How Much Algaecide For 1000 Gallon Pool?

The presence of algaecide will always repulse you and cause you to be uncomfortable each time you approach the pool for a swim. You need to know that it is unhealthy to swim in an algae-infested pool.

But then, how do you get rid of it? With the use of an algaecide, getting rid of algae isn’t much problem but knowing the right quantity to add to your pool becomes a problem.

For instance, about 12 ounces of algaecide should be added to a 5,000-gallon-sized pool, and a total of 16 ounces should be added to a 10,000-gallon size pool. How about 1000 gallon-sized pool?

About 8 ounces should be added. And when it is added to your 1000 gallon pool, kindly check the pool to be sure that the algaecide is balanced or not. If the algaecide is too much, you will notice the pool water will turn foamy. And when you swim in the water, you will notice that your eyes will be stinging as a result of too much algaecide added.

How Much Algaecide For 1000 Gallon Pool

Can You Put Too Much Algaecide In A 1000 Gallon Pool?

Yes. When you put too much algaecide in your 1000 gallon pool, it will become too foamy and not habitable for swimming.

There is a required quantity for your 1000 gallon pool. The required quantity is 8 ounces however; you can check the manufacturer’s manual or the sticker of the algaecide you bought for the manufacturer’s instruction.

Sometimes, the manufacturer includes instructions pertaining to the quantity of algaecide to be used per gallon size of the pool. When these instructions are strictly adhered to, you will get a fantastic result!


When Do You Add Algaecide To Your Small Pool?

As soon as you have shocked your pool, you can wait until after 24 hours before adding the right quantity of algaecide.

However, some pool owners sometimes add algaecide to the pool 30 minutes after pool shock. This may not be safe because pool shock and algaecide must not be mixed together otherwise, the result may not be desirable. So it is best to add algaecide 24hours after pool shock for effective results.


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Can Algaecide Combat Other Problems In Your Small Pool?

Most pool experts wish that algaecides will be able to solve other major problems in the pool both seen and unseen. But the truth remains that, algaecides are made specifically to prevent and tackle algae in your pool.

However, they may alter your pool’s pH when it is added to the pool. Since algaecides help prevent algae, then you should try to always add some algaecide to your pool every week. This will help to discourage any algae breed in your pool.


Is Algaecide Safe For Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

Algaecides are generally safe chemicals. They are actually unsafe for any algae present in your pool. However, algaecide becomes unsafe when it is poured too much into your pool. Your pool becomes foamy. And no one would like to swim in foamy water.

No swimmer would like to swim in a pool that stings their eyes. So yes, algaecide is safe for your 1000 gallon pool but it all depends on how you use them in your pool. If they are rightly used, then be rest assured that your pool is safe!


What Is The Best Algaecide For Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

1. HTH 67032 Super Algae Guard

This product is another fantastic algaecide that you should try. For you to stay on top of your cleaning game, and have an algae-free pool, then you need the HTH super algae guard! It has a powerful killing property that kills any kind of algae.

That is, both the yellow, the black, and even the green algae. So if you need to shock your pool every week, then you will need this powerful algaecide! If you have a saltwater pool, you can totally make use of it. It is completely non-foaming as well.


2. Clorox Pool & Spa Algae Eliminator

Have you ever heard of Clorox? When it comes to anything that has to do with cleaning supplies, and quality, this product has it all. They make several cleaning chemicals like chlorine tablets too. And they give every swimming pool the best swimming experience with their quality product! The algae eliminator is also a quality alga cleaning product that works well with all pool types.

Even if you have a vinyl swimming pool, or a concrete in-ground or above-the-ground swimming pool, this algae eliminator works well for all. Not only will this product help to keep your pool clean from algae, but it will also help to clean off the leftover algae stain from your pool walls.

The most amazing thing about this product is that the brand comes with a free application that helps you in setting appropriate reminders to clean your pool. That means, with this product, you will be able to stay at the top of your cleaning game!


3. In The Swim Super Algaecide

This algaecide is another affordable, yet super-effective algaecide in the pool market. It is also another game-changer for your pool because the brand manufacturers are fantastic makers of excellent products like pool covers, and amazing chlorine tablets.

So you can rely 100% on this algaecide to get rid of the stubborn algae in your pool. Although this brand’s algaecide is concentrated it is suitable for any kind of pool; both the in-ground and the above-ground swimming pool type.

So if you want to get rid of that swampy green mess in your swimming pool, then you can rely on this goal-getter algaecide to perform the function well!


4. The Clorox pool & Spa XtraBlue Algaecide

This algaecide is another perfect Clorox brand. Just in case you cannot lay your hands on the other Clorox algaecide, you can always lay your hands on this xtraBlue algaecide.

It is super great for black algae although it is designed to work will any kind of algae, and to remove any tough algae stain. This xtraBlue algaecide works wonders for transforming your pool from swampy cloudy green into crystal, clear blue water!


Final Thoughts

Before you add algaecide into your pool, you must first consider the size of your pool. Since we are dealing with a 1000 gallon pool in this article, you will need about 6 to 8 ounces of algaecide.

If you add too much algaecide, your pool water will turn foamy. Better still, read the manufacturer’s manual for direction.

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