How Much Water Is In A 18×48 Pool?

We understand how confusing it can be, to calculate the entire pool size in gallons and try to know the exact quantity of water in your 18×48-sized pool. it’s not difficult to try to get the whole arithmetic done by yourself.

But in the long run, it’s worth it. So, what do you do? In this article, we shall be answering the question of how much water is in your 18×48 pool, and how you can calculate the exact quantity of water in your pool.

If your pool is measured 18×48, then the exact quantity of water in your pool is about 6,423 gallons. And approximately, it will take you about 10-11 hours to get your 18×48 pool filled with water while using ½ inch hose to get it all filled.

How Much Water Is In A 18x48 Pool

How Do You Calculate The Gallons Of Water In Your Pool?

You can always get this done your own way. You don’t have to wait for a pool expert to get this done. So what you need to do is; get the Length of the pool, the width, and then the depth of the pool. once this has been settled, then do this simple multiplication to get the exact number of gallons in your pool.

Length of pool x width of pool x depth x 7.5 = Exact gallons of water


How Much Water is in a 16×48 pool?

Whether it is an aboveground or inground pool, the pool gallon would still be the same. So, the exact quantity of water will be 5212 gallons of water. And it will take you approximately nine hours to get it filled up with water.


How Much Water Is In a 24×54 pool?

This kind of pool is large and deep when it comes to depth. So, a pool measured this size, will have about 13,500 gallons of water in the pool. and filling up this pool should take about 18 to 20 hours to get it all filled with water.


How much does it cost to fill a 6000 –7000 gallon pool?

Since you now know that the total number of water in gallons in your pool is 6,423 gallons. Then it means that filling up your pool would cost about $185 to about $390 per truckload.

This is because an average truck holds about 6000 gallons of water. That automatically means that you need 1 to 2 truckloads to fill your pool thus, you may have to pay about $400 in total to get your pool filled.

Although this is highly dependent on your location because some services are a bit less expensive than in other regions.


Is it okay to fill your pool overnight?

Filling your pool overnight would be a great idea. Especially if you are too busy in the daytime, then you can get it done in the nighttime instead. However, we advise that you get it filled in the daytime so that you can apply the pool shock and other related chemicals in the nighttime when the sun is not out.



Will two hoses fill up a pool faster?

Two hoses can fill up a pool faster. Since the second hose can fill the entire pool in two hours then it means that when both hoses are in use, it can fill the entire pool in two or three hours at most.

How many gallons are in an 18×48 inground pool?

An inground pool or an aboveground ground pool has the capacity to hold about 6,423 gallons.

What is the Volume of an 18-foot swimming pool?

The swimming pool contains about 231 cubic inches per gallon. So, the volume of an 18-foot swimming pool is simply; length x the width x the average depth.


How Do You Clean A 18×48 Pool?

  • Run the pool pump first before you wash the pool. So, get the pool pump for about 12 hours. The more you run your filtration system, the cleaner your water becomes. So, you don’t have to spend much time scrubbing algae off your pool.
  • You can also backwash your 18×48 pool if you want. Backwash the filter but if you are using a cartridge filter, then it means that you will have to clean the cartridges.
  • Clean the skimmer basket. This part is important in your 18×48 pool because clogged skimmer baskets will stress your pool pump and make it work harder to cycle the water. And this can decrease and wear out the life of your pump. So to avoid this, we suggest that you get your skimmer cleaned twice in a week depending on how often you make use of the pool. To get it cleaned, you should turn off the pool pump, then empty the removable basket beneath the skimmer lid and replace it.
  • After you might have done all these, there might still be some tiny particles in the pool such as dirt caused by debris floating on top of the pool surface. Dirt like these needs to be cleaned by deploying other means. Other means such as; brushing. Sometimes, the walls of your 18×48 pool may be dirty and harboring algae stains and calcium buildups. You should scrub pool wall with pool brush. This will help you scrub out every form of algae stain, scaling, and other dirt stuck on the wall.
  • You can skim the surface of your pool with the use of a leaf rake, or preferably, a pool net. This will help in removing large or tiny debris from the pool surface. If debris is not tackled, it can fall to the bottom of the pool, cause stain or decomposition, and cause algae growth.
  • If you don’t have a pool net, you can get a pool vacuum cleaner. There are manual pool vacuum cleaners and automatic pool vacuum cleaners. It all depends on the one you decide to pick. But a vacuum cleaner will assist in removing debris and unseen particles hiding beneath the water.


Final Thoughts

Always remember that your 18×48 volume in gallons can be calculated easily if you use the formular given above. Remember, that the exact gallon size of an 18×48 pool is about 6,423.

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