How To Clean Pool Tile With Pumice Stone Easily

When pools become extraordinarily dirty and easy to scrub sometimes another method is employed methods such as The use of baking soda or the use of Clorox in washing pool tiles.

However recently it has been discovered that you can now use Pumice stone to scrub your pool tiles And get the dirt out. Pumice stone is not difficult to come by. You can get it in a grocery store, or better still in any digital store. You can also get it in a pool store somewhere downtown.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is usually stone-like even though it doesn’t have that stone finish. It is made from a combination of lava and mixture mixed together.

And when it hardens, it is now known as that abrasive stone that is used to remove dry or dead skin tissue from your skin. Pumice stone is used for so many purposes asides from cleaning your pool tiles. So yes! Your household pumice stone is finally useful to your pool!


How To Use Pumice Stone On Pool Tile

You do not need many tools to clean your pool with a pumice stone all you need is your pumice stone.

Step 1: Wear your rubber gloves, and then grab your pumice stone. You may also need to dress casually for this exercise because it requires much stress as more scrubbing will be done.

So get right into work and let the scrubbing begin!

Step 2: Grab the pumice stone and begin to scrub each tile with the stone. Make sure that you wet the pumice stone with water before scrubbing the pool tile with it.

Step 3: Scrub with the whole of your strength but not to the point of exhaustion because you will notice that the scrubbed tile is distinctly different from the others in the sense that, you will see the dirt get a scrubbed off the moment the pumice stone comes in contact with the tile.


That’s just all the top you need! You don’t need to drain your pool before using a pumice stone to scrub off pool tiles. It is more effective when scrubbed while the pool is filled.

And then, you can backwash afterward then test the water for chemical balance.

This is because pumice stone is an alkaline-based material and as such, scrubbing with it in a filled pool, might increase the alkalinity level of the pool which might begin to cause some kind of unhealthy calcium buildup on the pool surface.

To be on the safe end, it is much better to test the chemical balance of the pool before adding a pH decreaser to reduce and stabilize the pH level of the pool.


Does Pumice Stone Damage Pool Tile?

Pumice stone like the name sounds has been designed to scrub off the dirt stains from the tiles. And so, depending on the amount of calcium buildup on the tile, you get to scrub the tile with pumice stone vigorously.

Thereby causing scratching against the pool tile surface. Pumice stone doesn’t damage pool tile but it scratches the pool tile surface.

Just like the way the pumice stone is used to soften every callus on your feet and reduce pain, it can also have its negative side.

And the negative side is, that when used against pool tile surface with maximum strength, it might fade the color of the tile.


Best Pumice Stone For Pools

1. Elevate Essentials Pumice Stone

The elevate essentials pumice stone can be gotten from any digital store. It is one perfect pumice stone that has been designed to handle dirt and mineral deposits from pool tiles.

It is very eco-friendly which means it is a natural product that is quite affordable. It is not many things to worry about. Meanwhile, you can’t use this pumice stone on any fiberglass surface or any surface that doesn’t like any form of scratching.

Another great thing about this brand is that it comes in different shapes and sizes which means that, you can use the smaller pumice stone to reach out to the other smaller and tighter areas.

When you are done with scrubbing your pool tile, you may as well, get to use it for your sink and toilet surfaces to get a squeaky clean finish. If you have those hard water ring stains in your toilet bowl, kitchen sinks, and even your bathtub, it can certainly work well by removing the stain and clearing the scale off your swimming pool tile.


2. Pool Blok PB-12 by US Pumice

This pool Blok pumice stone brand will take out any form of stains, and long-standing rust from off your pool tile. So if you have strong calcium buildup on your pool tiles, then we strongly encourage you to make use of it.

Even when your Clorox and other pool agents do not work well for your pool, this pumice stone will work pretty well. It will remove all the rust, stains of any kind, mineral buildup, and other forms of chemical stains on the tile with ease.

Anyone can hold it to work. A teenager can take hold of it too as long as you are wearing a rubber glove. So it is safe to use for any of your pool surfaces even if you have a concrete and finite swimming pool surface.

This particular brand doesn’t upset the pH balance of the pool however, you must test the water after troubling it. However, the pumice stone brand is not recommended for any other pool surface such as the vinyl surface.

Because it might peel off the pool surface. Other surfaces that won’t work well with this pumice stone brand are; the wood surface or the acrylic fiberglass surface.


Final Thoughts

Cleaning your pool tile with a pumice stone is not a difficult task. It only requires the right handling and the right amount of energy in rubbing the pumice stone against the pool tile to achieve the right result.

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