How Many 3 Inch Chlorine Tabs Should I Use For A Pool? (Answered)

Swimming pools during the summer season tend to get busy and as such, they tend to get easily contaminated due to the number of persons that swim in the pool. Contaminants are seen in the pool and these contaminants begin to harbor bacteria, and algae growth.

But when chlorine is introduced to the pool water, the pool becomes sanitized, clean, and the pool water becomes safe/healthy to swim in. Most pool owners make use of chlorine tablets to sanitize their pool. But very few of them knows the right quantity to add to their pools. But in this article, we will be tackling that, by getting to know the right quantity to add to your pool. 

It is advisable to use 3-inch chlorine tablets if you own 5000 gallon pool. This is because, your 5000 gallon pool is able to take about 1 tablet of this size of chlorine. However, to know the right quantity of tablets to use, you can always use the quantity used for 5000 gallon pool to determine.

How Many 3-Inch Chlorine Tabs Should I Use

For instance, if you own a 20,000 gallon pool, how many tablets do you need to put in the pool. It means you need about 4  3-inch chlorine tablet instead into the chlorination, and placed in the poll.

Even if your pool holds about 16,000 gallon, you can still use four tablets. What about a 1000 gallon pool? Since you use just one tablet for 5,000 gallon pool size, then it means one tablet will be use, for a 1000 gallon pool. It’s that easy. Better still, you can always use a pool calculated online to get the exact number of tablets to use for your pool. 


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Why Do Pool Owners Add 3-inch Chlorine Tablets To Swimming Pool?

There are varieties of reasons why pool owners prefer to add this 3-inch chlorine tablet into the pool. 


The 3-inch chlorine tablet is far more affordable than the 1-inch chlorine tablet. Hence, the reason why most pool owners prefer to use it in their pools. An owner of a 5000 gallon pool would prefer a 3-inch chlorine tablet because just one of those tablets, is required to get his pool fully chlorinated unlike the 1-inch sized tablet. 


The 3-inch chlorine tablet is equipped with the ability to get the pool chlorinated within few hours. It also makes it easy to use even in the daytime due to its stabilization properties. It is able to withstand the UV rays from the sun thereby causing the chlorine to function well beneath the glowing sun. 


Quite effective in killing every form of algae growth. It also goes ahead to transform the entire pool into a crystal, clear, and clean pool. Thus, making it habitable for swimmers to swim and play in. Because swimmers are now being protected from bacteria, and other pathogenic organisms that you can’t see in the pool.


What should you do before adding 3-inch chlorine tablet to your pool?

Before chlorine tablets can be added to your pool you should always test your pool to check for the chlorine level. This pool test can be done with the use of a pool test kit.

This test is easy to conduct. It doesn’t require the expertise of a pool expert to get it done. Follow the necessary pool testing instructions, and get to work immediately. So after testing your pool for the chlorine level, and the chlorine level falls below 1 ppm, then it means that, you need to chlorine your pool.

However, when the chlorine level falls between 1 ppm and 3 ppm, then it means that you should not chlorine your pool. But when the chlorine level is above 3 ppm, then it means that the chlorine level is too high.


How Do You Choose The Right 3-inch Chlorine Tablets For Your Pool?

Even though 3-inch tablets are affordable and have been portrayed as effective, there are certain guides to follow to help you in choosing the right 3-inch chlorine tablet. For instance, this kind of chlorine tablet is easy to handle.

This is because of its size. Also, you need to check the brand of 3-inch chlorine tablet that you want to buy. Is it stabilized or unstabilized? This is a major question that you must answer.

A stabilized chlorine tablet has the power to fight against UV sun rays from destroying the chlorine in the water. On the other hand, the un-stabilized chlorine tablet doesn’t possess the power to combat UV rays from the sun. So look out for the brand you are about to buy and check if it is stabilized or not.


How do you add 3-inch chlorine tablet to your pool?

There are several ways that you can add chlorine tablets to your pool. One of the most popular ways is through; 

Floating chlorine dispenser

Chlorine dispensers are plastic gadgets that’s how I used to chlorinate the pool it is done in such a way that the three inch chlorine tablets is inserted into the chlorine dispenser and then it is kept or placed on the surface of the pool.

They are usually convenient to use because you don’t have to keep checking to see if the pool has been fully chlorinated. However chlorine dispensers, can get stuck in one location thereby, leaving too much chlorine concentration in that area leading to discoloration.


Pool Skimmer

swimming pool skimmer

The Skimmer is also another popular way of chlorinating your pool with a 3-inch chlorine tablet. The skimmer can be located just by the side of the pool. It is an inlet with a skimmer basket.

Once the tablet is placed in it, with the pool filter turned on, it pushes pool water in that direction, and it gets chlorinated. This method makes the skimmer much more preferred than the floater.

But the problem with this method is that, the chlorine in the skimmer basket would continue to dissolve even while the filter isn’t running. This can be dangerous for the pool.


Final Thoughts

You can also insert your 3-inch chlorine tablet in an automatic chlorine dispenser. Simply ensure that, you get the right quantity of 3-inch chlorine tablets to be added into your pool.

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