How Much Chlorine For 1000 Gallon Pool? (Quick Answer)

Swimming pools usually have to be maintained by chlorine. So if you have a pool, and it’s not been properly doused with the right quantity of chlorine, then you might need to have a proper rethink!

In this article, we shall be letting you know the right quantity of chlorine for your 1000 gallon size pool.

How Much Chlorine For 1000 Gallon Pool

How Much Chlorine Can You Put In Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

Your 1000 gallon-sized pool needs to be chlorinated as much as possible. Some pool owners do not see the necessity of adding chlorine to their pool which is why their 1000 gallon-sized pool is usually under-chlorinated, or never chlorinated. Chlorine is a powerful chemical that helps to work against the presence of micro-organisms in your pool.

But then, how much quantity of chlorine can be enough for your 1000 gallon pool? For this kind of pool, ensure that your chlorinated pool is between 1 and 3 ppm. You can do this check by using a functioning test kit. That means you should add 3 ounces of chlorine to your clear pool water.


Is Chlorine Effective For Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

It’s not about the rituals involved in throwing some whitish powdered substance into your pool. it’s all about knowing that the whitish powdered chemical you are about to throw into your pool, can affect your pool either positively, or negatively. So whether you have a 1000 gallon pool or not, chlorine is highly effective for your pool.


What Do You Need To Consider Before Adding Chlorine Into Your 1000 Gallon Size Pool?

Pool Size

You must consider the size of your pool before adding chlorine. This is because when you add a lesser amount to a 1000-gallon size pool, the chlorine chemical will not be effective because the pool has been underchlorinated.

And if you pour about 4 or 10 ounces of chlorine into a 1000 gallon size pool, then you are endangering your pool for swimmers like you because there will be a negative effect on your skin and eyes. Just in case you don’t know the number of gallons of water in your pool, then you should try to call a pool expert or the particular pool builder that constructed your pool to know the particular gallon size.

For instance, an in-ground swimming pool can hold about 31,000 gallons of water. If you can’t afford a pool expert, then you can easily calculate the pool size.

Get a tape, measure the length, width, and average depth of the pool, and multiply the length, width, and average depth of the pool together. If your pool is around one then multiply the total number of your pool by 5.9, if it is a rectangular pool, then multiply by 7.5, if you have an oval pool, multiply by 6.7.

So you can see just how important knowing your pool size can be. Get to know your accurate pool size, before chlorinating your pool.

Chlorine Level

Check the current chlorine level of your pool. This is the next important thing that you need to do is to test your pool for the chlorine level. Get a pool test kit and check the chlorine level of the pool. when the chlorine level is tested, it should maintain a level of between 1 ppm and 3 ppm.

If the current chlorine level of your pool is 1 ppm, then you should add about 2 ounces of chlorine to raise the already chlorinated pool higher. However, if the current level of your pool is 3 ppm, then there would be no need to add another ounce of chlorine to your pool.

But if your pool’s gallon size is more than 1000, and you are unsure of the right quantity of chlorine to pour into your pool, then you should multiply the number of gallons in the pool, by 0.00013 ounces of chlorine. (0.00013 ounces is per gallon in your pool).

For example, if the number of gallons in the pool is 500, then multiply 500 by 0.00013 to get your required quantity of chlorine to be added to a 500-gallon size pool. That means the quantity of chlorine you will be adding to that pool will be 0.065 ounces.


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What Is The Accurate Quantity Of Chlorine To Be Added To Your Pool? is it 0.13 or 3 ounces?

O.13 ounces of chlorine is the quantity required per gallon of pool water. But to be on the safer side, you should get a pool test kit and then check the pool with it as you add chlorine to your pool.

Then as soon as the level of chlorine in your pool gets to 3 ppm, you should stop at this point because any more chlorine that you add to your pool, will be too much for that pool.


Where Can You Buy Chlorine For Your Pool?

Chlorine can be gotten from anywhere! So if you are new in the pool business, you can always get chlorine for your pool, from the pool shop. The pool shop should be your one-stop for getting all your pool needs! The shop will always have any type of chlorine that you want.

If the pool shop is a bit too stretchy for you, you can always try digital stores online. But before ordering the kind of chlorine chemical that you want, you should always commit to reading the customer reviews.

This will help you make better choices when it comes to buying the perfect chlorine for your pool!


What Is The Best Chlorine For Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

HTH 42043 Super 3″ Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, 8 lbs

This perfect chlorine tablet is what most pool owners use to chlorinate their pool. this chlorine tablet is known for three super actions! The HTH Super chlorinating tablet has been formulated to prevent the loss of chlorine. They have been formulated with an incredible acid called cyanuric acid.

Now, this tablet also has the double capacity to also prevent algae. And this is because it was also formed with built-in algae. The second super action that HTH chlorinating tablet performs, is that it swiftly destroys bacteria.

If you want a super clean, and hygienic pool, then you should use this unique chlorinating tablet because it helps to keep off bacteria, and maintains your crystal blue waters. The third super action that this chlorinating tablet does is that just one tablet of this chlorine is highly effective.

Just one tablet is effective enough to work up to a week! It is that powerful! Plus, it easily dissolves at the slightest contact with water.


How do you use the HTH Super Chlorinating Tablet for your 1000-gallon pool?

1. Check your pool’s pH balance

You are aware that the HTH super chlorinating tablet is not your regular chlorine. It is super-efficient. And to see that effective result, then you must test your pool’s pH using a pool test kit.

The ideal pH level is around 7.2 and 7.8. Please take note and be sure that the pH is not too low or too high because if it is, then your chlorine will not work as effectively as it should.


2. Run your pool pump!

The HTH chlorinating tablet requires a slow release of chlorine before it can spread to the other parts of the pool and work effectively. To assist in this slow dispersion, you can run your pool pump for at least 8 to 9 hours per day to ensure that the whole pool is fully saturated with chlorine.


3. Your skimmer can help!

Your skimmer or floater, or even your pool feeder can help in this dispersion. Instead of crushing the tablet into granules, you can place just one tablet into your pool’s skimmer to aid in the dispersion. For this chlorine tablet, do not add it directly to the pool surface it can damage the pool.


4. When Is The Best Time To Apply Chlorine?

You might need to read the manufacturer’s manual or the direction behind the chlorinating tablet you purchase or, you might need to do a small study on chlorine because some chlorine can get destroyed by UV rays from the sun.

Now that leaves you with the option of applying chlorine to your 1000 gallon pool in the mornings and evenings. The goal is to apply chlorine before the sun begins to rise. So the best options are usually in the mornings and evenings.


Final Thoughts

Consider the fact that you need to know the accurate gallon size of your pool before adding chlorine. As we hinted above that, you must also check the current level of chlorine in your pool water. And overall, the level of chlorine in your pool, shouldn’t be more than 3 ppm.

Another thing you must check for before applying chlorine to your 1000 gallon size pool, is the pool’s pH. Let the pool’s pH not be more than 7.2 and 7.8. and finally, the right quantity of chlorine for your 1000 gallon size pool, is 3 ounces!

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