How Many 1 Inch Chlorine Tablets For 1000 Gallon Pool

Everyone wants to have a crystal clear swimming pool but no one wants to know how this is achieved. It’s no news that chlorine tablets kill bacteria and microorganisms.

And your 1-inch chlorine tablet is the right fit for your swimming pool. When chlorinating your 1000-gallon pool, your 1-inch chlorine tablet can help in doing the trick.

But how many 1-inch chlorine tablets can you put in your 1000-gallon pool? In this article, we will be discussing how many 1 -inch tablets you should put in your pool.

For every 1000 gallon pool, you should use at least 1 to 2 chlorine tablets. This is because a 1 -inch chlorine tablet contains far less chlorine. Some pool owners add up to 3 tablets of the 1 -inch chlorine tablet into their pool.

It all depends on the size of your pool and if you own a 1000 gallon pool, then you should stick to using 1 to 2 tablets per 1 -inch tablet.


How Many 1 Inch Chlorine Tablets For 1000 Gallon Pool

Does The 1 Inch Chlorine Tablet Dissolve Faster?

The 1 -inch chlorine tablet does dissolve faster than the 3 -inch chlorine tablet. And this is because it is not as big in size as the 3 -inch tablet.

The 1 -inch chlorine tablet also dissolves faster due to a large surface area. Pool owners with larger pool gallons like 30,000 and above, prefer to use the 1 -inch chlorine tablet for their pool.

When this 1 -inch chlorine tablet is used with an automatic chlorinator, it tends to dissolve even faster than when it is placed in a skimmer.

Your 1 -inch chlorine tablet even though it dissolves faster than the 3 -inch sized chlorine tab, dissolves slowly as well within a period of 3 to 7 days. Although it all depends on the flow of the water.


Can You Add 1 -inch Chlorine Tablet Directly To Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

No! every chlorine tablet no matter the size, shouldn’t be directly added to the pool. this is because the chlorine residue will tarnish the pool surface. Overall, when you are checking your 1 -inch chlorine tablet, always use the pool test kit to be sure that the chlorine level of the pool is between 1-3 ppm.


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How Much Does A 1-inch Chlorine Tablet Weight?

A 1 -inch chlorine tablet weighs about 0.5 oz. Thus making it not heavy. And so your 1 -inch chlorine tablet doesn’t weigh much. Unlike the 3 -inch chlorine tablet which weighs 8 ounces. Despite the fact that this 1 -inch chlorine tablet weighs 0.5 oz, it still contains 98.6% Trichloro


What Else Can You Use Your 1 -inch Chlorine Tablet For?

Your 1 -inch chlorine tablet, asides from swimming pools, can be used in spas and even smaller pools. If you own a large pool you can also use this 1 -inch chlorine tablet.

But you might be limited when it comes to this because your 1 -inch chlorine tablet becomes slightly ineffective when your pool gallon size exceeds 5,000. You can also use it together with floating feeders or an automatic chlorinator.


Is your 1 -inch chlorine tablet stabilized or unstabilized?

Your 1 -inch chlorine tablet can either come in any of the two kinds of categories. Your chlorine tablet is either it is 1 -inch or 3 -inches and can be stabilized or unstabilized.

But if you have an indoor pool, you should buy a 1 -inch stabilized chlorine tablet.


Do Different Brands Of 1 -inch Chlorine Exist?

Yes, different brands of 1 -inch chlorine tablets exist. They are;

Chlorox Pool & Spa Small pool 1’’ Chlorinating Tablets 1.5 Ib

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This particular brand is highly effective. It displays its magnanimous capacity in killing bacteria and preventing algae. For this 1 -inch chlorine tablet, you should put about 2 tablets in your floating dispenser that is if you use a 1000 gallon pool.

This product can be used in spas, and even in hot tubs. If you are also using a floater you can still make use of this chlorine tablet. Can you use this chlorine tablet in a 600-gallon pool? you can use this product.

How many tablets are in this Chlorox pool container?

There should be at least 36 one-inch tablets per container.


GLB 71250A 1-Inch Chlorine Sanitizing Tablets, 2 -Pound, Small.

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This particular product although 1 -inch, contains about 89% of stabilized chlorine. That means you can add this stabilized 1 -inch chlorine to your pool at any time of the day because it is a stabilized chlorine tablet that has a built-in element that shields the chlorine tablet from UV rays. It dissolves slowly as well and can be kept in skimmers, feeders, and even floaters for easy dispensing. Now this product contains about 12 packs per pack

Would this product work for an Intex 1000 gallon pool?

As long as you have a pool pump, this product would work fine! Simply put a tablet or two in the chlorine floater or skimmer, and allow it to dispense chlorine slowly into the pool.

What if you have a 1000 gallon pool with no filters? Will this tablet work well?

If your pool doesn’t have a pool pump and filter, then this chlorine tablet is not recommended for your pool. because your pool pump has to work well to properly dissolve the tablets in your pool.

So if your pool doesn’t have a pool pump, and filter, then there should be another different mode of chlorinating your pool. but please note that you cannot chlorinate your pool without using the chlorine pool pump and filter.


How often should you use your 1 -inch chlorine tablet in a 1000 gallon pool?

Your current chlorine level will determine the consistency of your chlorine tablet. So get a pool tester and test your pool water to be sure of the level.

A regular chlorinated pool shouldn’t be more than 1 to 3 ppm. Once it is below 1 ppm, then you need to add some chlorine tablets.


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Are 1 -inch chlorine tablets affordable?

It depends on the kind of brand you decide to get otherwise chlorine tablets generally, are not expensive. They are quite affordable. You can always order some online just in case you think they are too expensive at your local pool store.

Can you put this 1 -inch chlorine tablet in your 1000 gallon pool filter pump?

No, you can’t! putting your one-inch chlorine tablet in a filter will likely ruin your filter. Chlorine tablets generally have been designed to be placed in a floating dispenser or better still, a skimmer. Avoid placing your 1 -inch sized chlorine tablet in the filter pump, or directly on the pool surface.

What if you have a 1000 gallon pool with a filter system, but the 1 -inch tablets aren’t dissolving properly?

Do not place chlorine tablets in your filter as we addressed above. But if you have a situation like this, check to see if the tablet was placed in a skimmer or chlorine floater. If it was, then try to see if the tablet dissolves between 3 to 7 days. One thing you should know about chlorine tablets is that they often take some time in dispensing. They dispense rather slowly, but not too slowly. So check to see where the chlorine tablet was initially placed.

Can you swim in your 1000 gallon pool after chlorinating with 1 -inch chlorine tablet?

Yes, you can! You can swim in your 1000 gallon pool even after chlorinating your pool with that size of chlorine tablet. You can decide to take a swim, six hours or even more, after chlorinating the pool.

Does the 1 -inch chlorine tablet have any side effects?

The 1 -inch chlorine tablet does have a side effect like every other chlorine tablet. When there is too much chlorine in a pool, you tend to get the side effect of itchy skin, and eyes. So if you want to prevent any of these side effects, then you must consciously test the pool water to be sure of the chlorine level.

Can you break a 1 -inch chlorine tablet?

A one-inch chlorine tablet can be broken but it is best it remains unbroken. Because when it is broken, it turns into chlorine granules and the exact measurement for your pool might remain unknown due to this alteration.


Final Thoughts

You don’t need many one-inch chlorine tablets in your 1000 gallon pool. this is because you only have 1 to 2 tablets of this chlorine size for your pool. anything more than that or less might leave the chlorine level of your pool imbalanced.

However, before adding inch sized chlorine tablet to your pool, ensure you know your exact pool size, and ensure that you test your pool with the aid of a pool test kit. Check the chlorine level, before placing another one-inch chlorine tablet in your pool skimmer.

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