabbing an empty bucket. Remember not to pour pool shock yet into the bucket. Instead, read the manufacturer’s manual for the exact measurement.

And this is stated just behind the pool shock container, the right quantity to add to the pool. If you are using the granular shock, it should be noted that it must be poured into a five-gallon bucket of water.

Meanwhile, fill up the bucket and allow the granular shock to properly dissolve into the pool. But if your pool shock is the lithium hypochlorite, then it should be poured directly in.

But in this case, you will have to decide the amount of shock to use with the exact size of your pool and prepare the shock well. Getting a bucket is quite easy and affordable if you don’t have one for the mixing you can always get one from the store.

Then, shock your pool after it has been dissolved. Now pour it into every perimeter of the pool. this can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions. It might be dispersed evenly around the pool edges just to get it properly circulated.

As soon as you are done pouring the mixture, you can now leave the chlorine shock in the pool. allow it to do its work. Please, do not swim in the water as soon as this shock treatment has been conducted.

Allow the pool shock to sit overnight. Preferably 24 to 48 hours until the water is clean and clear. Now turn on the pool filter because shocking your pool will kill the microbes but the filter helps in getting rid of them totally.

Furthermore, always check your pool chemistry. This can be done by using a test kit. Check for the chlorine level, that is, the pH and the calcium hardness of the pool before getting into the water.

Don’t just assume that your pool water is clean. Allow the pH level to be around 7.2, and the other chemicals are balanced before anyone can use the pool.


Why Do You Need To Shock Your Pool?

Shocking your pool is what every pool owner must do in order to enjoy the fullness of a swimming pool. whether you are familiar with the process of shocking your pool or not, you must get it shocked.

You should shock your pool because the UV sunrays, break down the chlorine in your pool thereby, disrupting its effectiveness, and reducing its level in the pool.


Your pool should also be shocked because, after a heavy downpour, your swimming pool will be left with very low chemical and chlorine levels due to the heavy acidic rainfall.

Also, your pool should be shocked because, sweat, dry skin cells, makeup, and other contaminants will regularly be brought in by the swimmers including you.

And this means that there are some bacteria that will influence the chlorine level of the pool as well because it is not all the bacteria that the traditional chlorine can fight.


When Should You Shock Your Pool?

As a piece of advice, do not shock your pool only when you see a growth of algae in your pool or when you begin to notice how cloudy your water is.

So if you stay on top of your cleaning game, you should be able to get your pool all shocked at least once a week. When this is done, there would be no growth of algae or cloudy pool water.



Does your pool need some pool shock even though it had a cover on all winter?

When opening your pool, you need to shock your pool. This will help to jump-start and kill microbes in your pool.

Do you need pool shock before you cover your pool for winter?

Yes, you need pool shock for your pool because your pool is going to be staying covered throughout the winter period. To kill microbes, and prevent algae growth, then you need some pool shock.

Does pool shock work after heavy pool use?

Did you just host your friends to have a pool party? And there were probably all kinds of games that took place in your pool? Then you need some pool shock to balance the chemical level and kill microbes and bacteria.

Algae and calcium buildup on tiles might begin to grow if you don’t shock your pool swiftly after heavy use. Food particles, dead skin cells, and a little bit of urine in the pool.

Pool shock when added into the pool, automatically clears off these germs and creates a sparkling and swimmable pool.

Are There Different Types Of Pool Shock?

Yes, as long as there are different kinds of chlorine, there are also different kinds of pool shock and they are; Calcium Hypochlorite, Lithium Hypochlorite, and Sodium dichlor.

Final Thoughts

Pool shock doesn’t take much time to be effective after it has been administered. At least, pool shock takes 24 hours to work, and at most, it takes 48 hours. Pool shock is quite easy to administer without necessarily calling the attention of a pool expert.

They are more powerful than traditional chlorine. Pool shock clears and kills bacteria available in the water. So definitely, its potency cannot be compared to the traditional chlorine which you buy to chlorine your pool with.

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