How To Clean Pool Steps Under Water

Your pool steps might be harboring a lot of filth due to the fact that it gets stained with many feet, and also debris from the water as well. Algae stains are also not left out. But then, how to clean your pool step underwater seems to be a problem for some pool owners. In this article, you will learn how to clean your pool steps underwater.

If you don’t want algae-infested pool steps or slimy pool steps, then follow the following tips below.

How To Clean Pool Steps Under Water

There are diverse ways how to get your pool steps underwater cleaned without any hassle. Such as; the use of a pool brush, and vacuum cleaner to get debris and all kinds of dirt off your pool steps, you can also use pool chemicals.

There are some pool chemicals that, when introduced into the pool, automatically keep the pool, including the pool steps clean!

How To Clean Your Pool Steps Under Water

Make use of a pool skimmer or brush

The pool skimmer will help remove every dirt and debris on your pool steps. And your pool brush will help to lightly scrub off the slimy nature of the pool step. You can also make use of a scrubbing sponge to clean the pool steps underwater. Do not worry about the pool water because when you are done, you would turn on your pool filter to filter the pool water.

Use a pool vacuum

Pool vacuums are usually the best option in situations like this. Meanwhile, you may decide to use your suction pool cleaner, robotic pool cleaner, or pressure pool cleaner. There is also a manual pool cleaner you can get for your pool steps.

When your swimming pool is cleaned with any of these pool vacuums, the pool gets cleaned and you won’t see any debris or stain displayed on the floor or wall of the pool.

Pool vacuuming although, may not have the stains wiped off from the pool steps, can remove debris and any kind of dirt stuck on the pool steps underwater.

Check the PH level

Sometimes, when the PH level of the pool is unsuitable, it can cause an impact on the pool water which would, in turn, cause a kind of chemical buildup on your pool wall, floor, and pool steps.

Such stain can be quite difficult to scrub off. So, check the PH level of the pool to be sure that it is stable. If there is an imbalance after the pool step, then add a PH increaser or stabilizer.

When this is done, leave your pool for 24 hours and come back the next day to see your pool steps sparkling underwater.


Could something be wrong with your pool filter?

Examine the Pool’s Filter system. Sometimes, it could be that your pool filter system is bad and it can’t keep holding the dirt and grime from the pool.

Or it could be that your pool filter is clogged. Hence the dislodged dirt on your pool steps. But there is one way to know if it is clogged or not working. Check your pool filter, and try to eliminate anything clogging it.

You may even decide to thoroughly wash your pool filter so that you can keep your pool steps clean. When the pool filter is sorted, you will notice that your pool steps will become cleaner.


How Do You Clean Rusted Pool Steps Underwater?

It’s quite easy to get your rusted pool steps cleaned underwater. You do not need to spend much. There are certain cleaning agents that can help you get the corrosion out pretty fast. But let us teach you a more easy and affordable way of scrubbing off this debris from your pool.

Do you know that vitamin C can clean off rust within a few minutes? And your pool steps will be as good as new. Get an old sock and put numerous amounts of vitamin C tablets in the sock.

Tie the sock and allow the sock to be soaked a little bit in water then you can begin to scrub the surface of the pool steps gently. You will notice that the rust stains from the pool steps would begin to peel off. It’s that simple!!!


How do you clean/remove yellow mustard algae stain from your pool steps underwater?

Yellow mustard algae are usually caused sometimes by iron deposits from swimming trunks, strong winds, etc, in the pool. It is usually an uncommon type of algae.

But when you begin to see the yellow algae stain on your pool step, that means your pool steps have been infested with some yellow mustard algae. You may decide to scrub the stain with a pool brush but the stain will quickly disappear and then return back in a few days.

To get rid of this yellow-infested algae stain from your pool steps, then you will need to get your chlorine ready. Preferably, liquid chlorine will do the trick.

Normally, the best treatment to eradicate algae is usually chlorine or algaecide. However, in this situation, make use of the liquid chlorine. Then add your pool the required chlorine measurement to the pool. Make sure you are properly adorned with an apron, rubber gloves, and boots so that your skin doesn’t get irritated by the chlorine in the pool.

Don’t turn on your pool filter yet but you can set it to waste while vacuuming. Grab either a brush or a vacuum scrubber and properly vacuum your pool steps. You can decide to make use of automatic or manual vacuuming. However, manual vacuuming works best for this exercise.

Finally, when all is done, get a pool tester to test your pool for the proper balance of the chemicals in your pool. If the chemical is imbalanced, then try to get the chemical that needs to be balanced so that your pool water can be chemically balanced.


Final Thoughts

Now you must have been motivated to clean your pool steps underwater. And the above information has taught you a lot about the diverse ways you can thoroughly clean your pool steps instead of running to drain your pool. The bottom line is that, when your pool gets dirty, then your pool steps will not be left out.

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