How Many Chlorine Tablets For 10ft Pool?

We know that owning a 10ft pool can appear like a big job! But it is! Because owning a pool, comes with a whole lot of responsibility and an equal share of fun! Truth is, no one is going to own up to the responsibility of owning a pool of that size if not you.

How Many Chlorine Tablets For 10ft Pool

And that also means that, whatever comes with the responsibility of having a 10ft pool, needs to be handled by you.

Including the health part of the pool. and that is why you simply need to know the exact number of chlorine tablets that you need for your 10ft pool. In this article, we shall be exploring all that you need to know about owning and chlorinating a 10ft pool.


How Many Chlorine Tablets Do You Need For Your 10ft Pool?

Not as many as you can. You must understand that chlorine usage is highly dependent on the number of gallon sizes in your pool. and since your pool is about 10ft, that means, it is automatically 1,018 or 1,052.

The most important thing is, that a 10ft pool is equivalent to a 1000 gallon size pool. Now, how many chlorine tablets do you need for a 1000 gallon size pool? you need about 1-2 tablets that is if the tablet is about 3inches.

Sometimes, just one tablet will do the trick for your pool for a whole week! Indirectly it means that you need to simply place one chlorinating tablet into the skimmer to chlorinate your pool.


What does it entail to own a 10ft pool?

Owning a 10ft latex, or in-ground pool simply means that you are ready to do all you can to keep it clean despite the amazing enjoyment that it comes with. You can have get-togethers in a 10ft pool, and you can also decide to spend time with both friends and family while relaxing in the pool. a 10ft pool can also accommodate your kids without incurring any problem.

This is because it is not too deep. Therefore, it isn’t dangerous. However, what endangers your swimmers in a 10ft pool is when the pool water looks uninviting, and when the water is full of bacteria as well.

When you notice this as a pool owner, the best thing to do is, find a way to eradicate this dirt, and find a way to own up to the mess in the pool by keeping your 10ft pool clean.


chlorine tablets

Why do you need a chlorine tablet for your 10ft pool?

Even if your pool measures 20ft, 18ft, or 10ft. all that matters most is the fact that your pool is kept clean and hygenic for swimmers like you to relax in.

A chlorine tablet, or chlorine in general, is quite important for your pool. So if you want to have clean, crystal clear pool water, then you need chlorine tablets to do the trick for you.


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Why Do Swimming Pools Need Chlorine Tablets?

Chlorine is the only sane substance that keeps your pool safe. Thus, saving you from all sorts of unnecessary spending for your pool. Chlorine makes your pool swimmable, plus it sanitizes the water by killing dirt and all forms of germs, and bacteria.


How do chlorine tablets dissolve in a 10ft swimming pool?

After a tablet of the chlorinating tablets has been put in your pool’s skimmer, a process called sanitization happens. This is a period whereby the chlorine tablet, is mixed with water, During this, about two compounds, are also formed; they are, hypochlorous ions and hypochlorite ions.

These two compounds will help in keeping your pool sanitized, and oxidized. And they both help in keeping the pool safe for swimmers.


Why consider chlorine tablets for your 10ft pool?

We know that there are several kinds of chlorine. There is the granular and the liquid chlorine. But we know how much it baffles you to know why you should use chlorine tablets instead.

The other forms of chlorine aren’t less effective than the tablet form. It’s just that, the chlorine tablets are quite effective, safe for your pools, and highly affordable if you are on a low budget.

With just one tablet of a 3-inch chlorine tab, your 10ft pool can get sanitized all week long! It will just keep dissolving the chlorine tablet gradually until they get smaller and then it finishes. Another reason why pool owners always consider chlorine tablets for their 10ft pool is that there is not much stress involved in chlorinating the pool.

There is no measurement involved. All that is needed is to simply place just one tablet in the pool’s skimmer. Unlike the granular or liquid chlorine where you have to measure accurately else chlorine might be too much for the pool.


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Are there different kinds of chlorine tablets?

Just as there are different kinds of chlorine, there are also different kinds of chlorine tablets. And these kinds of chlorine tablets come in different sizes as well. chlorine tablets come in two main sizes 1 inch and 3 inches. Just one 3 inches tablet can treat your 10ft pool and even up to a 5,000-gallon size pool.

But, on the other hand, the 1-inch chlorine tablet contains less chlorine so they are better used in spas, smaller pools, and smaller indoor pools. But since your 10ft pool isn’t a small one, you might want to consider a 3-inch chlorine tablet.

Some chlorine tablets are labeled as; ‘stabilized’ or ‘unstabilized’. The stabilized chlorine has a specific ingredient called cyanuric acid. This acid ingredient helps to shield chlorine from UV rays from the sun. with this chlorine tablet, it will help strengthen the chlorine tablet to last longer such that it can work properly even in sunlight.

But the unstabilized chlorine tablet doesn’t contain any form of cyanuric acid and if this kind of chlorine tablet is added to a pool under the sunlight, its effectiveness will be reduced and it might not work well for your outdoor pool. So if you have an indoor pool, you can use this kind of chlorinated tablet for it.


What Are The Best-Chlorinated Tablets For Your 10ft Pool?

Just as there are different chlorine tablets, there are also different chlorine brands. And these chlorine tablets also differ in use as well.

There is the Pool Time Max Blue chlorine tablet. This tablet is also good for an indoor swimming pool. each tablet is 3-inch sized and works effectively. There is also the in the swim chlorine tablet. This tablet is also 3-inch sized. There is also the swim best 3-inch trichlor chlorine tablet as well.


How many chlorine tablets to use for any pool size?

It all depends on the size of your pool. However, if you have about 1000 to 5000-gallon pools, then you should use just one chlorine tablet per week.

If you use a 7000-gallon pool, then you should use 2 chlorine tablets per week. If you use a 10,000-gallon pool then you should consider using about two tablets per week. And if you use a 13000-gallon pool, use 3 tablets per week.

For a 15,000 to 17,000 pool use 3 tablets per week. For a 20,000 to 25,000 gallon pool, use 4 tablets. And if you have a 30,000-gallon pool, use about 5 or 6 tablets per week.


Why can’t you throw a chlorine tablet into the pool?

We know that chlorine tablets have been designed to be dissolved by water. But if it is thrown directly into the water, it will settle beneath the water and damage the pool surface. Besides, when tablets are thrown directly into the pool, they dissolve unevenly. Read Where Do I Put Chlorine Tablets In My Pool?

So instead of throwing it directly into the pool, you can simply add chlorine tablets through your skimmer, and floating dispenser. As you put the tablet into the skimmer, you should turn on the pool pump.

As it is turned on, the water is filtered, it passes the skimmer line, and then through the filter, and back to your pool. now you have a chlorinated pool!

The skimmer also helps to spread chlorine more evenly. If you have an automatic chlorinator you can easily sanitize your pool.


Final Thought

Chlorine tablets are designed to make your work easy. They take the measuring stress off you as a pool owner and help in slowly dispensing chlorine in an even manner around the pool. Your 10ft pool can only take 1 tablet of chlorine.

Do not apply too much chlorine tablet because if it is too much, you would get your pool in trouble. Just one tablet is enough for your pool. chlorine tablets are of different types so be sure of the ones you buy. Because the stabilized chlorine tablet can be used in an outdoor pool because it has a built-in element that strengthens the tablet and prevents it from getting destroyed by UV rays.

The unstabilized chlorine tablet has been built in such a way that, it cannot prevent UV rays and as such, it gets destroyed and doesn’t last long enough to dispense chlorine in the pool. So use a stabilized chlorine tablet if you have an outdoor pool.

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