How To Drain Bestway Pool (10 Easy Steps)

Swimming pools are no less critical than a backyard barbecue when enjoying outdoor parties with friends and family. But, your backyard could be a dumping ground instead of a spot to gather more people.

This is because your pool water can stagnate by the coming winter. And the effect of water stagnation is not limited to just a few months; instead, it lasts for about three years.

How To Drain Bestway Pool

Getting the water out of your pool is not a task for everyone. But it can become a piece of cake for those with expertise and experience.

If you don’t feel like spending the money and time required to drain out your pool, you can use commercially available products, which will make things easier. The Bestway pool is probably one of the essential duties of any swimming pool.

Without the Bestway pool, you’ll have a hard time keeping your swimming pool working correctly. That’s why it’s important to consider how to drain your Bestway pool.

The fact is, there are many ways to drain a Bestway pool, and they can be as simple as bucket or strainer drains or as complex as an automated cleaning system.

Please read this guide to clean the Bestway pool and maintain it in an ideal state all year round.


Best Things about a Bestway Pool

Many features make a Bestway pool great for swimming. Some of these features include:

  1. Multiple lanes and depths:

The Bestway pool is designed to be used by multiple people simultaneously. This means that it has many lanes and depths for you to choose from. You can choose from 2 to 8 lanes and a range of 1.5 feet to 5 feet deep. This means that you’ll have plenty of room for all your swimming buddies, no matter how many people are in the pool at any given moment.

  1. Inflatable floor:

The Bestway pool is designed with an inflatable floor. This means that you’ll be able to clean the water out of your pool very easily and quickly. You can get rid of all those pesky leaves, dirt, and debris which are clogging up your swimming pool’s filter.

  1. Easy to clean:

The Bestway pool is elementary to keep clean since it has an inflatable floor and a drain system designed to drain the water from your swimming pool quickly. With these two features, you can have your entire cleaning process done in just 30 minutes or less.

  1. Easy to maintain:

The Bestway pool is straightforward to maintain because it’s designed with an inflatable floor and a drain system that makes draining the water from your swimming pool incredibly fast and simple. You will be able to clean out all of those leaves, dirt, and debris that are clogging up your filter in just 30 minutes or less.

  1. Easy to install:

The Bestway pool is very easy to install. The inflatable floor is designed to be installed on top of the ground. You can do this by simply digging a hole in your yard. The drain system, which will come with your pool kit, makes installation very easy since it’s made specifically for quick draining water from swimming pools.


Types of Bestway Pool Draining

There are two different types of Bestway pool draining systems. The first type is the gravity drainage system, and the second type is the pump-driven drainage system.

The Gravity Drainage System:

The gravity drainage system is an excellent choice for those who want to drain their pool and don’t need a pump-driven drainage system. This Bestway pool draining system will require you to dig a hole in your yard, which can be done with minimal effort. The hole will need to be at least 4 feet deep for the pool drain system to work properly.

The Pump-Driven Drainage System:

If you want a pump-driven drainage system, then this is the best choice for you because it’s designed specifically with that type of installation in mind.

The pump-driven drainage system requires a different kind of installation because it will require you to install two pumps in your pool and then connect them with the drain hose that comes with the Bestway pool kit.


Why is it Necessary to Drain a Bestway Pool?

It is necessary to drain a Bestway pool because the water in your swimming pool can be filthy and clogged with dirt, leaves, and debris. This will cause you problems if you don’t clean out these particles from your swimming pool regularly.

The best way to prevent this is by draining the water out of your pool and then cleaning it. It’s also a good idea to drain the water because if you don’t do this, algae can develop in your swimming pool which is unsightly and unhealthy for swimmers.

Moreover, it can also cause problems with your pool’s plumbing and other parts of the system. If you don’t drain your pool regularly, then water can accumulate in the bottom of the pool, and this will eventually cause damage to these parts.

drain bestway pool
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How To Drain A Bestway Pool Step By Step

You need to follow some steps to drain a Bestway pool. If you don’t do this, then your swimming pool will not be adequately drained, and it could cause problems for you down the road.

Step 1: Turn off all of the water pumps:

First, you need to turn off all of the water pumps in your swimming pool. This will stop the flow of water and allow you to drain it properly. You risk flooding your pool and ruining it if you do not do this.

Step 2: Connect the drain hose:

Next, you need to connect the Bestway pool kit’s drain hose to your swimming pool. This will allow water from your swimming pool to flow out of it and into a container placed outside your home or yard, where it can be collected for later disposal.

Step 3: Drain the water:

Once you have connected your drain hose and turned off all of the pumps, then it is time to begin draining out the pool’s water by turning on a pump that will send this water into an external container for later collection or removal from your home.

Step 4: Collect the water:

Once you have drained your pool, it is time to collect the water collected in a container. This allows you to empty all of the dirty and algae-ridden water from your swimming pool.

Step 5: Clean Your Pool :

After you have collected the water, it is time to clean your pool, which will allow you to get rid of all of the dirt accumulated in there. It would be best if you also used a chemical cleaner on your swimming pool so that any remaining algae or bacteria can be removed from its surfaces.

Step 6: Re-fill the pool:

Once you have cleaned your swimming pool, it is time to re-fill it with water. This will allow you to return all of its surfaces into shape so that they can be used again for swimming. It would help if you also made sure that the filters were working correctly so that they could remove any remaining debris and dirt from your swimming pool.

Step 7: Test the water:

Testing its freshness is a good idea once you have re-filled your swimming pool. You can do this by allowing some water to flow through a filter. Do this at least a day to determine any remaining contaminants in the water.

Step 8: Test your pH levels:

Once you have tested your pool’s freshness, it is time to test its pH levels, and this will allow you to see whether or not they need adjusting.

Step 9: Test your chlorine levels:

Once you have tested the pH levels of your swimming pool, then it is time to test its chlorine level. This will allow you to see whether or not it needs adjusting.

Step 10: Test for Algae:

After testing both the water’s pH and chlorine levels, it is a good idea to test for algae. This is to determine whether or not your pool needs any adjustment.


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Precautionary Measure to Take While Draining Bestway Pool

There are precautionary measures that need to be taken before draining a pool.

  1. Close all gates and fences:

Ensure that all of the gates and fences are closed. In this way, any animals or objects that may have fallen into the pool can be retrieved.

  1. Drain the skimmer basket:

The skimmer basket should be drained first. This should be done to remove as much water as possible from the inside of the pool. This will reduce the chance of damaging tiles, walls, or equipment during drainage.

  1. Clean water leaks:

Once the pool has been drained, it is good to check the plumbing fittings and pipes for any slips or overflows. This will help prevent unwanted damage during draining by catching unnecessary water into your house.

  1. Prepare pokes:

Before you begin with the draining process, make sure that there are good pokes available so that fitting each section of the drain system needs to be done one at a time.

  1. Drain cover:

Once you have made sure that all pokes are in place, it is vital to empty any holding tank covers to avoid losing them during draining.

  1. Inspect the channels:

As you are draining water from your pool, it is crucial to check every channel and pipe for any blockages or leaks.

  1. Connect drain hose:

Once you have verified that the water supply pipe and all other connecting loops are minimum, it is essential to connect up your most giant drain hose.

  1. Drain valves placed under pumps and drains in pools:

During drainage, make sure that no valve is left open or disconnected because any unprotected openings will allow dirty pool water to pass into your house, which can result in serious injury. This can also cause various diseases such as Legionnaires’ Disease.

  1. Install drain hose:

Ensure that your drain hoses are long enough to come out from the pool and your house into the yard. It is important to use a ladder so you do not have any unwanted injuries. If you end up cutting one of these lines during draining, it would be best to run out in the extension line, so this will prevent any future inconveniences.

  1. Secure drain hose:

Once you have connected all your hoses, it is best to secure them with a wall sleeve or tie. This will prevent water from escaping into the wrong areas of the pool and house.

Besides that, these step guards against any leaks in these connections and make sure they are entirely tenacious during draining by preventing unwanted openings at particular places.


Benefits of Draining Your Bestway Pool

There are many benefits to draining your Bestway pool, and these include the following:

It will allow you to clean it:

One of the main benefits of draining your Bestway pool is that it will allow you to clean it more easily. This is because all of the water will be removed from the pool. And this means that you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris accumulated on its surfaces.

It allows for easier maintenance:

Another benefit of draining your Bestway pool is making it much easier to maintain it. This is because all of the water will be removed from it. And this means that you won’t have to struggle as much to clean out any debris that may have accumulated on its surfaces.

It will help to preserve the pool’s water:

Another benefit of draining your Bestway pool is that it will help to preserve its water. This is because all of the chlorine that may have been added to the pool will be removed so that the water won’t become contaminated as quickly.

It will help to keep the pool’s liner in good condition:

Another benefit of draining your Bestway pool is that it will help maintain its liner in good condition. This is because all of the water removed from the pool will be replaced by fresh water, which means the liner will have a much easier time holding its shape.


Final Thoughts

Overall, draining your Bestway pool will make it more attractive and safe for use. It will also facilitate cleaning operations which are much more accessible, safer, and faster.

As explained above, it is highly recommended that you drain your Bestway Pool after each use. This can be done either at regular intervals or by emptying the water.

If you are a family home or have domestic pets in the house who will enjoy playing jet skis on your pool, then perhaps consider having garden hose extensions installed to make draining much easier!

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