How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Pool with Gas?

Unless you love the biting cold, and the routine shivering after you’ve just had a swim, then you don’t need a pool heater. But if you are not a fan of the cold water or the cold weather, then you will need to settle for an option of heating your pool pretty soon.

This article will be exploring one of the effective ways of heating your pool with gas!

How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Pool with Gas

Why Should You Consider Heating Your Pool With Gas?

Although heating your pool with gas heaters, may not be the most cost-effective way of heating your pool if you are on a budget. You can consider checking other pool heaters.

However, if you use your pool periodically, and you need to get it heated within a short time, then you will need a gas heater.

Gas heaters are swift to get your pool heated. Once the pump begins to work, it draws in the pool water through the filter system, and then it heats the water through the pipe and then releases the heated water back into the pool. The cycle goes on and on.

But there are a few things to consider when picking a gas heater. You must consider the size, because of your pool size. The bigger your pool size, the bigger the gas heater you’re going to need. You must also consider the efficiency of the gas heater.

The gas heater must be efficient enough to run all through the heating session. So check the capacity. For instance, a 90% efficient gas heater, uses $90 worth of heat.

Also, you must consider the budget. Is it cost-effective for you? If it isn’t then you should go for a lower package if there is a lower package.


How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool Per Year?

Gas heaters generally use natural gas or propane as a source of heating. Most pool owners with a low budget usually go for gas heaters that use natural gas.

That means, the heating system of the gas heater, is automatically connected to the household gas line. Hence the subsidized amount, unlike propane.

But according to the United States Department of Energy, they posit that the annual cost of heating an outdoor pool with a square size of 1,000 square feet to a minimum temperature of 78 degrees, is about $815.

Meanwhile, heating your pool up to one degree alone can cost you about $115 per year in energy this is low when compared to gas heaters that last longer and run efficiently.

Although a gas heating system can be inexpensive, the cost of operating them is quite high. A pool gas heater can cost about $1000 to about $5,000 and installing it can cost up to $1000.

However, running the gas heater can be about $8 per hour and about $400 per month. although it all depends on the pool size.


Why Do You Need To Heat Your Pool?

A heater will help increase your pool use throughout the year. A heated pool gives you a lot of benefits that you may not think of. Benefits such as;

Health Benefits: Coldwater has a lot of side effects when it comes to your health. But warm water helps to stabilize your body temperature. So when the pool water is heated, your swimming exercise will take place.

Truth is, whether swimming is a fun thing to you, you still need to know that swimming is a form of cardiovascular exercise and a perfect exercise for people suffering from arthritis and another kind of ailments because it doesn’t place much stress on your joints.

It increases your relaxation: Being in a cold pool reduces your chances of comfort and enjoyment. Therefore, swimming in a heated pool will bring you, even more, closer to your friends and relatives. You will realize that you will be in no hurry to leave the pool because the heated pool will give you this soothing feeling and also massage your stressed joints.

Increases your comfort: With a heated pool, you will be able to swim in any weather. A heater is quite essential to maintain a comfortable swimming session.


The Best Gas Pool Heater

The best gas pool heater is called Pentair Master (BTU Pool Heater): The Pentair company is known for making heaters, pumps, filters, and many more.

This gas pool heater is quite powerful enough to heat up your pool no matter the size. This material is designed with quality materials that make it resistant to rust.

Another advantageous thing about this gas pool heater is almost very compatible with any pool system. the Pentair Mastertemp pool heater is very reliable, and durable as well. It has top-notch quality pipes and has a thermal efficiency of 82%.

The pool gas heater also has an extended warranty for anyone who buys it, gets a one-year warranty! It is also very user-friendly although quite expensive.


Do You Need To Call A Pool Expert To Heat Your Pool?

If you don’t know how to operate a gas pool heater, then you will need the services of a pool expert/operator.

This is because pool experts have vast knowledge on how to heat a pool, and connect it to more affordable energy such as natural gas instead of propane.

However, if you know how to heat your pool using the gas pool heater, then you can go ahead. You can even follow the user manual for certain instructions on how to go about it. As long as you are using a user-friendly gas pool heater, then heating your pool would be pretty easy!


Final Thoughts

It cost quite a lot to use the gas pool heater. Because when it is in use, the energy that will be consumed will be quite high. The pool gas heater is the perfect fit if you want a quick reheat of your pool.

If you want to save time, then you can consider using the gas heater. Remember, that your pool gas heater, can be used for any pool size.

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