How Much Hth Chlorine To Add To Pool?

Whenever you gain sight of a clean pool water, it is a sign of proper maintenance and as a result of a product called HTH chlorine. The HTH chlorine is a type of granular substance that is used to keep the pool sanitized and wade off algae and every form of bacteria from the swimming pool. Using this product directly means that you will have an algae free pool water. In this article, we will be discussing how much HTH chlorine to be added into any pool size.

How Much Hth Chlorine To Add To Pool

Before anything else is done, you must understand that the HTH chlorine isn’t like the regular traditional chlorine that you may be familiar with. This HTH granules is applied to the pool in a different way.

Also, with HTH chlorine, should in case you forget the exact measurement to use for the pool, you can always check the sachet for the manufacturer’s indication.

However, if you have a 500 gallon pool, then you should use about 0.3 ounces of the HTH chlorine. If you are using a 1000 gallon pool then it means that the quantity would be doubled.


How Do You Use An HTH Chlorine Test Kit?

Quite easy. If you are familiar with how to add other chemicals to the pool then you shouldn’t find it tough with adding HTH chlorine to the pool. What you are expected to do before turning any chemical in is to test the pool and check the pH level of the pool.

Ph Test

The HTH test kit comes with some vials in form of tubes. It is these these tubes that you fill with pool water. Then colored chemicals are then added to the water in form of droplets.

The water would then turn into different colors to determine the exact chemical level of the pool water. This is determined by the color scale that is imprinted beside the test kit. So if the color of the water in tube matches any color on the color scale, the. That will determine the chemical level of the pool water. 

Chlorine test

After the pool’s pH has been tested with the use of an HTH test kit, you can now do the chlorine test that is after your pool’s pH is balanced. When the chlorine test is done, and it falls below 1 ppm, then it means that you have to add more chlorine to get to be between 1ppm and 3ppm.

HTH chlorine granules comes in several sizes. Although it depends on the size of your pool overall. If your pool size reads 1000 gallon pool or 500 gallon pool, it means that the quantity that you will need, will be small. But when your pool size reads 10,000 or 30,000 gallon pool then it means that you need a large HTH chlorine to get your pool in shape.


Once you get the HTH chlorine, try to put on a rubber glove if you want for safety sake. Otherwise, you can get the whole process with your bare hands. Next, if you own 500 gallon pool, then you need to measure 0.3 ounces of HTH chlorine, and sprinkle gently in the pool.

You can decide to sprinkle round the pool directly, or you can mix the HTH chlorine granules in some water before pouring the water mixture into the pool. But if that will take your time, you can pour the HTH chlorine granules directly into your pool while the pool filter is running and allow it mix with the water to get the pool chlorinated.

Test the pool water again to check for the chlorine levels. If possible, test water after 48 hours to check for the chlorine level. Since the HTH chlorine is not stabilized, you can use stabilizer if you wish. Otherwise, you can still get to use it that way without stabilizer. Only that, you will have to use HTH chlorine in the evenings or at night when the UV rays from the sun cannot have an effect on the chlorine in the water. Read more


What Happens When HTH Chlorine Granules Settles Beneath The Water?

When this happens, you can use the pool brush to stir the granules into the water. Because it is possible that while sprinkling chlorine granules in the water, some of them become solidified, and little particles instead of dissolving, sink to the bottom of the pool. Meanwhile don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after this chlorine application. 


What is the best HTH chlorine to buy?

HTH 52032 Super Green to Blue Shock System for Swimming Pools

This HTH chlorine brand can also be used as a pool shock. This is because it is very powerful, and can effectively kill green algae and quickly turn your pool to blue color.

So when algae blooms in your pool, you can always fall back on this HTH brand option to get it clean. Also it works extremely fast to deaden debris to be vacuumed and return the familiar crystal clear blue appearance to the water. It also keeps the water clear. 


Why should you use HTH chlorine for your pools?

Traditional chlorine sometimes, do not last while in water. Thus, causing  all forms of contaminants like sweats, make up, sunscreen, dust, etc, to dwell in the water. But with a long last solution like HTH chlorine, your pool will not just be clean and sparkling, but it would fight against contaminants including bacteria and all forms of algae growth in your pool.


Final Thoughts

About 3 ounces of HTH chlorine should be added to your swimming pool. Meanwhile, you can also follow the manufacturer’s indication in the label placed on the HTH chlorine bottle/jar.

Remember, always to apply HTH chlorine preferably when the sun is down in the evenings, or night. And if you can’t get settled for either of them, you can make use of stabilizer to keep the chlorine away unhindered from the UV rays of the sun.

HTH chlorine is also a great way to shock your pool. And when it is used to shock your pool, it spikes the chlorine level of your pool to about 5 ppm.

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