How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

I remember my experience the first time I saw an automatic swimming pool cover. Sure, I had seen ads on the TV but the feeling was completely different when it was there right in front of me. It was at a friend’s house and. I can still vividly recall how captivated I was when the pool cover slowly opened up to reveal the swimming pool underneath.

The pool cover gave my swimming pool experience a totally different feeling all together, it really was an exciting experience. I immediately wanted one for my pool back home and I was going to get it done as quickly as I could.

That thought was however quickly replaced by scare of the fortune it would cost to buy and install an automatic pool cover of my own. “It was surely too cool for it to come at a cheap price” I thought to myself.

I decided to do a bit of research to determine how much it would cost me to have an automatic pool cover installed. Below, I will share with you the result of my hours of research to save you the time.

How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost

How Much Does An Automatic Pool Cover Cost

The cost of an automatic pool cover falls between $6,000 and $15,000. The custom shape and size of your swimming pool are the major determinants of the total cost. This price covers the cost of purchase, shipping and installation of the pool cover.

Automatic swimming pool covers are electricity powered durable materials that serve a range of functions to the swimming pool.

  • They are controlled by a button or by turning a key.
  • Pool covers are efficient in serving their functions and easy to roll out and retract.
  • They are largely associated with inground swimming pools.
  • They help to assure safety in and around the swimming pool by preventing undesired entry into the swimming.
  • Automatic pool covers also help to keep the swimming pool in pristine conditions and minimizing the cost of maintenance.

The price of an automatic swimming pool cover varies considerably. The size and shape of the pool are the major determinants of what the total cost of installing a swimming pool cover will be. Each automatic pool cover is custom made for the pool it is required for.

Many times, you will need to hire the services it a professional to measure the dimensions of your swimming pool. These dimensions are then sent to the manufacturers and of the pool cover.

The price of production, shipping and installation of a swimming pool over generally falls within $6,000 and $15,000. The actual price for your own pool cover will be sent to you by the manufacturer after you have sent your pool measurements and dimensions to them.


Why Do I Need A Pool Cover?

The automatic pool cover is at the very least a cool feature to add to your swimming pool. Pool covers easily blend into the scenery of the pool area, this helps to give your backyard or swimming area a stunning view. The aesthetics is however not the only function that the pool cover serves.

1. Pool covers are very functional accessories that serve safety, and structural purposes.

They prevent undesired entry into the swimming pool. Say you wanted to prevent children from using the pool without supervision or you do not particularly enjoy your pool being crowded by strangers when you are not home, then a pool cover is one of the easiest solutions. They therefore act as a very effective security and safety measure that guard against trespassers and swimming pool accidents.

2. The second function of pool covers is that they help in pool maintenance.

Pool covers prevents debris from getting into the pool. Debris like leaves, plastic and even animals that can litter the pool and contaminate the pool water are prevented from getting into the swimming pool.

This then reduces the efforts and cost required to clean and maintain good sanitary condition of the pool. By extension, they help slow down the rate at which pool structure and equipment will degrade or disintegrate.

3. Finally, most automatic pool covers are made from very strong and durable materials.

This allows the areas occupied by the pool to still be a function floor space as it can hold up the weight of furniture and even people. Although I will not advice you to go hopping on a platform with gallons of water just lying beneath it, this can be a very important feature in tight fitted places that require more floor workable area. This is fine through creating a space that serves multiple purposes.


What Are The Types Of Pool Covers?

Is the cost of installing an automatic pool cover above your budget? Do you need alternatives that are just as functional? If your answers to these questions is yes then you are in luck.

I discovered that the electric automatic pool covers are not the only types of pool covers there is, there are in fact other less expensive alternatives. These other alternative options however may sacrifice the durability or cool feature to automated ones.

There are three basic types of pool covers, each with their own unique features which are discussed below

1. Mesh pool cover

This type of pool cover allows light /sunlight and water to pass through it. This may aid the growth of algae and will increase the cost of maintaining the pool. They are made from mesh materials which are light. This means it is easy to install and folded up for storage when not in use. The mesh materials also allow some debris to slip through it into the pool water.

2. Solid pool cover:

They completely protect the swimming from all external elements. Solid covers are entirely solid which means that they do not allow any materials to filter through them into the swimming pool.

They keep out rainwater, debris and all other foreign materials from getting into the pool. This prevents the pool from overflowing during heavy down pours. They are made in custom shapes to fit individual pool designs.

You could say solid pool covers provide a total lockdown of the pool, nothing is getting in. They are usually made from vinyl, they are heavier than mesh pool covers can still be convenient packed up and stored away.

3. Automatic pool cover:

This is in the name. They are powered by electricity and are automatically reeled out over the pool and retracted by pushing a button or turning a key. Extra storage components are not required.

Automatic pool covers are custom made for every pool, they also share the qualities of solid pool covers as they are sturdy. They are typically the most expensive type of pool cover.

This extra cost can be justified by the ease of use the automatic swimming pool cover offers and many people do not mind the extra bucks.


Can Automatic pool covers be installed in an existing swimming pool?

Now that we know the benefits and how cool the automatic swimming pool cover is, we really want to know what it would take to get one and if an already existing swimming pool can get one installed for it.

Many times, the cost and other provisions required for installing an automatic pool cover are considered from the planning phase of the swimming pool. This allows the swimming pool builders to provide all of the necessary facilities and kits that would be needed for the automatic swimming pool cover to be operational and functional.

It equally provided the pool owner with an idea of just how much extra expenses will be incurred by installing an automatic pool cover.

However, if you already have a fully constructed and operational swimming pool, you can still install an automatic swimming pool cover. You would only have to have some light work done around your pool to enable the installation of some kits that will be used by the pool cover.

The most common method is using a deck mounted track that will guide the automatic pool covers as it is reeled out and retracted. The mechanism that controls the movement of the pool cover can be housed on the deck or tucked away beneath the deck.

The installation is easy because many of the pool cover manufacturers provide support and installation services. The pool covers can also be custom made to suit individual pool shapes, styles and environment. The pool cover will effortlessly blend into the overall design and aesthetics of the swimming pool.


Final Thoughts

Pool covers are a great feature for all pool types. They serve the all-important function of protecting the swimming pool in more ways than one. Pool covers also add to the functionality and aesthetic pleasantness of the swimming pool.

They come in different materials which vary in prices this enables pool owners with different budget ranges to be able to afford one. Already existing swimming pool owners can also conveniently install a pool cover for their swimming pool.

The benefits of swimming pool covers are numerous and are worth the cost. it is a great addition for all swimming pools and an equally smart investment for all pool owners.

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