How To Clean Pool Heater Coils

Owning a pool heater is one of the greatest assets and addition to your swimming pool. Just like every other assets in your home, you would want to ensure that the pool heater is properly maintained and protected. In this article, you will learn how to clean your pool heater including the coils.

Cleaning a pool heater may involve cleaning it, and then doing a regular maintenance. So, that the heater will work as supposed and it will also extend its lifespan. But then how do you go about carrying out this maintenance without interfering with it? You know that you can’t clean your pool heater coils without cleaning the entire pool heater. The following steps below will teach you how to clean them.

How do you clean a pool heater?

You should understand that pool heaters don’t generate heat. What it does is that they operate by drawing heat from the environment and then it begins to distribute it into your pool.

Meanwhile, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that there is enough airflow around the heating unit. If the pool heater is located outside, make sure that there is nothing like walls or plants hindering air from circulating and moving freely into the unit.

Because when there is a partial obstruction, the heater may overwork which may have an adverse effect on the longevity of the element and energy cost.


How do you clean the pool heater coils?

This process is quite simple and easy to carry out. It doesn’t require that you make use of any special material. All you need to do is;

  • Turn off the unit at the main switch or if you have a circuit breaker then shut it off. Now get a simple air sprayer (you can get a garden hose or something simpler that has a nozzle. Use it to spray the external part of the could from top to bottom.
  • Your coil is easy to know. They include those metal vanes that surround the unit right where air enters the heater. The coil which functions by drawing heat from the outside environment becomes inefficient when it is clogged with dirt or even debris.

Note: You can use a mild coil cleaner to wash the could that is if the dirt is greasy. Do not attempt to use a pressure washer to do this.

  • While spraying the coils, spray firmly but gently from top to bottom. Do not exert too much pressure otherwise, it would end the fins of the coil.
  • When picking the cleaning agent for your books do not use detergents or cleaners. But you can use only water. Ensure that the water is good enough for drinking, water, and other home use. If you cannot use or drink it, then you must not use it to clean the could with it. You can’t use recycled water because they tend to be acidic which may not be good for your pump.


What if there is dirt or algae on the coil?

Get a simple green or a simple cleaning coil and spray it on the heater could. Now wait for about 5 minutes and wash. Remember that while washing, the air sprayer’s nozzle should be about an angle distance from the coils. Spray directly on the fins of the coil, not on the sides.

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How often should you clean your pool heater coils?

It is recommended that you clean your pool heater coils for at least annually. That is, once a year but you can check the heating unit every month just to ensure that it is clean and doesn’t require any cleaning process.

This monthly routine check will keep you informed on the health of the heating coils. Do not abandon until the end of the year. This check will also help to maintain the heater’s efficiency especially when it comes to moving the heat to the swimming pool water.

And a monthly check on your heating coil will help you detect a clogged could pretty early. Because a clogged could always minimizes airflow including the heat movement from one direction to the other.


Can the environment affect your pool heater coils?

Yes, it can. A typical example is that, if the heater element is located in a dusty environment then you may need to consider doing a monthly cleanup because of the environment.

Make sure you keep grass clippings, weed, and anything that may want to breed debris on your coil. Also, while clearing out the debris from the could, do not insert any foreign material just spray well with water because the water will force out every debris.

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Is there any available pool heater coil cleaner?

There are diverse pool heater coil cleaners. For example;

QwikProducts Coil Cleaner For Heating Units, Refrigerator, and Air Conditioners No Rinse Coil Cleaner Spray Breaks Down Dirt, Dust, Grease, and Oil

Instead of calling a pool expert to get your pool heater could cleaned, you can get this spray and give your coil a good wash. This coil cleaner will help to clean quickly and extend the life of your heater unit.

This all-purpose cleaner can be used for any heating coil and it has been built to clean dust, dirt, grease, and every form of residue found on the heater element. It is convenient to use, and also has a self-cleaning design such that the coil foam cleaner does all the heavy washing for you.

This cleaner also eliminates unpleasant, dusty odors. It leaves behind a fresh and pleasant odor fragrance instead. Don’t worry, it is a high-quality American product that was specifically designed as cost-effective and with cutting-edge technology as well.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, simply make use of freshwater to get your pool heater coil cleaned. You do not need a vigorous washing that is if the dirt or residue isn’t much. Even if it is, you can always use any of the could cleaner. But remember never to make use of detergent in the cleaning process.

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