How Long To Soak Filter In Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is not a liquid that you can simply keep around the house. As useful as it looks, you need to keep it out of reach. If you have a store for chemicals, then it can fit right in.

Muriatic acid can be used for any cleaning process although it can’t be used on all equipment because of its sensitivity. Since it can be used on filters, then you need to know the duration in which soaking your filter can take. In this article, we shall discover how long it will take for a filter to soak in muriatic acid.

It will approximately take your filter about 10 to 30 minutes to soak in muriatic acid without any glitch. However, it needs to be removed immediately after 30 minutes elapse. 

How Long To Soak Filter In Muriatic Acid

But then, how long does it take muriatic acid to neutralize from your bowl? In order for muriatic acid to neutralize, then it means that baking soda has to be involved and thoroughly mixed with water.

When baking soda is seen at the bottom of the bowl, then the acid should be added slowly. You will see a fizz happen. This is what happens when acid is added to the baking soda mixture. It will create a chemical reaction.

And so, when the fizzing stops, then the muriatic acid gets neutralized, and then you can now open it and carefully dispose of it. Neutralizing muriatic acid doesn’t take too much time. It is a quick process that doesn’t take more than two minutes. Remember that you must neutralize your muriatic acid before disposal.


How Long Do You Soak a Hot Tub Filter With Muriatic Acid?

Remember that when cleaning a hot tub filter with muriatic acid, soaking shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes. Do not forget to dilute muriatic acid before using it to clean a filter. It might be quite dangerous to use it when it is not distilled.

In fact, to distill it, try to mix about 20 cups or measurement of water to 1 part or whatever measurement of muriatic acid. Also, do not forget that the cleaning process involves putting on your rubber gloves and your safety goggles for protection against the chemical while scrubbing.

So, rinse the filter with a garden hose or any type of hose that you have. After that, it should be left in the water and muriatic mixture for about 15 minutes. But if the filter isn’t well submerged in the bowl, you should flip it over to the other side that isn’t fully submerged in the mixture and allow it to soak. Then, the filter should be removed completely after 15 minutes and rinsed with clean water before it is returned to the hot tub. 

Since muriatic acid is one of those hydrochloric acids, you need to know a little bit more about this perfect but corrosive cleaning agent.


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What Can Muriatic Acid Be Used For?

Muriatic acid can both be used for industrial, and household duties. 

1. For imprinting or etching concrete

if you’ve got multiple stains on your concrete, you can totally rely on muriatic acid to get the job done. You can also remove some soot from your firebricks wall.  You just follow the procedures and get right to work! Dilute the muriatic acid. For example, it should be; 1 cup of muriatic acid per liter to 10 cups of water.

Then wet the concrete surface with the mixture and spread it with the aid of a sponge or better still, load the mixture in a spray can and spray the concrete surface. Allow the muriatic acid to soak away for 15 minutes maximum.

It is during this soaking that the stain gets weakened and then it can be cleaned by simply using a stiff brush. Scrub thoroughly, and rinse with water. Now the stain is all out and your concrete is now clean! Just in case you want to etch your concrete, you can neutralize the acid by adding one cup of ammonia solution per gallon of water. Now wet the surface that needs to be etched, then let it sit for 10 minutes, and afterward, you can now rinse it off. 


2. Cleans house stains

Do you have molds saturated around your house, on bathroom walls and tiles? Well, these stubborn stains will simply not go away by themselves, if you don’t get to work! But muriatic acid can help! Spray affected mold surface with muriatic acid after it has been neutralized with water and ammonia.

Now even though most of the house stains can be cleaned with some baking soda, liquid soap, and vinegar. However, molds on floors can be pretty difficult to get out of. So, you can spray some muriatic acid on them and allow them to soak briefly. 


3. Cleans pool

Muriatic acid also helps to keep the pool clean by lowering the pH level of your pool.

So once, muriatic acid removes stains effectively, then it will not be too harsh for your pool liners (vinyl) if the equipment in your pool is corrosive, you can always use muriatic acid because it removes rust from your pool ladders and the rest.

And since muriatic acid is strong, it promotes oxidation of any metal found in the pool. Meanwhile, you should be careful while using muriatic acid to clean metal because the vapors from its cleaning, can be quite toxic.


Final Thoughts

Muriatic acid can be used for a range of other things like for gelatin production, as a food additive, for the purification of table salt, for leather processing, for production of inorganic chemicals, etc.

Ensure that you dispose of muriatic acid properly so that it doesn’t cause damage to the environment. Also, purchasing muriatic acid isn’t tasking. It can be gotten from the physical store around you or can be gotten online.

It is pretty much affordable, and when it is not in use, kindly keep it out of reach. Place it in a store, in a cool and dry place so that it doesn’t spill.

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