How To Clean Pentair Clean And Clear Cartridge Filter (Step by Step)

How would you feel leaving your equipment running for several months and years without ever cleaning them? You should feel gross because no equipment should be left for more than 6 months without cleaning them.

Such equipment will never grant you the same result as it used to.

Likewise, your Pentair cartridge filter. When last did you clean them? We will be sharing vital tips on how to clean and clear your Pentair cartridge filter.


How To Clean Pentair Clean And Clear Cartridge Filter

Steps To Clean Pentair Clean and Clear Cartridge Filter

Shut off the pump: The first thing you are required to do is, turn off the pool pump. You can’t be working on the cartridges while your pool pump is still on. So turn it off.

Open the Air release valve: the air release valve is located at the top of the filter top. Open the air release valve and leave it open until all the pressure has been let out. You should shut the air release valve after the ‘hissing’ sound may have stopped. This means that the pressure has been released.

Remove the filter clamp: use a screw to separate remove the filter camp that is like a silver band holding the top and bottom of the filter itself together. Once this has been done, separate the filter too and put it aside.

Remove the Manifold: You will see the manifold holding the cartridges together. Then get a flat head screw to help in separating the manifold from the cartridges. Once this has been duly separated, then you move on to the next stage.

Lift out the cartridges: The cartridges should be 4 in number. Lift them out gently, one after the other. You can place them against a wall or you leave them standing in a shady/sunny area.

Trace & remove drain plug: The drain plug is located at the bottom of the filter tank. Once it has been located, unscrew and remove it. Once you remove it, water will come gushing out including a few splatters of dirt.

Rinse the bottom filter: Get a garden hose if you have one, and rinse the bottom filter thoroughly. Including the drain plug. Meanwhile do not touch or lift out anything from the bottom filter tank.

Rinse the Cartridges: Stand each cartridge apart and begin to rinse each of them with the use of a garden hose. Once the whole dirt has been rinsed, get a large bowl that is around the height of the cartridges.

Submerge the Cartridges: Add pool filter cleaner into the empty bowl then add some water until the cartridges have been thoroughly submerged in the bowl.

Soak Cartridges: Soak the cartridges for about 24 hours. However, it will be better if the cartridges are soaked for 48 hours in entirety. This will help to remove the dirt from the cartridges.


What happens after submerging the cartridges?

After the cartridges have been fully submerged for 48 hours, you can now lift them out of the bowl gently. Then place them on the floor and use a garden hose to rinse each cartridge until there is no more soapiness left.

Then allow the cartridges to dry for about 8 hours.

Make sure they are completely dry before placing them back into the filter tank. Cover the filter tank with the other half of the filter tank, then clip it with the band clamp and ensure that the bland clamp is tight. Now, turn on the pump.

After that, you will notice that water will begin to spill out of the air release valve. Once this has been noticed, you can now, close the air release valve carefully.

That is how to clean and clear your cartridge filter.


How often should you clean your Pentair and clear your cartridge filter?

Not as often as you can because your cartridges as well as the entire filter compartments, are delicate and must be handled with utmost care.

So if you want to clean it, you should consider giving it a 3-month routine cleaning. Such that, after you clean, you will get to check if the filter is still in order.

Cleaning your cartridge filter annually can result in a lot of catastrophes. It is best you get it cleaned at least every 3 months because the filter might be too dirty to filter your pool water if it is only cleaned once a year.

If you can get it cleaned every 3 months, you can call the attention of a pool expert if you are too busy or unsure that you can handle the whole cleaning rules.

When you clean your filter once every month, you will be endangering your cartridge filter. Some things might get broken in the process of twisting and unscrewing the nuts.


Are Cartridge Filters Too Heavy To Lift?

Your cartridges aren’t too heavy to lift. They are just right. Not too heavy and not too light. However, do not force yourself if you see that you are unable to lift them.

The bottom filter should not be lifted or moved. It doesn’t require much cleaning. All you need to do is to hose it down with a garden hose! The only thing you are required to lift out and move, are the cartridges.


What happens if you don’t clean your cartridge filter?

When a machine isn’t well maintained, it becomes ineffective and utterly useless to perform the function that it is required to perform.

Your cartridge filter will become clogged with dirt, debris, and all sorts of chemical build-ups. It will also become less effective. Filtering your pool water becomes impossible, then you begin to notice that your pool water is turning cloudy.

As a result of this, your pool water begins to drop in quality, and soon, it becomes less habitable for swimmers.

Because it begins to breed bacteria, the pH level decreases and algae begin to form, all because the cartridge filter was not well maintained by you!


Final Thoughts

Cleaning your Pentair and clearing the Cartridge filter isn’t a difficult task. If you want to enjoy a smooth and sweet swim, then you must give it all it takes to get the filter clean and ready to perform its task!

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