How Safe Is Swimming Pool During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women always get plenty of do’s and don’ts just to keep themselves safe from major harm. So you must be wondering how safe is swimming pool during pregnancy? Honestly, swimming is one of the safest exercises to engage in while you are pregnant.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits, tips, and all there is to know, about swimming during pregnancy.

How Safe Is Swimming Pool During Pregnancy

Is It Okay To Swim During Pregnancy?

Swimming during pregnancy is totally safe for every pregnant woman. Swimming during pregnancy helps reprieve some of the backaches, and pains you feel and it also helps to keep you light on the surface of the water.

The water holds you, and pats the bulgy tummy, the pressure from the pool water keeps you light instead of the normal heaviness you feel while on land.


Benefits Associated With Swimming During Pregnancy?

Swimming during pregnancy has a lot of benefits. Asides from the fact that it is one of the best exercises to engage in as a pregnant woman, there are some benefits you need to learn about. They are;


Swimming relieves you of major pain:

pregnant women always face one sort of pain and the other. the most common one is back and ankles pain. A quick dip into the cool pool water, massages and relieves the back and the ankle from pain.


Swimming during pregnancy helps to float the baby:

Especially when you are in your second or third trimester, the pain in the sciatic nerve may increase. This is because the baby is pressing down on your sciatic nerve. However, when you get into the pool, the pain eases, and the baby floats alongside you!


Swimming during pregnancy helps to keep your body cool. Thereby regulating the body temperature:

During pregnancy, you will observe that your sweat glands would go overboard. And this means that there is every tendency for you to feel hot at all times.

So getting a swim in your cool pool, will keep your body in a cool condition. So on days when you feel hot, take a dip into your pool water and you will note the difference.


Swimming during pregnancy helps to relieve you of morning sickness:

Several research has been done by obstetricians to know if swimming helps to reduce morning sickness. A few women who engage in this experiment, realized a remarkable change when it comes to morning sickness feeling like nausea.


Swimming during pregnancy improves your labor experience:

The swimming exercise helps to strengthen your muscle and endurance. Such that when it is time to push out the child, it will not be a struggle, and your breathing will be regulated due to your consistent exercise in the pool.


Swimming during pregnancy relieves you of pregnancy stress:

Generally, swimming relieves your stress and gives a soothing relief automatically. During pregnancy, tension is bound to build up and stress will set in as time goes on.

It is only safe for you to get a swim in your cool pool. During pregnancy again, emotional days are bound to set in and sometimes your emotions may not be stable. Get into your pool once you find out that you are stressed. It helps to relax your nerves and set you right for your next assignment.


Swimming during pregnancy boosts your energy level:

Your energy level during pregnancy can be on a roller coaster ride. Never stable. However, on the days you need that adrenaline pumped, simply get into your cool pool, and watch how your energy level will switch gears and become boosted!


Swimming during pregnancy also improves your sleep:

It is normal for you to have insomnia during pregnancy. On days when you have difficulty sleeping, one natural remedy is to get a swim in your cool pool.

When you swim, be rest assured that your night sleep will be handled perfectly. That means when you swim in the day, there is a 99% chance that you will get a good sleep at night.


Safest Tips For Swimming During Pregnancy?

Get the perfect swimsuit!

A perfect swimsuit is one of the things you need if you must swim during pregnancy. You can get two-piece swimwear or better still, maternity swimwear. Although it all depends on the trimester that you’re in. just get a breathable swimsuit that will be comfy for you and your bloated tummy!

Be careful!

Watch your slippery steps around the pool. The tiles around the pool, or even the stairs can be really slippery due to the amount of water on them. So carefully walk to the poolside, and carefully step out to avoid any domestic accident.

Don’t swim alone!

We know you’re an adult but, you need to take support along with you. This person will act as your lifeguard. So just in case there is a slip, or you need to get a cool drink while you’re in the pool, the person will help to run all your errands.

Stay hydrated!

Pregnancy requires staying hydrated. And even though you aren’t supposed to be dehydrated while you’re in the pool, you still need to get a glass of juice or some water to sip on while you swim in the water.

Apply sunscreen.

To avoid sunburn and any other issues that occur on sunny days, simply get sunscreen. You can also consider swimming in the noontime when the sun is at its highest peak. Swim in the evenings instead,



Finally, pregnancy days can be saddled with long and boring do’s and don’ts. But one of the most interesting activities for any pregnant woman happens to be swimming during pregnancy.

It is completely safe to swim in pools in your first, second, and third trimesters. It all depends on your preference. Always keep an eye on the temperature of the pool. If it is cool enough for you to take a dip, then you can go ahead.

Don’t forget to stay comfy in nice swimwear whenever you swim.

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