How Much Clorox Shock For 1000 Gallon Pool

Maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t cost much if you know the basic tools to use. Maintain a swimming pool whether large or small, in-ground or aboveground pool, is affordable.

You can keep your pool from the intrusion of algae, microbes, and other forms of parasites. For optimal cleaning, we recommend that you use Clorox normally called bleach or household bleach. It contains a high-grade chemical combined with pollutants and kills all of the organisms present in the water.


How Much Clorox Shock For 1000 Gallon Pool

How Much Clorox Shock Is Needed For Your 1000 Gallon Pool?

You do not need too much Clorox to add to your 1000-gallon-sized pool. All you need is about 4.2 ounces of Clorox. And do not forget to test your pool’s chemical level before adding Clorox.


Clorox helps to increase the chlorine level in the pool. Asides from increasing the chlorine level of the pool water which should be done in the evenings or at any time of the day, Clorox also serves as a cleaning agent for pool times and other pool surfaces. So it removes with ease all forms of stains and bacteria from contaminants line lotions, hair products, etc.


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How Is Clorox Used For A 1000 Gallon Pool?

Shocking a pool with Clorox depends on the size of the pool. If your pool is 10,000 gallon size then you might need about half a gallon of Clorox to shock your pool however since you have a 1000 gallon size pool you will need about 4.2 ounces of Clorox to clean the pool, and soon increase the chlorine level of your pool.

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Step 1

So before you begin to shock your pool with Clorox, the first thing you need to do is to test the chlorine level of the pool and this can be done by using an apple tester.

If you don’t have a swimming pool tester or test kits then it means you will have to buy one.

So when you get to test the pool water 4 the chlorine level and if the chlorine level falls below 1ppm, then it means you will have to add more Clorox to your pool.

Generally, Clorox has about 5.7% of chlorine concentration.


Step 2

To clean your pool with Clorox, You will need an empty bucket and rubber gloves. Wear the rubber gloves to protect your hands then pour some water into the bucket.

About half a bucket of water then mix it with the right measurements for your 1000 gallon size pool. When the mixture is mixed and ready you can now pour it around the pool ensuring that the Clorox mixture is thoroughly spread in with the pool water.

Meanwhile, Turn on the pool pump as soon as you are done pouring the Clorox mixture into the pool water.

Now what the pool pump does is that it helps the water to easily mix with the Clorox mixture in such a way that The water is now fully sanitized.


How do you calculate how much Clorox to use for your gallon pool?

Just in case you are not familiar with the exact gallon size of your pool there’s a way you can go about calculating it. So to get your pool volume, the length of the pool x by the width of the pool y the average depth of the poor.

So once all this has been calculated, You can now multiply your results by 7.5 if it is a rectangular pool, all by 5.9 if it is a round pool.


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What are the other things that Clorox can do asides from pool cleaning?

1. Keeps your bedsheets clean

Clorox is usually used for household chores and also cleaning. And that is why it is being used for bed sheets do they and all that other To keep them bright and clean so if you want clean sheets, then you need to add a cup of Clorox to your laundry.


2. Whitens tile

Clorox can help clean the mighty stain or the grout on your tile. So if you’ve had a long-standing thing on your stain on your tile,  you can easily get the stain out by using Clorox especially when it is used with the right measurements.

When the right measurement is used, you can then get to work by using an old piece of toothbrush to scrub the grout on the tile or the longstanding stain on your towel with the help of Clorox. There you have it your old tile has now turned new with the help of Clorox.


3. Removes mold

Check your bathroom floor for any mold or meal deal. When this is seen, do not get agitated because you can use Clorox to end the reign of mold on your floor so get right to work by grabbing an empty spray can and filling it with some Clorox and you can also decide to dilute the Clorox with a little quantity of water still in the spray can.

Then spray the Clorox mixture on the floor and on the walls office that have mold allowed to stay for five minutes before scrubbing them off you will notice that the mold is also being scrubbed out.

Rinse afterward and then you will have a sparkling floor surface.


4. Cleans toilets

If you have an identity toilet or perhaps if you have calcium buildup stains in your toilet bowl then you can totally get rid of it by using Clorox. With just a capful pour some Clorox into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for 10 minutes.

Afterward, go back to inspect the toilet bowl then grab your toilet brush and begin to scrub thoroughly you will notice that the calcium buildup stain is no longer in the toilet bowl and all other stains such as molds will no longer be seen.


5. Makes your dishware and glassware sparkle

If you have faded dishware and glassware you can consider adding just a teaspoon of Clorox to your dishwater and then begin to wash your dishware you will notice that they will begin to sparkle.


6. It also increases your flower bloom!

So if you cut your favorite flowers and you want them to look fresher and more beautiful. Then you can a few drops of bleach to the water vase and guess what? This trick would also lengthen the life of your flowers as well!

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