How Much Does A 3 Inch Chlorine Tablet Weigh?

A 3-inch chlorine tablet may seem heavier than a 1-inch chlorine tablet. But they both perform the same task. And each tablet has been designed to be protected against the UV rays from the sun.

This means the 3-inch chlorine tablet is stabilized. Thus, what then can be the exact weight of this tablet? In this article, we shall be exploring the exact weight of the 3-inch chlorine tablet, and every other key thing you need to know about it.


How Much Does A 3-inch Chlorine Tablet Weigh

How Much Does Your 3-inch Chlorine Tablet Weigh?

Each tablet weighs 8 ounces. All thanks to its maximum capacity and ease in dispensing chlorine into the pool when placed in the skimmer, or the chlorinator. And don’t worry, an 8 ounces tablet isn’t going to be too heavy in your hand or too heavy for your chlorinator and skimmer.

The weight is just right as a result of the properties that have been infused into the chlorine tablet.


Does a 3-inch chlorine tablet last long in the pool?

A typical 3-inch chlorine tablet has been designed to dispense chlorine slowly into the pool and to chlorinate for at least 7 days to get the pool properly chlorinated. If the tablet doesn’t melt properly and it takes a period of 8 to 10 days, then find out the exact problem of the chlorine tablet.

Was it properly placed in the skimmer or floater whichever one you have decided to place the tablet in. if not, find out what could have caused the delay in chlorine dispersal. But chlorine tablets last for about 7 days in a pool.

What are the best 3-inch chlorine tablets for pools?

There are several 3-inch sized chlorine tablets produced by different brands. However, just as they differ from brand to brand, they also differ in strength and efficiency as well. So in line with this article, we have written down at least five best 3-inch chlorine tablets and they are;


What are the components of the 3-inch chlorine tablet?

You may not know but these 3-inch chlorine tablets contain some active ingredients that help the chlorine to be effective. One such active ingredient is called trichloro-s-triazinetrione. This concentrate provides about 90% of stabilized chlorine in tablets hence the weight becomes 8 ounces each.


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Can you swim with chlorine tablets in the pool?

Yes, you can. The chlorine tablets can be present in your pool as you swim. There is no fear whatsoever. As long as the chlorine present in your pool is not too much to cause itchy eyes and skin.


What Are The Best 3-inch Chlorine Tablets to buy?

1. In The Swim, 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets for Sanitizing Swimming Pools

The chlorine tablets in this brand are thicker than other chlorine tablets. They are swift in dispensing chlorine more subtly and they last even more and protect your pool water even longer. Also, 3-inch chlorine tablets of this brand are ideal for floaters, skimmers, and automatic chlorinators.

How do you use 3-inch chlorine tablets in your pool? add about 1 tablet of chlorine tablet to your 1000-gallon pool. Before then, test your pool for the chlorine level again and chlorinate your pool per week. When there is a period of rainfall, you should chlorinate your pool.


The swim 3-inch chlorine tablet weighs 8 ounces and is a powerful 90% stabilized chlorine. That means they can be applied to the pool at any time of the day. Even the UV rays from the sun can’t destroy chlorine.


Why is the Swim 3-inch stabilized chlorine tablet the best?

Pool Maintenance

The Swim 3-inch stabilized chlorine tablet is one of the best when it comes to maintaining the pool. it is highly important to keep your pool clean and well maintained.

Improper maintenance causes a lot of health and physical commotion/damages both to the pool, and swimmers like you. But most importantly, you need an enjoyable pool for your friends and family to relax in and, this chlorine tablet would do the trick.

Water Testing & Balancing

Testing your water weekly or even twice a week to check the chlorine level, helps to keep your pool healthy. And this chlorine tablet will give a stabilized chlorine level as well. So adjusting your pool chemistry isn’t going to be much of a problem.


Sanitization & Treatment

This chlorine tablet is embedded with a lot of properties that help to fight microbes, and bacteria we can’t see. Another important thing that this chlorine tablet helps to fight is algae. So if your pool is infested with algae, this stabilized chlorine will help prevent and kill algae in your pool. And within minutes, your pool will be back to normal, crystal clear!


2. Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue 3″ Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets 25 lb

This Clorox 3-inch chlorine tablet is another brand that you should have when you want to chlorinate your pool. This chlorine tablet helps to transform your pool water, by giving it this extra blue hue.

It is also effective in protecting the pool against all forms of bacteria, algae, and other invisible micro-organisms. It has also been protected from the UV sun rays to last longer.

So if you want to get a clean pool free from algae, and other forms of chlorinating tablets, then you should get this tablet.

How many Clorox 3-inch chlorine tablets can you use for your 11,000-gallon pool?

Just one tablet should be enough for that pool size. However, you can keep testing the pool to be sure of the chlorine level.

Can you use this tablet for your indoor swimming pool?

Yes, you can. The Clorox 3-inch chlorine tablet has stabilized properties. And it can be used both in your outdoor or indoor pool. whatever pool you own, simply use your Clorox 3-inch chlorine tablet.

Why should you use a Clorox 3-inch chlorine tablet?

If you want your pool protected from corrosion, scales, and stains, then you should consider using this 3-inch tablet.

This chlorine tablet also helps to extend the shelf life of your clean, sanitized pool water.

With the addition of this chlorine tablet to your pool, you can be sure of silky smooth water whenever you dive into the pool for a swim.  



How many 3-inch tablets are in a gallon size pool?

Keep it in your mind, that one 3-inch sized chlorine tablet can chlorinate an entire 1000 to 5000 gallons of water. That also means if you have up to 20,000 gallons of the pool, about 4 chlorine tablets would be enough for the pool. so per gallon, 1 chlorine tablet would do the job!

How many 3-inch chlorine tablets can you Use weekly?

It all depends on the size of your pool. chlorine tablets should be used weekly no matter the pool size. If you have 1000 gallon pool or a 5,000-gallon pool size, then just 1 chlorine tablet would be enough for you. So every week, one 3-inch chlorine should be taken.

How many 3-inch chlorine tablets do you need for a 16,000-gallon pool?

Always remember that you can only use one piece of 3-inch chlorine for a 1000 to 5000-gallon pool, and since you own a 16,000-gallon pool, then you need about 4 pieces of 3-inch chlorine tablet to get your pool perfectly chlorinated.

Can you use this chlorine tablet in a pool chlorinator?

Of course, you can. It’s even a better option if you use a large pool of about 10,000-gallon size. A pool chlorinator will do the job of dispensing chlorine in the pool.

Can your pool pump be turned on while using this chlorine tablet?

Yes. It’s a general rule for your pool pump filter to be turned on to collect and push back the chlorinated water into the pool.


Final Thoughts

If you have ever imagined how much the 3-inch chlorine tablet weighs, you should know that they weigh just 8 ounces. Which is well enough to chlorinate your entire pool. 8 ounces per tablet is not too weighty because the 3-inch chlorine tablet consists of the right ingredients that make for efficiency and easy dispersal of chlorine.

Finally, ensure you get the best kind of 3-inch chlorine tablet for your pool as mentioned above.

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