How Much Do Swimming Pools Cost to Run?

Swimming pools can be burdensome when it gets to this part. Meanwhile having a swimming pool is one of the best parts of relaxation for a workaholic and even for anyone who would like to relieve their stress.

How Much Do Swimming Pools Cost to Run

However, good things can be quite expensive to maintain. And that is why most average homes have no pool because of the cost involved in running a pool.

This article will reveal the costs of running a pool and a couple of other things that have to do with pool cost and maintenance.


How Much Does It Cost To Run an Average Pool?

It might surprise you to know that even an average pool costs a lot of money to maintain per month. that means you need to have at least $70 and about $175 monthly to successfully run a pool.

Although the maintenance cost largely depends on the size of your pool. So if you have a massive swimming pool, it is possible for you to pay hundreds of dollars every year to maintain it.

So you need to know that a lot of processes go into maintaining a pool. For instance, if you run a medium-sized swimming pool that holds about 50,000L of water, you might likely spend close to $200 per month to get it maintained.


Why is maintaining a swimming pool expensive?

Swimming pools are delicate because people get to swim in the waters and it matters if the water is clean or dirty. When the water is well filtered, with the required chemicals used in them, you will want to swim in the pool.

But when the water emits an offensive odor, and when it smells, you will also observe that you are unable to swim in such water.

Besides nobody will like to swim in dirty water for fear of body lice and other infections that may come up.

1. Filter Pump

Running a filter pump contributes to the large expense of running a pool. You can’t shift away from the responsibilities of a filter pump. It is highly needed.

They help to keep the pool clean and free from algae and all forms of growing plants.

A filter pump has to be run daily at least for 7-8 hours. And as long as you use your filter pumps, expect a high rise in your electricity bills because the more you use the filter pump, the higher the energy consumed.

And a filter pump has to be used every month. the total cost per month depending on the size of the pool costs about, $8 to about $20.


2. Water Heater

Another thing that increases the cost of your swimming pool is the water heater. You must have a water heater as long as you have a swimming pool.

If you keep swimming in a cold pool every time you might just catch a cold! Unless you love to take cold baths, the heaters are essential for an enjoyable swimming experience. But there are 3 kinds of heaters.

There is the solar, the electric, and the gas heater. All these vary in their use. The solar heater is quite affordable but you might need about $18 to $40 to use it.

Although it is affordable, it can’t be relied on because it only heats water on sunny days, and its heating process can be quite slow.

But for electric heaters, it might cost $50 to about $180 monthly to get it in use. Although they are quite durable, they cannot be relied on for emergencies.

They are slow in heating your pool. And if you are using a gas heater, or you intend to use one, just know that the gas heating process can be expensive as it costs about $100 to $300 monthly.

Now the gas heaters will heat the pool within seconds but the cons of this are that it is quite difficult to repair when it gets spoilt.


3. Chlorination

Another reason why maintaining a swimming pool is expensive is Chlorination.

For instance, if you have to buy chemicals to keep your pool clean, then you may spend around $18 monthly.

However, you can always assign this portion of work to a professional pool cleaner instead of spending exorbitant money on pool chemicals.

Pool cleaners would charge you about $150 and about $1000 it all depends on the package you choose.

All in all, a lot of money goes into keeping a pool and getting it to function properly.


How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An Indoor Swimming Pool?

An indoor swimming pool is not different from an outdoor swimming pool in terms of the expenses used in running the pool.

Many pool owners may have thought that indoor pools cannot be as expensive as outdoor swimming pools in terms of maintenance.

Truth is, both indoor and outdoor pools require the same budget to get them running. So if you want a clean indoor pool, then you need to do the appropriate things that need to be done not minding the huge budget.


Other Inexpensive Ways Of Maintaining a Pool?

The only inexpensive way of maintaining your pool is by getting a pool cover. No matter the size of your swimming pool, kindly get a pool cover especially if your pool is an outdoor one where debris and other forms of sand particles can find their way into the water, especially during windy periods.

Even with this pool cover, you will still need to filter the pool using a filter pump, etc. So clearly, every pool owner cannot escape this part of spending a lot to get your pool running.

Furthermore, you can use an efficient pool pump to filter your pool. A less efficient pool pump can be quite expensive to use than a highly efficient pump.

Then if you engage in regular maintenance of the pool, you may not need to get it all maintained monthly. Instead, it may just be once in two months.

Get a swatter to remove the debris and other floating particles then cover the pool when it is not in use.


Final Thoughts

The overall cost of running a swimming pool might overwhelm your budget. In that case, simply get pool insurance only if your home has a home insurance policy.

The pool insurance will cover unexpected damages. Overall, if you are yet to have a pool, then you should prepare for it beyond the thrills and excitement.

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