How To Clean Pool Waterline Tile Easily

Owning a swimming pool whether large or small comes with its own perk. And these perks can pose a problem when you don’t have formal knowledge of how you can handle them.

The waterline tile is still a part of your pool just in case you have forgotten about it. But then, the waterline tile can be a bit tasking to clean that is if you don’t know the right method to use. In this article, you will be enlightened with the proven way of cleaning your pool waterline tile.

How To Clean Pool Waterline Tile

The waterline tile in your pool can’t avoid stains and dirt. What this means is that pool stains and dirt keep altering the standard color of the waterline tile. Sometimes, the stain may not be because the pool is dirty but it could be that there is a chemical imbalance in the water.

This chemical imbalance, in turn, reacts to the pool surface. But when you keep a regular check on your pool, you will be able to detect where the stain and dirt are coming from so that you can do all you can, to protect the waterline tile.

If there is a need for you to replace the waterline tile because they look old, or faded, please do. Because the waterline tile in your pool, certainly gives your pool a warm, attractive, and lively look. A pool without any waterline tile always carries a boring look.


Cleaning Tools That You Need To Clean Your Pool Waterline Tile?

You will need a pool vacuum, skimmer, a rubber glove, pumice stone, soft/hard brush, plastic goggles, plastic bucket or pool bucket, baking soda, sponge, and tile cleaner (the commercial type), and baking soda.


Here’s how to clean your pool waterline tile;

Use skimmer/pool vacuum

Use a skimmer to remove the leaves, the dirt clippings, and any removable dirt that is stuck to the waterline tile of the pool. If you don’t have a net skimmer then you can make use of a pool vacuum. This will aid you to do the task much faster.

Reduce the waterline

It is much easier to clean your pool waterline tile when you reduce or drop the waterline below its usual position. When the waterline is reduced, you will observe that your pool waterline tile will be much easy to clean now. You can reduce the waterline by using your pool pump.

Grab your scrub brush

Search for your stiff/hard brush. You don’t need to get a steel brush. Because a steel brush might scrub off the mineral deposit on the tile. Don’t fret! Remember that it is a tile that you want to scrub.

So, it requires an ample amount of stiffness from the brush. You don’t need to pet the waterline tile because when you do, the result would be a slimy, gross, dirty tile. Which would, in turn, pollute the pool water.

But what if you have glass tiles? What do you do? Get an old toothbrush to scrub thoroughly through the lines, and on the surface. Better still, you could get a soft brush. A soft brush will do but we advise that if you have a glass tile, then you can use your old toothbrush.

Wash away dirt with tile cleaner

Once all the accumulated dirt and calcium deposit has been removed from your pool, here is what you should do; get a tile cleaner or a natural cleaning solution that you are familiar with. Then apply it to the surface of the tile, and begin to scrub the tile with the solution. It will help to remove the dirt.

For instance, some of these solutions are;

  • Get the pool bucket, mix baking soda, and some drops of water to form a pasty mixture. Make sure it isn’t runny but thick enough to withstand what is about to be done. Then add about ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid, then add one gallon of water to the entire mixture. Now that your mixture is ready, dip the scrub brush into the solution and use it to scrub the waterline tile. Get a magic eraser or better still a soft sponge to remove the tough stains that you might encounter while scouring the tiles at the waterline. Keep splashing some water on the scrubbed area even as you move around.
  • You can mix only ¼ dishwashing liquid with a gallon of water (this measurement determines by your pool size). After that, dip your sponge or magic eraser into the soapy mixture and begin to scrub the tile.
  • You can use a pumice stone. Just in case you have tried using the above solutions, then you need to get a pumice stone. This stone has the ability to break through calcium deposits on the tile. So, keep working on it gradually until all the dirt is out.

You can employ the services of a commercial pool cleaner and tell the pool expert the problem you are encountering with cleaning the waterline tile. The pool experts know the exact kind of cleaning agent that you use.

Meanwhile, you must understand that those things that cause stains on your waterline tiles are usually caused by a chemical imbalance in your pool or some inorganic cleansing. So, the calcium deposit as a result of the chemical imbalance sticks to the waterline.


How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Waterline Tiles?

You see the grime and the dirt you see on the pool waterline area is usually a result of an accumulation of bills. Therefore, little things such as; mineral deposits that are, the scale may incidentally cling to the tiles.

To easily get it maintained, the waterline tile should be cleaned every once in two weeks. But sometimes it could be done every day except you experience dirt or grime on the waterline tile. So, if you can get it cleaned then, it is solved.


Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to see any dirt on the waterline tile of your pool, then you should be ready to do serious checks because the waterline may have a serious buildup of chemical deposits, algae, and the rest.

When it is checked regularly, it will enable you to help maintain the pool water if it needs chemical balance.

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