How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Pool Liner?

After a few years of owning my swimming pool, I noticed that the pool was not in the best physical condition. I am not talking about faded colors and patches of stain, I mean the more serious stuff like tears, openings, and breakages.

Summer was just a few weeks away, so I decided it was time to revamp my swimming pool and give the pool a facelift. This led me to making research so I can figure out what exactly the problem was and how I could go about fixing it.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Pool Liner

After all of the signs I noticed were considered, the research helped me arrive at the conclusion that my pool liner needed changing. The next thing to be done was to find out just how much that would cost me. I made further findings and I will be sharing my discoveries with you since you are here because you probably need a similar job done on your swimming pool.


What Does It Cost To Replace A Pool Liner?

An above-ground pool liner costs between $835 and $2,900 while an inground pool liner costs anywhere between $1,400 and $4,800.

The pool liner is a thin sheet that separates the pool water from the shell of the swimming pool. The liner is the waterproof later of the swimming pool that ensures that water is retained in the swimming pool.

There are two different types of swimming pools; the inground and the above-ground swimming pools. Each of these has its peculiarities that affect the price of the pool liner required for them. Also, pool liners come in different thicknesses. The cost of replacing pool liners for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools is discussed below.


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For An Inground Swimming Pool

The cost of replacing the pool liner for an in-ground swimming pool falls between $700 and $1,500. The specific price is determined by the size of the swimming pool, the shape of the swimming pool, and the thickness of the pool liner.

An additional cost of $1,500 to $2,000 should be budgeted for the labor required for installing the pool liner. The specific labor amount is determined by the amount of work needed to be done on the pool walls and the size of the swimming pool.

This brings the range of the total cost of replacing a pool liner to between $2,000 and $5,000. This amount also covers the cost of materials needed for the swimming pool wall repairs.


For An Above Ground Swimming Pool

The cost of labor for replacing an above-ground pool ranges between $200 to $800. The cost of an above-ground swimming pool liner ranges between $150 and $800. The actual price is determined by the shape and size of the swimming pool.

This brings the total price for replacing the liner of an above-ground swimming pool to between $400 and $1,500. The total cost is also affected by location as pool service maintenance charges higher rates than other places.


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What Are The Functions Of A Pool Liner?

The pool liner is an important part of all types of the swimming pool. It serves as a waterproof layer between the pool water and the shell of the swimming pool. This layer being waterproof means it is the part of the pool that ensures that water is retained in the pool and not allowed to leak out of the swimming pool.

This equally means that the liner prevents the pool water from leaking into and damaging the shell of the swimming pool and the pool environment. The pool liner is also the form of “finishing” used in a swimming pool.

It provides beautification to the pool in the form of texture, pattern, and color to the inside walls of the swimming pool. The pool liner can also be used to imitate premium materials to add sophistication to the swimming pool. Some functions of a pool liner are stated below:

  • It retains water in the swimming pool and prevents leakages 
  • It provides a smooths surface in the swimming pool. This prevents cuts, bruises, and other injuries to pool users 
  • Helps to make pool maintenance cheaper and easier. The pool liner makes it easy to clean a swimming pool and prevents the growth of algae and molds.
  • The pool liner performs decorative functions. It beautifies the pool with its radiant color, patterns, and texture.


How Can I fix A Damaged Pool Liner Quickly?

The importance of having a pool liner in perfect condition cannot be over-emphasized. It is therefore important to know what options you have when your pool liner is damaged. There are a few options to consider when trying to fix a damaged pool liner.

There are easy fixes that can be used to patch small tears and holes in the pool liner. This method includes using readily available materials to patch areas of a damaged pool liner. If you plan to remedy your damaged pool liner by patching it, here are various solutions to consider.

Use a waterproof Tape

A waterproof tape is an effective and easy-to-apply quick fix for a pool leakage. It is ideal for small holes and tears. You simply place stripes of the tape on the part of the liner that is damaged. It is cheap and the item needed is readily available.


Apply a peel and stick the patch

These are simply like waterproof duct tapes. The difference is that they are made from vinyl material and specially designed to be used inside a swimming pool. They are easy to use and very effective in stopping leakages.

Some are precut in circle shapes to make it difficult for them to peel off around the edges after use. The application involves taking off the paper back and place over the leak.


Use a vinyl patch kit

These serve as a more long-term fix for a damaged liner. They are also effective for larger tears in the pool liner. The patch kit contains large pieces of liners and special adhesives to firmly glue them over the damaged area. The adhesives also work underwater so you do not have to drain your pool before patching a damaged liner.


When do I replace my pool liner?

Pool liners do not come with expiry dates and as such, it is difficult to state what the lifespan of a pool liner will be. The lifespan of your pool liner is dependent on your pool maintenance practices.

These practices include how well you clean your pool liner, how well you maintain a proper pool water chemistry, and how well you’ve managed to avoid physical damage to the liner during pool draining or cleaning. Experts also agree that considering all of the factors earlier stated, the natural lifespan of a pool liner should be around 5-9 years.

There are certain signs that indicate that a replacement of your pool liner is required, this is usually as a result of damage to the pool liner. These damages can sometimes be managed by patching while other times a complete replacement may be required.

You replace your swimming pool liner when you begin to notice the following signs:

  • When your swimming pool is: the pool liner is the waterproof layer that holds the pool water inside the swimming pool. It ensures that water is retained in the swimming pool. Your pool liner may require changing when you start noticing that the pool water level is constantly reducing or areas around the pool is wet, it may be a sign for you to change your pool liner.
  • When your pool liner constantly needs patching or repairs, it means that the liner is too weak and no longer capable of retaining the water inside the swimming pool. When you have a situation like this, you should begin considering replacing your pool liner.
  • When your pool liner is dry and brittle, it begins to peel off and breaks easily. This is a sign that it’s time to change your pool liner. This is often a result of exposure to chemicals and extreme weather elements.
  • When the damage is too large. A damaged pool liner that has a tear that is six inches or more in size should be replaced. This is because it is near impossible to perfectly patch the tear in the liner.

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