How Long Should You Backwash A Sand Filter?

It’s quite easy to keep a sand filter clean if you set your heart to do it the right way. Of all the three types of pool filters that exist, the sand filter is usually the easiest to clean.

Unlike the cartridge filter which requires a manual process of cleaning, the sand filter only requires that you use the pool water to rinse off dirt and debris from the sand filter.

Sand filters do not take too long to backwash. 5 minutes maximum, and 3 minutes minimum would set your sand filter in an energetic mode! Also, be ready backwash your sand filter on a routine basis.


How Long Should You Backwash A Sand Filter

You can connect your garden hose to your filter and then allow the dirty water to pass through the hose to your home’s sewer or other areas of your property. To be on the safe side, it is better to contact the local authorities on how to legally dispatch backwashed water from your pool.

Normally, your sand filter should be backwashed each time there is heavy rainfall. After the rainfall, you can now backwash the sand filter to discourage algae growth and other microbes. You can also backwash your sand filter if the pool is cloudy and completely unclear.



To backwash your sand filter, we need you to bear in mind that back washing a sand filter is quite easy. And all sand filters use almost the same method of back washing.

With this method, you can easily backwash your sand filter by yourself without the need to call any pool expert. If you want to backwash a sand filter;

Turn off the pump motor, and bring out the backwash hose or garden hose then unlock the T-shaped handle and twist the plunger to about 2-3 inches. Then, locate the air bleeder or air valve on the filter and then turn on the pump now. Meanwhile, check the water pressure, and then gauge it properly.

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Meanwhile, check for spikes as you watch the pressure mount. Put the other end of the hose in the water. You will notice the hose gets filled with water.

Make sure you backwash your pool for about 5 minutes maximum until you can see through the water. When you notice this, turn off the pump and then push the T-shaped handle down into the previous locked position. Later, turn on your pump and reduce the pressure.



Your sand filter should be backwashed on a regular basis just to ensure that your pool is clear and clean. However, it is much better to backwash your pool once every month.

Because backwashing regularly might cause problems with your sand filter. Therefore, once every week is much better! Read more



One major thing you need to know about cartridge filters is that they don’t need backwashing. What you need to do instead, is that you may have to open the tank and then rinse the grids manually.

Usually, they have no multiport valves attached to the filter. What this multiport valve does is that it has a glass through which you can see the water get discharged in a backwash. And without the glass, it means you may not know when to stop backwashing.

Another amazing difference between these two filters is that the sand filter has some fine particles of sand embedded in it that makes it filter dirt and other forms of debris.

Most pool owners have concluded that the sand filters work best when they are dirty. However, a problem is encountered when it is time to change the sand. Changing the sand means that, you will have to open the top of the tank and remove all the sand.

If you own a cartridge, then it’s rather simple because you don’t have to take out any sand. All you have to do is, wash the cartridge thoroughly and reuse them.



Sand filters are usually quite easy to handle. Although there are some basic things that you do not know about this amazing pool filter. And these are basically the things that you should know before you buy one.

Bear in mind that, sand filters are quite easy to operate. Regardless of the fact that the manufacturer’s manual will keep you navigated, the functions of each part and the buttons are easy to understand.

A teenager can easily backwash a sand filter if taught how to get it done. But if you have your manufacturer’s manual you should not hesitate to look through it so you can get the tactics and tips for operating this filter.

Another vital thing you should know about this filter is the fact that the sand that is usually placed in the filter, is usually inexpensive. That means, it is totally affordable so you can worry less when the sand in the sand filter needs to be replaced.

However, sand filters usually require routine backwashing, unlike cartridges. You would have to back was the sand filter on a daily basis.

Otherwise, failure to get the sand filter backwashed, might cause a cloudy pool, and the pool may also be infested with bacteria and algae. The dirty water that is being discharged out of the pool, can be a problem.

How to discharge this wastewater from the pool can be an issue. Another issue with this sand filter is that water is lost each time you backwash. When you backwash, the water level of the pool reduces thereby leaving the chemical in the pool imbalanced. So you need to consider this if you must buy a sand filter.

Replacing the sand in the filter can be laboring. Except you call the attention of a pool expert, then you will have to deal with the labor of removing heavy sand from the filter.

Also, when any part of the sand filter needs replacement, finding a part immediately can be difficult, unlike the cartridge filter. Access to the parts of the sand filter for repairs can be quite difficult.

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